Fake News On Our Side

Fake News On Our Side

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Yeah, it’s a thing. Not as big a thing on the left, but it is a thing, unfortunately. I am sorry if it comes across as incendiary, but we can’t afford to peddle anything that comes close to being fake news.

So, the Gateway Pundit has this rather alarmist article about that stupid fucking idiot Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her ghastly Green New Deal.

Figures. Sandy Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal Calls for End to Air Travel — Build Trains Over the Oceans -Duh.

This is how democracy dies. At the hands of a deranged idiot. Democrat darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez released information on the Democrat Party’s Green New Deal. The radical Democrat-Socialist plan will destroy the country in months… if not days. The plan ends air travel with ocean bridges, ends traditional forms of energy and will kill millions, …

This post is based on a report from another site, Americans for Tax Reform (which seems to be inundated with horrible ads – thank God for uBlock Origin. Open it in a new tab, because it’ll clog up your history).

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So, based on GP’s hysterical headline, is she really calling for giant ocean bridges? Not exactly.

Americans for Tax Reform helpfully posted a link to the document in question, and you can look at it here. It’s a six-page PDF file.

So this is the headline by Jim Hoft:

Figures. Sandy Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal Calls for End to Air Travel — Build Trains Over the Oceans -Duh.

Here’s a screencap, in case it changes.


Also, an archive link.

The headline at the Americans for Tax Reform website isn’t as sensational or crazy, but the assertion that the Green New Deal calls for giant ocean bridges came from that site. The document put forth by Ocasio-Cortez isn’t particularly well-written and it’s really, really vague on how any of this will be achieved short of government coercion, and how it’s all going to be paid for, beyond “let’s do it like World War 2” or something.

But, the document never mentions building bridges of any sort over oceans. Here’s what the Tax Reform site says:

Build trains across oceans and end all air travel!

“Build out highspeed rail at a scale where air travel stops becoming necessary”.

Here is the full paragraph from the document itself:

“Totally overhaul transportation by massively expanding electrical vehicle manufacturing, build charging stations everywhere, build out high-speed rail at a scale where air travel stops being necessary, create affordable public transit available to all, with goal to replace every combustion-engine vehicle”

It doesn’t explicitly state that they want to build bridges over the Pacific or Atlantic Oceans. That being said, looking at the wording of that part, one could logically conclude that eliminating air travel means eliminating international air travel as well, but no distinction is made. I took it to mean that they wanted high-speed rail available for the continental US. That’s something I’d actually love to have. I don’t like flying. The airline companies need competition, and we, the public, shouldn’t have to settle for cramped flying tin cans. Especially at the prices they’re charging for tickets now.

I can see how someone would read that and go, “oh my god, the bitch wants to build BRIDGES over the OCEANS!!!!!” but let’s not put words in her mouth. The shit coming from her is bad enough as it is. We don’t need to make her look worse, because that only hurts our cause.

Example: the document mentions wanting to get rid of “farting cows and airplanes.” I’m not kidding. It’s right there, and it’s cringey as fuck. The bitch doesn’t need our help in looking stupid. She does that quite well all on her own.

Also, how ragingly hypocritical is it for her to basically call for the extinction of COWS? Yeah, I look like I’m doing the same thing as Jim Hoft and the Tax Reform site, but hold on a second. Cows can’t help but fart. How are you going to stop them from farting, Occasional-Cortex? What if you can’t stop them from farting? They should have led with that. I couldn’t believe that they had actually written that in their document.

To Jim Hoft and the Americans for Tax Reform’s credit, they’re right about everything else. But that headline is obvious clickbait, and I really, REALLY wish bloggers on our side (I am also looking at you, Twitchy) would stop it with the bullshit clickbait post titles already. At best, it’s mega-cringey. At worst, it’s fake news.

I’ve mirrored the document at Scribd (alternate at DocDroid in case Scribd deletes it).

Green New Deal FAQ | Sustainability | Air Pollution

Overview  We will begin work immediately on Green New Deal bills to put the nuts and bolts on the plan described in this resolution (important to say so someone else can’t claim this mantle).  This is a massive transformation of our society with clear goals and a timeline.

Write What You Want

Write What You Want

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I have said this to myself over and over again – write what you want. You cannot please everyone. It is folly to even try.

Another thing that needs to be said is “don’t apologize to nutjobs.” However, that message just doesn’t resonate with someone who is absolutely sure they’re guilty.

Jon Del Arroz wrote an excellent post about Keira Drake’s mini-essay for Carlos Slim’s shitty little blog, and this alerted me to the article below.

When Social Media Goes After Your Book, What’s the Right Response?

Two authors weigh in. The culture of internet book criticism is passionate and intense. Last week, Amélie Wen Zhao, a debut author, canceled her young adult fantasy novel after early readers accused her of racial insensitivity online. Here are two different perspectives from writers who have had similar experiences.

Two authors talk about surviving the insane critical onslaught from random nobodies on social media. Keira Drake, author of The Continent offered her story, and if you’re a regular reader of my blog (heh, there’s like, one or two people that read my blog regularly), you probably know what happened.

The other author, Jonah Winter, had a very interesting take and I hope more people pay attention to what he has to say. Maybe I’m biased…but people need to stand up for themselves.

So I just want to comment on a couple of things Keira said in her essay.

The fact was, though, that Vaela was a white savior type. One group did closely resemble Native Americans by physical description, and they were engaging in behavior that embraced negative stereotypes of First Nations people. The other group was based on an amalgam of Asian cultures, and most explicitly, the Japanese.

The critics were right.

I disagree. I don’t think the critics were right. Then again, I haven’t read the original manuscript, but based on what I’ve read about it, I don’t think any of that was racist or bad. Vaela, I guess, was originally a white girl. She encounters two “primitive” tribes, and one of them is aggressive and has dark skin. And, of course, the left decided that all of that was racist.

No, it isn’t. Furthermore, I don’t understand why depicting white people as violent savages is okay, but it’s racist to depict brown people as violent savages. If you have a group of villains that have dark skin, that’s not a condemnation of all brown people. And that certainly wasn’t what she intended when she wrote the book.

Unfortunately, she’s a leftist and she’s already internalized all of this nonsense. I expect Amelie Wen Zhao to be the same, if she actually chooses to publish her novel.

Stay with me, because once people hear “sensitivity reader” they often start getting nervous. They talk about “1984” and censorship and how free speech is dead in America.

