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    Enemy of the People

    The President has said that the media is the enemy of the people, and I agree with that sentiment 100%. I would also like to add that social media is also the enemy of the people – namely, Facebook and Twitter, in addition to the other big tech companies, like Google. The past two days have been an excellent demonstration as to why these networks are the enemy of the people. So yesterday morning, the New York Post broke a story in which emails between Joe Biden’s crackheaded son Hunter and an adviser from the Ukrainian energy company Burisma were…

  • Pop Culture Crap

    Shut Up and Sing? (Part Two)

    I used to completely agree with that sentiment, back when I was younger. Now I’m nearly forty and my feelings on that sentiment have changed somewhat. I realized that I don’t mind it when a famous person actually says something sensible and thought-provoking,…

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    Have We Forgotten?

    Iit feels as if a lot of people have forgotten the savage attacks of September 11, 2001. Not everyone, obviously, but a lot of people. Too many people. I haven’t forgotten. How can I? Funny…the latest scandal is that gross,…

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    Rock the Vote

    If you’re my age or older, you have probably heard of MTV’s “Rock the Vote” campaign, of which started back in 1990. According to Wikipedia, it’s a non-profit progressive organization that partnered with MTV. I was ten years old in…

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    Like, I Feel Unsafe

    The left absolutely loves claiming they feel unsafe anytime they see something they don’t like. So, in case you haven’t been following political crap (god I need a new hobby), author Joanne K Rowling recently came out against the transgender…

  • Pop Culture Crap


    So my post on the cancellation of Ember Days by Alexandra Duncan has made some waves. It was posted on Free Republic and, of course, Bethany C Morrow herself has taken notice of it. She is, predictably, angry over it.…

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    Guest Comments Allowed

    I’ve allowed guest comments, so you shouldn’t have to sign up for Disqus or use the Contact Me form to make comments. So, be good! 😉

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    White Jesus

    A lot of people have taken offense to the Western depiction of Jesus Christ as some blue-eyed, blond-haired white guy. Over the years, however, I’ve realized that various cultures around the world have depicted Jesus Christ in their own ways,…

  • Tech

    Another Franchise Destroyed

    So the biggest buzz in the gaming world is the release of The Last of Us Part 2 and how horrible it is. Before I continue, I just want to note that I have not played The Last of Us…

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    Dispatches from Clown World (Issue 1)

    Another day in freaking Clown World. I just wanted to comment on some of the happenings of recent times.  I might make this a regular feature, I dunno. Oh, and before I say anything else… HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! I appreciate…