Allow me to clarify that sensitivity readers are no different from any other editor. If a publisher or author wants to enlist the services of such an editor, they can do so, for a price. It is optional. If an author does not care to do it, a sensitivity read is not done. In any case, none of the suggestions provided by sensitivity readers are forced on an author. Which brings me to an important point: There is a material difference between criticism and censorship.

Yeah, but the pile-on was nowhere near constructive. They hounded you, called you names, said you were racist, called your work racist trash and denounced anyone that defended you as racist scum. No, that’s not constructive criticism. That’s what people like me were so pissed off at.

And as for sensitivity readers…yes, it is largely voluntary. I guess. But the whole thing is so Orwellian anyway. Furthermore, nobody bothers with sensitivity readers who will make sure your work isn’t insulting to Republicans, conservatives, Christians or libertarians. Or Catholics. Oh no, nobody cares if those people are defamed, but if you have a stereotypical black character…ooh, racist!

I can only take her word for it that sensitivity readers aren’t forced on authors, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some authors were forced into using sensitivity readers. You know, “use a sensitivity reader or else we won’t publish your book” or “use a sensitivity reader or else we won’t defend you if your book gets heavy criticism.”

Sensitivity readers are redundant anyway. A decent “regular” editor should be able to pick up on these things and point them out. You shouldn’t need five or six editors for a freaking young adult novel. Or even a novel for adults. That’s insane. No wonder hardcovers are so freaking expensive these days. Those fucking sensitivity readers gotta get paid. It’s a damn racket if you ask me.

Sensitivity readers are censorship by intimidation. Now authors have to hire what are essentially additional editors just to make sure that some random leftist isn’t offended by a character, setting or plot point.

It’s disgusting and nothing will convince me otherwise.

Censorship, on the other hand, is the suppression or prohibition of speech by a political or social authority.

Leftists love saying this now. They claim that hounding people like Keira Drake and Amelie Wen Zhao into postponing or outright cancelling their books isn’t censorship. At this point, I disagree. Intimidating someone into doing something is censorship, and the sooner everyone realizes this, the better.

Of course, at the end of the day, you can still choose to heed the screeching of batshit insane SJWs, but having that choice – take what they say to heart and act accordingly or go tell them to fuck themselves and deal with the consequences – is still kind of disturbing. I only say that because these people are so successful at bullying people into censoring themselves.

There’s another author I’m thinking of right now, one that, after being hounded by leftists for getting spicy on Twitter, has completely and utterly disappeared. Her name is Raychel Rose, and she wrote a book called The Rose Master. She also wrote a short story called The Sea of Ghosts and both were on sale at Amazon…but neither are for sale anymore. Her Twitter account is gone, her self-hosted website is gone, and I can’t even find her Gab account.

She was self-published, and her career was destroyed before it even began, and to this day it makes me angry. This bullshit harassment of authors has to fucking stop.

While I chose to embrace the criticisms I received, and to rewrite my book, many authors choose to do otherwise, and that is their prerogative. Either way, a Twitter pile-on of the sort I experienced is not the appropriate way for criticism to be delivered. The hateful messages, the maligning of my character in tweets and articles across the internet, an organized campaign to find, attack and harass online anyone who had ever given my book a good review: None of this is acceptable. Authors, bloggers, readers, editors — these are real people, and this kind of behavior can have devastating consequences not only professionally but psychologically.

I still defend Keira Drake, and she’s absolutely right about this – the Twitter pile-on was wrong. At least she acknowledged that. I didn’t think the criticisms of her original manuscript were valid or right, but I do respect her for at least accepting the criticism. Like, despite all that happened, she was still able to handle it. That’s admirable.

Now, Jonah Winter is pretty cool. He wrote a children’s book that was accused of “erasing” and “misrepresenting” Native Americans.

Uh, “erasing”? Are you fucking serious? How could one lone children’s book “erase” ANYONE? Jesus, the Bible couldn’t even fucking do that! These people are absolutely INSANE. But yeah, if you don’t properly acknowledge one of the many victim classes, you’re “erasing” people.

Unless it’s a Christian or something…it’s okay to “erase” people the left doesn’t like.

However, the illustrator of “A Fine Dessert,” Sophie Blackall, defended the book, writing on her blog: “I cannot ensure my images will be read the way I intended, I can only approach each illustration with as much research, thoughtfulness, empathy and imagination as I can muster.” Evidently, her career as an illustrator (and author) has not suffered. One year after “A Fine Dessert” appeared, she won a Caldecott for a different book. And this year she won another.

Jonah Winter goes on to say that he wishes he had defended his book the way Sophie Blackall defended her illustrations. As you can see, she didn’t suffer for it. You see, it’s okay. You don’t have to buckle under the pressure put on you by these psychotic monsters.

There is bitter irony in the fact that Zhao is a Chinese immigrant who grew up in a country known for its censorship, and now finds herself being told in America that her debut novel is offensive. In China, the government shuts down art it deems offensive. Here in America, we use social media.

I agree. We don’t need the government to censor us. Moralizing busybodies on the left are doing it for them.

Oh, and I loved this paragraph:

That social media critics would expect that she, a Chinese immigrant, frame the depiction of slavery in her book to reflect an American narrative is the height of cultural solipsism and American arrogance.

Normally I roll my eyes at anyone talking about American “arrogance” but here, it’s obvious that leftists can be “ugly Americans” right along with the rest of us. The left’s obsession with slavery being an exclusively “black American” thing is an excellent example of American arrogance, and it’s also an excellent example of how utterly shitty our public schools are. Only a public school kid would be this fucking ignorant of world history. Yeah, yeah, I know a lot of you went to public school – I’ll admit, I went to a public school for most of my education, but I was also lucky to go to a private school for four years. I know I sound like an elitist asshole when I say this, but honestly…our public schools are dominated by the left – the exact people that have no problem harassing anyone they deem right-wing.

Public schools are Democrat indoctrination camps, and it is there that kids learn that slavery began in the US, and that the US was built by slavery, and that only white people owned slaves, and that the Civil War was fought by noble Northerners to free the slaves, and no other reason, and that Robert E. Lee was an evil asshole (even though he abhorred the practice of slavery) and blah blah blah.

So yeah, most of these shitstains think slavery was exclusive to the US, and that it ended here, and that it isn’t happening anywhere else. Any reference to slavery, according to them and their shitty “education” is a reference to slavery in the US.

The point is that books should not be canceled just because some readers find aspects of them offensive. If every book that might offend someone were canceled in advance of its publication date, few books would wind up on store shelves. A few bullying critics pressured Zhao into depriving me and thousands of other people of the opportunity to read her book and come to our own conclusions. That’s not fair. And it’s not right.

I am also pretty angry I can’t read Blood Heir in it’s original form. I’ve been trying to find eARCs of it on pirate sites, but nobody’s shared it. I saw one site selling a paperback ARC for thirty dollars, but I can’t afford that right now. Sigh. I like to make up my own mind about things. Now I fucking can’t, because the original manuscript will, in all likelihood, never see the light of day. THIS IS WHY WE CALL THIS SHIT CENSORSHIP. The people that whined and cried about the “racism” in this book have now effectively prevented me and Jonah Winter and thousands of people from reading this book, but somehow that’s no big deal because the government didn’t hound Ms. Zhao into postponing her book. Bullshit. Some dipshit feminazi on Twitter has no business deciding what gets published or what we get to fucking read. Period.

In her announcement online, Zhao apologized for the “pain” she has caused with her book. The only way her book could cause pain is if it were dropped from a high-story window onto somebody’s head. The notion that a book can cause pain is just one more example of the tyrannical coddling of overly sensitive readers that defines this era. Zhao did not cause any pain with her book. But by making the decision to cancel, she will indeed cause pain — to herself and to other authors. By caving to the social media critics, she sets a chilling template for the future, and reinforces the power of the online mob.

Oh my god, I am so sick and tired of people saying that books “cause pain” or “do harm”. No they fucking don’t. Besides, only a handful of people got to read it – how the hell is this book causing vast swaths of people pain? These leftist are such drama queens.

Contrast this silliness with Laurie Forest and Laura Moriarty. Both of them were pilloried for their less-than-perfect novels, but both soldiered on. Laurie Forest has already published a sequel to The Black Witch, called The Iron Flower and she’s also published a few novellas in the series. She’s doing fine. The Kirkus starred review for Laura Moriarty’s American Heart may have been removed, but she’s published it anyway. I’ve even seen it in bookstores. Anyway, American Heart was recently released in paperback.

These women didn’t back down. They didn’t go, “oh, let me revise the book and we can publish it next year.” They survived and both are doing fairly well.

Intent matters. None of these women intended to be racist or Islamophobic or homophobic or bigoted towards anyone, except for perhaps right-wingers, since it’s okay to treat us like shit. But these women wrote stories about issues they passionately believed in. They didn’t mean to hurt any minorities, and yet the leftist assholes on Twitter and GoodReads viciously attacked them anyway.

Keira Drake acknowledged that her apology and revised book didn’t silence or appease the critics, but doesn’t regret rewriting her book. These people will not be pleased by anything you do. Every victory emboldens them. They won’t stop. Their lust for destruction will never, ever be fulfilled. You should never, ever give in to them. You should never, ever apologize to them. Nothing they say is worth anything. The shit in my septic tank is literally worth far more than anything these blood-belching cunts have to say. Fuck them all. They’re worthless. Their deranged, demented ravings are of no consequence to anyone with two brain cells to rub together.

And as a non-white person, I don’t need these stupid fucking assholes to come to my damn rescue. I don’t get triggered and traumatized by reading about racist or bigoted people or racist situations or whatever. I’m fucking thirty-six years old. I can take care of myself, thankyouveryfuckingmuch.

So, don’t give in to them. Someday they’ll come for you.

Reactions on the Blood Heir Situation

Reactions on the Blood Heir Situation

Various bloggers and journalists, including the guy that initially tweeted about the issue, have written posts and articles on the whole Blood Heir delay/cancellation issue.

Jesse Singal, whose tweets pretty much revealed this issue to the public in general, has written an article at Tablet mag, and it’s really good. If you want to know what happened and don’t want to deal with my deranged rants, read it:

How a Twitter Mob Derailed an Immigrant Female Author’s Budding Career – Tablet Magazine

Months away from publishing her debut novel, Amélie Wen Zhao, a young Asian author and rising star of YA fiction, just killed her own book to appease a mob who condemned her work as racist despite the fact that they most likely hadn’t read it

Next, Kat Rosenfeld, the woman that wrote an article for Vulture about the toxic drama on YA Twitter offered her take:

The Latest YA Twitter Pile On Forces a Rising Star to Self-Cancel

The world of young-adult fiction is no stranger to controversy, whether it’s a weeks-long war against a problematic book or a whisper network accusing a badly behaved male author.

The toxic bitches on YA already hate her for her first article, so they’re already discrediting her article and the one by Jesse Singal.

Here’s an article on Carlos Slim’s shitty little blog, which you can read, I guess. I read through it as quickly as I could and it’s even-ish, I suppose. It incorporates commentary from Ms. Zhao’s critics, though, and even ending on how ‘brave’ she is for kowtowing to her ‘critics’.

Y.A. Author Pulls Her Debut After Pre-Publication Accusations of Racism

Books News Last January, Amélie Wen Zhao posted an ecstatic message on her website: Her debut young adult fantasy novel, “Blood Heir,” had sold to a major children’s publishing house in a three-book deal after a heated auction, and was scheduled to be released in summer 2019.

And now we come to Jon Del Arroz’s take on the issue, which is pretty good:


Even though Amelie Wen Zhao’s clearly a leftist who thinks whatever discrimination she got is Trump’s fault, I think we should defend her anyway. For now, the left is content to devour their own, but once every other leftist is scared into submission, they’ll focus on us next.

Larry Correia, however, has the absolute best take and he sounds angrier than me: To the Book Community: Go Fuck Yourself. An Anti-Apology.

Oh, and there’s some rumors that Ms. Zhao supposedly plagiarized parts of her book, taking material from The Hunger Games (the contentious part of some black slave girl singing to the main character as she dies), The Lord of the Rings and others. Nobody really offered any concrete evidence of plagiarism and I still haven’t read the book (although I requested a galley from NetGalley before she canceled its publication…they’ve probably taken it down by now). If she is guilty of plagiarism, then obviously the book will need to be fixed before it is published, but as I said…no concrete evidence.

I may have mentioned this in yesterday’s post, but regardless, I’ll say it again. This notion that slavery is exclusive and unique to black Americans is nonsense. Ms. Zhao was born in Paris, France and spent her formative years in China. The ‘slavery trope’ had nothing to do with US slavery, and had more to do with indentured servitude and human trafficking, both of which is still a problem in many parts of the world, including China. Yes, she got a book deal with an American publisher (and a UK publisher; the book was due to be published in the UK about a month before its US release…it’s probably canceled there too) and intended to debut as an American author, but still. There is a world beyond the US.

Funny, back during the Bush years the left constantly bitched about how xenophobic and US-centric we Americans were, and now here they are, viewing absolutely everything through an American lens. Oh, any mention of slavery is obviously a reference to US slavery, and any ‘throwaway’ character that happens to be black is obviously racist and anti-black. Oh, and we need some sanctimonious non-whites like Ellen Oh and lily-white leftists to point that out to stupid women of color like me who are too dumb to know better.

Excuse me while I roll my eyes. Listen up, leftist bitches…I don’t need you to ‘fight’ on my fucking behalf, and the vast majority of black people can take care of themselves. Go get a real hobby or something and fuck off.

Oh, and another thing, while I’m at it. I’ve been reading tweets and Reddit threads about this, and I am officially sick to death of the following terms:

  • POC (people of color)
  • WOC (women of color)
  • marginalized
  • cultural appropriation
  • do better
  • inclusive

How the hell is ‘people of color’ any better than ‘colored people’? Did some stupid Democrat dipshit decide ‘like, let’s use “people of color” instead, and use POC since we’re too lazy to type it out, and like, we can use this to describe black people and stuff cuz, like, it’s inclusive or something, like omg!!!”

Seriously, it’s enough to make me fucking vomit. UGH. So sick of this shit.

Anyway, fuck the left and their white knight syndrome and their bullshit censorship tactics.

Leave Marie Kondo Alone

Leave Marie Kondo Alone

Marie Kondo is a Japanese tidying expert, and she’s got a show on Netflix, called Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.  It’s on my queue, but I haven’t watched it yet.  On the show, she helps people clean up their houses by getting rid of stuff they don’t need.  Kind of sad that we need to be taught to clean up our houses, but yes, this is a problem here in the West.  I’m a big fan of hoarding shows, and I figured that this would be up my alley.  Plus, I lived in Japan as a kid, so I pretty much love anything Japanese (I really miss Japan…sigh).

Well, I guess on one show Ms. Kondo revealed that she personally keeps the amount of books in her home to a minimum of 30, and people on both sides of the political aisle lost their minds.

Look at the featured image above.  Her big schtick is to keep things that make you feel joy.  She never said that EVERYBODY needs to keep a minimum of thirty books in their home.  She probably used that as an example – apparently, too many books in the house doesn’t spark joy for her.

I can relate, because I have the same problem.  Okay, confession time – I live in a big house, but it’s my grandfather’s house.  I live with him, and I have plenty of room, but right now I have entirely too many books.  I’ve already started to get rid of them, and I need to get rid of many more.  Right now, the amount of books sitting around in this house gives me anxiety, especially given my potential future plans.  I won’t get into that, but yeah, I kind of get how she feels.

That doesn’t mean Ms. Kondo is anti-intellectual or whatever.  How many books to people read in a year anyway?  She’s not telling you to stop reading.  She’s telling you to think about the tangible items in your home, especially if your space is limited.  Many people in Japan live in apartments (and many of those don’t allow pets, which is why cat cafes became a thing over there…I love cats so much.  I just had to work that in there).

Besides, people act like eBooks don’t exist.  My advice would be to yes, if you have a lot of books in your home and need the room, consider swapping your paperbacks or hardcovers for eBooks.  That’s what I’m doing right now.  Plus, she never said to throw them in the trash.  Instead, donate them to your local library or charity.  Passing on books is a good thing, especially for those who cannot afford books (of which are getting really expensive these days…even eBooks).

So I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I did not like Ellen Oh.  She’s a YA author of Korean ancestry, I think, and she was one of the people dogging on Amelie Wen Zhao.  Of course, she did it with love, but when it came to Marie Kondo’s more unhinged critics, she went into super saiyyan bitch mode.


Here’s one of Ms. Kondo’s more unhinged critics:

marie kondo is NOT a monster

No, she’s not a monster.  This woman eventually deleted this tweet, and probably because of reactions from nutcases like Ellen Oh:



Gee, she didn’t have such sentiments for Amelie Wen Zhao, who was simply inspired by the slave trade in China and other parts of Asia.  But the point of this is that Ellen Oh is accusing Jen Ashley Wright and Ms. Kondo’s crazier critics of fucking racism because they called her a ‘monster.’

Let me be clear:  Marie Kondo is not a monster.  Jen Ashley Wright called her a monster because she thought Ms. Kondo was telling people to throw their books away, not because she’s a Japanese woman telling us Yankees how to live.

Ellen Oh, in my humble opinion, is the real monster here.  She didn’t stick up for a woman whose culture was quite different from that of her critics.  She helped nuke the woman’s career, likely because she wanted to score some sweet Progtard Points and wanted to take out the competition.

As I said yesterday, who the fuck needs enemies when you’ve got ‘friends’ or ‘allies’ like Ellen Oh?  You can read the rest of her twitter thread at this archive link.

Here We Go Again!!!

Here We Go Again!!!

Okay, so that was freaking quick. She’s basically thrown in the towel:

Amélie Wen Zhao on Twitter

To The Book Community: An Apology

Archive link

This is so unbelievably shitty. These cunts have won yet again. I’m sorry, Miss Zhao, but I’m going to defend you anyway. This is just flat out wrong. There was nothing wrong with your book. It’s not surprising that leftists like her cannot handle the heat. Leftists love going after their own. I’m so glad I’m not one of them. I mean, who needs enemies when you’ve got friends like that cunt Ellen Oh? And she is a fucking cunt because she was one of those that piled on.

And the responses to her tweet from leftists saying she did the right thing, and that the criticisms of her book were valid – it just makes my blood boil. I hate the left so much it’s unreal. And a little scary. These people are pure fucking evil, and that’s all there’s to it. I will not entertain any other notion, so don’t send me hatemail trying to argue your position that this wasn’t censorship, that this was the right thing to do, that non-blacks shouldn’t write about slavery (of which, by the way, was by no means exclusive to the United States, you fucking ignorant simpletons. Black people don’t own the experience of slavery), etc.

So, I feel like punching a commie right now. Or, rather, giving free helicopter rides to all the bitches on Twitter gushing over how wonderful this act of utter cowardice really is.

I am really not happy right now. Anyway, I first saw this update at The American Conservative: Amelie Zhao Learns To Love Big Brother. Fucking pitiful.

Lord Almighty….just finished a post about how Frontier Airlines sucks major donkey balls and then I see this:

Jesse Singal on Twitter

1/ As I’ve said before YA (young adult fiction) Twitter is an intensely toxic and broken internet subculture. Now it’s going after an apparently talented debut author — things are getting out of control and I wanna help shine a light. General background: https://t.co/vTxa1PK7aV

I recommend reading the whole thread. Archive 1, Archive 2. So, to summarize, the eARC of a book called Blood Heir by Amelie Wen Zhao has been making the rounds, and some Twitter YA nutjobs have piled on the book for some truly ridiculous and spurious reasons – the use of the word ‘tawny’ to describe someone’s skin color, and the notion that oppression is colorblind, among others. Oh, that one’s a doozy, and lest you think I’m lying or something:

I’m excited for this book – a dark retelling of Anastasia? Oh hell yes. I’ve always been fascinated by the Bolshevik’s outright murder of the Romanovs, and the possibility that one of them might have survived. We all know that poor Anastasia didn’t survive (one of Communism’s earliest casualties), of course. But I like to read Anastasia retellings anyway.

Back to the topic, however…this person, Elle or whatever-the-fuck is clearly ignorant of even basic history. Anyone who knows even the most rudimentary world history knows that it’s true – oppression doesn’t discriminate. Anyone can be oppressed, and plenty of white people have been oppressed throughout history.

This is why we cannot let the left rewrite history. This is why I get so upset when the BBC or whoever casts a black actress to play a European queen. No, there weren’t very many black people in the UK or Europe back then, and they certainly weren’t fucking ROYALTY you demented morons!

Why the BBC or whoever can’t give us awesome miniseries based in Africa, celebrating African history is utterly beyond me, but whatever.

Now, unsurprisingly, the author is on the defensive. After all, she’s a debut, and we’ve got five months to go until her book is finally released. But, being defensive is bad or something, because they’re complaining that she’s taking screenshots! PERISH THE THOUGHT:

Oh, and in a shocking turnabout, it IS possible for non-whites to be racist! That’ll be news to all the other NPCs. I guess their programming will need to be updated?

Oh, but only if they’re ‘racist’ to other non-whites. You still can’t be racist towards white people, according to these idiots, because ‘muh power structures’ or some such shit.

One important thing I need to note: this book is being published by Delacorte Press / Penguin Random House. In all likelihood, Amelie didn’t write the blurb in question – major publishers usually have someone else write the blurbs or summaries, and the titles of books are also decided by someone other than the author. I went through Amelie’s Twitter feed and she hasn’t said anything about the matter, so who knows.

Anyway, before I continue, you can read about the book at her official site (archive link). Her official website doesn’t link to her Twitter account, so you can access it here. It sounds really good to me, and right up my alley. I’m going to try to find a copy of Blood Heir so that I can read it (I am aware that my promised reviews of other books hasn’t actually come yet, so I’ll get around to that someday…I have read Veronica Roth’s Carve the Mark and I can say that it isn’t racist, and that it’s much better than her Divergent saga).

I don’t like Ellen Oh at all. She’s infamous for pushing ‘diversity’ and even created some stupid group called We Need Diversity in YA or something. What she had to say about this is vomit-worthy and is also completely passive aggressive since she didn’t even mention Amelie Wen Zhao by name, but is obviously talking about her:

Being ‘tone deaf’ is not a fucking disability. Wikipedia calls it a ‘musical disability’ but nobody seriously considers it a disability. It’s not the same as being flat-out deaf. Anyway, people like Ellen Oh don’t seem to have a whole lot of faith in kids. They think some kid will read something ‘problematic’ and will be traumatized and ruined for the rest of their lives or something. It’s ridiculous. There’s nothing wrong with Amelie’s book.

Yes, Amelie Wen Zhao was born in Paris, France, but grew up in a ‘multicultural community’ in Beijing. Kind of figured as much, given her name. That’s kind of…I dunno, discriminatory in of itself to expect someone who grew up in the East to know all the nuances of the idiocy currently plaguing the US. After all, it’s racist to expect illegal immigrants to speak English. Isn’t this kind of the same thing?

It is possible for black people to have blue eyes. Vanessa Williams is the only black person I can think of that has natural blue eyes. That being said, I am not sure the character in question is actually black, though. I haven’t read the book. Besides, it’s a FANTASY novel. Who cares if a black character has blue eyes?

Ugh. And this next screenshot is insane:

So now you cannot write about slavery, and your black characters cannot die, or else you’re a racist sack of shit.

The character’s skin color is described as ‘tawny’, which I’ve always thought was light brown. Kind of close to my own skin color, which is light caramel brown, depending on the time of year and lighting conditions. I also have green eyes and was born with blue eyes.

Description of the character above.

Anyway, I’ve written enough about this issue. I, as usual, will keep an eye on this. The left has been emboldened by their successes in censoring authors such as Keira Drake and Laura Moriarty. Same with Raychel Rose, who has basically disappeared – she even pulled her books from Amazon, all because the left harassed her over being a Trump supporter.

It’s one thing for them to whine and cry about these books, but what they’re doing is building a case to take to the publishers to either delay the book and force it into additional edits, or to cancel the release altogether. The left knows that using the full force of the government to censor people would get a vicious backlash, so they’re using privately-owned companies to censor us. That’s why I write posts like this. We cannot let them get away with this shit.

Frontier Sucks

Frontier Sucks

The Covington kids story has made me much more cautious about everything I read.  I wasn’t one of those people that immediately believed the mainstream media’s narrative.  When I learned of the story, the footage exonerating the boys had already been posted and had gone viral.  That being said, I still want to be cautious.

So, when I read about this story at the Gateway Pundit, I wanted to believe it, and I still feel it’s probably true, and that it happened just as they said it did.  If it turns out that something different happened, I’ll update this post.

Anyway, some Trump supporter got kicked off of a Frontier Airlines flight simply because he was wearing a MAGA hat and was saying pro-Trump stuff as he walked to his seat.  The leftists on this flight were triggered, apparently, and whined enough to get him kicked off the flight.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Trump Supporter Booted Off Frontier Airlines Flight for SECOND TIME Over Saying ‘Make America Great Again’

In 2016, Kenny Cool was booted off of a Frontier Airlines flight for saying “Make America Great Again.” On Monday evening it happened once again – on the same airline. While attempting to travel from Las Vegas back home to St. Louis, Cool was called a “school shooter” over his hat and says another passenger asserted …

Oh, and this is the second time it’s happened.  Before the election, back in 2016, the same thing happened to this guy and his girlfriend:  Couple claims they were kicked off plane.

I was going to write a third post about the Covington thing, but decided that that would have been overkill.  Loads of people have written loads of posts about that incident, and I didn’t want to chime in, since I didn’t think I had anything new or insightful to add.

But now another person in a MAGA hat has been victimized, and I have to say this:  It’s a fucking hat.  Get a grip and get over it.

In the aftermath of the Covington incident, the mainstream media defended itself by claiming that the MAGA hat is a symbol of racism and hatred, and that they got ‘triggered’ by it.  Oh, and they all refused to apologize to the Covington students (except for a handful of never-Trumpers and Jamie Lee Curtis, of all people…I respect her for apologizing).

The left keeps whining and crying about how they’re ‘oppressed’ in this country.  Nobody is really oppressed in the US, and that goes for my fellow conservatives too.  Yeah, the left is full of assholes and they have much more power than we do, and they’re always trying to fuck us over, but even that isn’t real oppression.  After all, nobody’s marching us to prison camps for wearing MAGA hats…yet.

These people think that criticism is oppression.  They think that being ‘marginalized’ is oppression.  They think that the worst thing that could happen to someone is for some Bible-thumper to make a face whenever two dudes kiss each other in public, and that such reactions are oppression.  Uh, no.

I’m sick to death of the endless bullshit jokes about Catholic priests and child abuse, but I would never call any of that fucking oppression.  Yeah, not everyone is a Catholic and not everyone likes Catholics.  I just roll my eyes and move on.

The left has whipped themselves into fucking mass hysteria, all because their candidate lost the 2016 Presidential election.  They’ve been throwing an insane temper tantrum ever since.  They honestly think we’re living in some dark dystopia or something.  They’re all fucking deluded.

These people need to get a grip already.  What happened to this guy is completely unfair and unjust.  I have flown Frontier Airlines only once, and that was back in October.  I wouldn’t say it was that great an experience, but it wasn’t the absolute worst.  That being said, they’re a ripoff anyway.  Traveling by air is a total ripoff, but that’s a topic for another post.

This hysteria and delusion is getting really irritating.  They need to fucking stop it already.

(Oh, and I’ve downloaded the videos in both stories above…if YouTube ever deletes them, I’ll mirror them.)

Journalism is Dead

Journalism is Dead

That title is total hyperbole, I know. And some might argue that it isn’t even true, given the Internet and alternate media. But the Covington Student incident points to the fact that at least in the mainstream media, journalism is absolutely dead.

I would have posted this follow-up yesterday, but I wasn’t feeling well. I did, however, follow the story as much as I could, and was, and still am, shocked at how people on both sides of the political aisle bought into the original narrative.

This includes the National Review and Twitchy. This includes people like Scott Adams. I complained about how the Daily Wire and Breitbart hadn’t said anything about the story, but that was at, like, nine in the morning where I was (East coast), on a Sunday. They’ve since reported on the story and its implications.

Now, some people, like Scott Adams have acknowledged that they got it wrong and have apologized for it. This is good. But many more – mostly leftists – haven’t corrected themselves, haven’t apologized and continue to smear the Covington students as smug, privileged racists.

The Incident

So what really happened? Based on the footage I posted yesterday, it happened like this.

The Covington students had participated in the March for Life rally. Around 4:30 pm, they gathered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to wait for their bus. Meanwhile, four Black Hebrew Israelite nut jobs stood a few feet away from the students, ranting and raving about how whitey is evil and how the kids were future school shooters and products of sodomy.

The students asked their adult chaperone if they could start some of their school cheers to drown out the Black Israeli nut jobs. Permission was obviously given, so the kids started chanting to drown out the homophobic and racist rantings of the Black Hebrew Israelites.

Right around this time, another event was taking place – the Indigenous Day march. Nathan Phillips, the man with the drum, and his crew, including one cameraman, wandered over to the Lincoln Memorial, supposedly to diffuse tension between the BHI guys and the Covington students (which I don’t believe for a second, because the Natives acted pretty hostile). The Black Isrealis see this, start saying “ooh, Dad’s here” and start pointing out the kids wearing MAGA hats. Nathan Phillips takes the bait and walks over to the kids and right up to Nick Sandmann, the supposedly smug kid shown in the videos. Nick simply stands there and smiles, confused…is Nathan Phillips joining in and offering a beat for their chants, or is he there to confront them? The other kids are also confused, and at first they think Phillips is friendly. But then they realize he is not. One kid wonders, ‘what’s going on?’

So a standoff between Sandmann and Phillips ensues, and is caught on camera. This is the footage everyone saw. Another Native American man tells one kid to “go back to Europe” as he’s on “stolen” land (I am so sick of this stupid bullshit argument).

The Native Americans wander off after a few minutes, since none of the kids are willing to give them what they want, which is a ridiculous example of racist kids saying or doing racist things.

But it doesn’t end there. The Black Hebrew Israelites continue their hateful heckling of the kids, even saying to one of the kids – who happens to be black – that the white kids will harvest his organs, a la Get Out, that stupid race-baiting movie that even my mom loves. Sigh.

Then the Black Hebrew Israelite wackjobs start calling the kids homosexual slurs and stuff. They continue with saying that all Catholics are child molesters, that Catholics practice idolatry, that America is evil because we “gave” homosexuals rights (at this point, one of the Covington students proclaims that homosexuals are human too). All sorts of fucking crazy shit, the kind of shit that would be viciously mocked by leftists if uttered by some white redneck Baptist Bible-thumper. But because these dudes were black and bitching about slavery and such…totally okay.

The bus arrives, and the kids head for it, chanting ‘let’s go home’ along the way. Then some Democrats start a prayer circle and a couple of leftists ask the BHI wackjobs some questions and it ends.

There was no violence and no real hatred, except on the part of that one Native American guy and the Black Hebrew Israelite guys. But a very short clip, devoid of sound, was posted by some asshat on Twitter and that is what went around the world. Leftists made a shitload of assumptions, as they always do, and ran with the whole ‘ZOMG WHITE PRIVILEGED BOY IN MAGA HAT HARASSES POOR INNOCENT NATIVE AMERICAN VIETNAM VETERAN ZOMG THEY SO EEEEEVIL U GUISE REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE’ narrative.

Nobody bothered to try to interview the kids in question, or anyone else who was there, other than the famewhoring Nathan Phillips, who is, as it turns out, a race-baiting leftist activist. He went on CNN and lied his ass off.

But that ginger hag Kathy Griffin was just so sure that these kids were evil racists. She went on Twitter and demanded her followers dox the students. Other leftist nut jobs followed suit.

The State of Journalism

This reminds me of another incident, way back in 2010. This was about a year after Obama was inaugurated, and a Democrat-majority Congress was trying to push Obamacare through. They met heavy resistance from the Tea Party, who staged mass protests on the steps of the Capitol. A couple of black Congressmen claimed that some Tea Partiers screamed racist epithets at them.

Now, smartphones with cameras had only been really popular for about three years at that point, but loads of footage was readily available, and yet, to this day, no evidence of any Tea Partier shouting racist things at these Congressmen has ever surfaced. Andrew Breitbart even offered a huge reward for anyone that could produce some authentic footage, but had no takers.

Yet the media ran with the ‘Tea Partiers are racist and are only opposed to Obamacare becuz racism’ narrative anyway. That’s why I was skeptical of the original narrative from the very beginning, because the left has pulled this shit before.

And, hilariously enough, MSM outlets are blaming each other but aren’t taking any responsibility for their own fuck ups. This is right after the whole BuzzFeed debacle. Jesus, these people are unreal.

ABC Admits Others ‘Rushed to Judgement’ on Catholic Teens Viral Vid, Ignores They Did Too

ABC’s Good Morning America admitted Monday that the incident at the March for Life that went viral appearing to show Catholic teens in MAGA hats sneering at a Native American veteran, was taken out of context. However, ABC failed to acknowledge that their own network also slandered these kids with their hasty reporting based off of on one viral video.

Were the kids still wrong in their reaction?

NO. Some people are claiming that Nick Sandmann still looked smug, still looked racist, still did something wrong, but he didn’t. He’s, what, fifteen? Given his young age, he acted admirably. He looked kind of confused, which is totally unsurprising. He just stood there and smiled, and did his best to be respectful. Nathan Phillips, though he didn’t actually say anything, came across as an arrogant boor.

As for the other kids, they didn’t do anything wrong. All they did was chant and mess about, which is what a lot of teenagers do. They had just marched in the March for Life and were probably excited at having such a fun and profound experience.

The only people truly in the wrong here were those crazy Black Hebrew Israelites, who have been ignored by the MSM.

The left is still claiming that the kids acted badly or that their behavior was disturbing…these people say this because they don’t want to admit that they were dead wrong.

The kids are innocent in this matter. They did nothing wrong. Another thing I find totally reprehensible is that their school and their diocese condemned them without even looking into the matter.

As for Nick Sandmann, his statement is amazing. I hope his parents are really proud of him. They raised a really good kid. I hope he and the other students can overcome this. I can’t imagine being a teenager today. I have social anxiety and something like this would have freaked me out and I would have acted like a total fool.

I hate to give anyone at CNN any credit, but Jake Tapper posted screenshots of Nick Sandmann’s statement:

Jake Tapper on Twitter

Just in: Statement of Nick Sandmann, Covington Catholic High School junior, about the event at the Lincoln Memorial:

The replies there are pure cancer. I’d post there, but I’ve been banned from Twitter several times. I don’t feel like creating another account just to get banned again.

Anyway, you can read his full statement at Reason.com, if you prefer to read actual text:

The Media Wildly Mischaracterized That Video of Covington Catholic Students Confronting a Native American Veteran

Partial video footage of students from a Catholic high school allegedly harassing a Native American veteran after the anti-abortion March for Life rally in Washington, D.C., on Saturday quickly went viral, provoking widespread condemnation of the kids on social media.

The left, already having been humiliated by BuzzFeed, isn’t letting this one go. They still think Nick Sandmann is a racist evil asshole and they’re still determined to make life a living hell for all the Covington students involved. There’s no way around it: the mainstream media is deeply biased to the left and they want to actively harm all of Trump’s supporters.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am going to finish watching a Danish film called The Hunt, which seems to be incredibly timely right about now.

The MAGA Kids are Innocent

The MAGA Kids are Innocent

So the media is smarting from the BuzzFeed debacle, and they figured they’d need another story to warm their stony little hearts.  They’ve resorted to one of their favorite narratives – Trump supporters are RACIST!

Only, as it turns out, their narrative is utter bullshit.  Again.

It all starts at the March for Life, of which was held in DC recently.  A group of students from the all male Covington Catholic school were in attendance, and many of them wore MAGA hats and one guy even wore a red MAGA sweatshirt.  I’ll let one of the students tell the story themselves (thanks to r/the_donald):


But, according to outlets like The Huffington Post and the Washington Post, a bunch of racist white kids wearing MAGA hats ambushed this poor innocent Native American guy and started chanting ‘build the wall’ and wouldn’t let him escape!

Only, as I said, that didn’t happen.  Here’s a full video of the entire incident:  Full video of incident.  I hosted most of them at BitChute, but some are at Streamable because BitChute stopped letting me upload videos for some reason.

Here’s a video in which some activists claiming to be the REAL Israelites using homophobic slurs at the kids:  Indigenous People Taunt Covington Catholic Boys.

Oh, and I cannot forget this CNN report and an interview with the Native American drummer, Nathan Phillips, who is an activist known for this sort of bullshit:  BS CNN Report.

And here is another video that shows how the kids weren’t mobbing anyone.  And a very short clip of the Native Americans approaching the kids.  And there is this short clip of the crazy supposed Israelites telling one of the black MAGA kids that when he’s old enough, they – whoever they are – will steal his organs.  An obvious reference to the movie Get Out.  I think the person that originally uploaded it was trying to say that the kids were chanting ‘build the wall’ but you cannot see the Native Americans in this clip, and I can’t really make out what they were chanting in the beginning.  Even if that was true, that isn’t racist.  I’m not white and I’d be there chanting ‘build the wall’ too, although not at any Native Americans.

I was disappointed that Breitbart and the Daily Wire didn’t have a story about this, but Twitchy does, which is good.

‘MORE media lies’: Looks like there’s a whole lot MORE to story about Catholic students ‘harassing’ Native American protester

If the social media mob comes for you, it’s something you will never EVER forget. Whether a story is true or not (and it’s starting to look like this latest outrage they’re screeching about may NOT be true), they will do anything and everything they can to ruin the person, their family, and anyone and everyone who knows them.

Oh, and, predictably, leftists are calling for the kids to be murdered and stuff.  Of course.


Make no mistake – leftists everywhere want us dead.  The ones that aren’t calling for our deaths are in a very tiny minority.

I’ll add more to the post if I find anything else interesting.


That Damn Gillette Ad

That Damn Gillette Ad

Photo by Steve Harvey on Unsplash

Ugh. A minute or two of pure cancer.

Lots of people are rightly pissed off at that stupid Gillette ad. It was put together by a freaking feminazi of course. No surprise there.  You can read about them at the Daily Mail (archive.fo link).

So the ad is called “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be” and the left just loves it because it confirms their bias that white men are evil (yes, most of the “bad” men in the ad are white).

Leftists are also crowing about how the ad’s critics are fragile white rapists or something, and that there’s something wrong with them for being offended by the ad. The backlash is big news:

The Gillette ad backlash is international news

I wrote about the new Gillette ad yesterday and focused primarily on the ad as a sales tool, i.e. a way to signal to millennials that Gillette is a brand worth paying a premium for because it cares about social justice. I thought that was enough but today there are lots of stories about the backlash to the ad.

So I read the post at Hot Air and got annoyed enough to write a post of my own. No, I don’t think conservatives are overreacting (one reason why I don’t bother with Reason.com is assholes like Robby Soave).

The ad implies that men are inherently evil, and that they’ve been evil since forever. That is why people are upset at the ad, and especially coming from a company like Gillette. The ad is basically targeted at the audience it is insulting. I’m not saying you have to utter a crazed war cry and wage war on feminazis everywhere, but to act like you don’t know why people are upset is fucking ridiculous.

I don’t understand how people don’t see the obvious bias in the ad.

And why does Gillette need to call for white men to be better? Why aren’t they calling out terrorists who behead women that aren’t interested in having sex with them? That’s mostly a rhetorical question because we all know why.

It’s like someone putting out an ad calling for black men to stop dealing drugs, leave gangs and stop having kids out of wedlock. Leftists would be screeching about how racist that is and people on the right would complain about how it demonizes all black men, including men that don’t actually fit that disgusting stereotype.

Also, what the hell does any of this have to do with razors and shaving cream anyway? A Gillette commercial should be about the actual products, their features and how beneficial and valuable they are. Not this stupid feminazi hectoring bullshit.

Brandon Morse over at RedState has a good take on it (and you can watch the video over there in case you need a dose of concentrated cancer):

The Most Insulting Part of Gillette’s “Toxic Masculinity” Commercial Wasn’t Just the Stereotypical Depictions of Men

The disaster that was Gillette’s recent attempt at being the next “woke” company to attempt to improve society by using men as a patsy for continuous societal problems was a major flop, and it’s no wonder why. Insulting your entire customer base by describing their very nature as toxic isn’t going to endear you to buyers.

This ad is nothing more than Democrat propaganda.

Oh, and I have an idea for an ad that could show men at their best without insulting them. How about some footage of men doing heroic things, cut with those same men using Gillette products? Then closing with a title card saying that the best men prefer the best they can get, or something like that. I readily admit that I suck ass at advertising and slogans – hell, I can’t even name my freaking novels, but even I can come up with a better ad than that toxic feminazi cancer that Gillette crapped out into the world.

As I said, it’s propaganda. I’ll leave you with my favorite take on the ad: Vigilant Citizen’s report.

Gillette’s Ad About “Toxic Masculinity”: When Marketing Mixes With Social Engineering – The Vigilant Citizen

Gillette, a company that made billions by selling overpriced razor blades to men for decades, has launched an ad campaign targeting “toxic masculinity”. And the ad is … toxic. Through stereotypes and generalizations, it accuses 50% of the human population of terrible wrongdoings and calls for a drastic modification of its behavior.

A concession, of sorts

A concession, of sorts

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. One of the left’s favorite boogeymen is the evil corporation. Leftist writers just loooooove making evil corporations the villains of their dystopian novels.

It’s not just literature either. You see this in movies (Blade Runner, the Resident Evil franchise), TV shows, video games (again, Resident Evil), etc. They just love demonizing corporations, and I think it’s because they’re either socialists or communists.

But, given all that happened last year, with corporations like Alphabet (parent company of Google) firing James Damore over a memo he wrote, and MasterCard (of which is mostly owned by Muslims) demanding PayPal, Stripe, Patreon and others deplatform various conservatives, centrists and alternative services like Hatreon and FreeStartr over their politics, I’ve come to realize that we’re currently living in the dystopia these leftists warned us about.

Only problem is, these same leftists and their cohorts have no problem applauding these evil corporations. These corporations are run by leftists, so of course that is to be expected. These leftists also have no problem using these corporations to silence their critics and those that disagree with them.

Leftists will still claim to hate corporations, however, but when you ask them which ones, they’ll cite some random oil company, Enron, or Walmart. Even though Google is developing a search engine for China that censors information, they’ll never admit that Google is evil. Even though Mark Zuckerberg basically told Angela Merkel that Facebook would help her suppress any criticism of her insane immigration policies, leftists will never admit that Facebook is evil. Might I remind you that Facebook wants to develop mind-reading technology? Yeah, it’s true.

Mark Zuckerberg confirms Facebook is working on mind-reading technology

Facebook is developing technology to let users communicate using only their thoughts, the internet giant confirmed on Wednesday night. A secretive division at Facebook’s California headquarters has been experimenting with mind-reading technology for several months, the company revealed. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder, has previously described telepathy as the “ultimate communication technology”, but the social network’s ambitions have been unclear.

This is freaking scary. I still, rather stupidly, have a Facebook account, but I don’t use their official app. And, of course, I have uBlock Origin installed on all my desktop browsers (unfortunately it is not available for mobile devices).

I will probably get rid of it eventually, especially if this mind-reading technology comes to fruition. That is very, very creepy.

But, as I said, you don’t see the left calling Facebook out as much…they have no problem weaponizing these services to censor thoughts and ideas they don’t like. The left themselves have basically ensured that the nightmare they wrote about became a reality.