Happy Thanksgiving

November 24, 2016 Off By Elaine Arias

I am grateful to be an American.  I am grateful to have been born in this great country, and I am grateful to live here.

I have Native American ancestry on both sides of my family, and I still feel this way, regardless of what happened in the past.  No nation has a perfectly peaceful, unselfish history.  Every nation on Earth has had a checkered history, and the US is no different.

Even after all the sad things (the unintentional genocide of Natives, which happened largely because the white settlers brought diseases that the natives had absolutely no immunity to; slavery, discrimination, etc), this country is still the best thing to have happened to the human race.  I am absolutely sure of it.  This country is at least one of the first to declare that we are born with many rights, and that they are not granted to us by some earthly king or emperor.  That’s amazing.  That’s pretty much all the reason I need to love this country, really.

It’s Thanksgiving Day here in the US, and the favorite pastime of all liberals is to bitch and whine about how “Thanks(taking)giving” – in other words, completely and utterly trash the US, the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the War for Independence, the Bill of Rights, and white people in general.  It’s fucking racist and I’m sick of it.

Furthermore, the notion that white people of today have native blood on their hands is absolute and abject nonsense.  Not every single white person living today have ancestors that even lived in the original thirteen colonies.  Many white people’s families emigrated to the US long after this nation was founded, including our President-elect Donald Trump (his grandfather was from Germany).  No white person living today needs to feel bad over what someone else’s ancestors did three hundred years ago.  The same goes for the direct descendants of the people that settled this lands during the colonial era and the nation’s earliest years.

So today, I am going to sit at the dinner table with my family and do what we usually do – pray, be thankful, talk about the good times, and eat way too much food (especially dessert; we have a nine layer chocolate cake and I can’t wait to have a slice).  My Native American side will not be angry at my white side for “taking” land that was never mine in the first place, me having been born long AFTER the so-called invasion.  My black side is not going to be angry at my white side, or any other white people because of slavery, something I did not have to endure because it happened long before I was even born (and hell, was ENDED long before I was born).  As for my white side (I guess I have some white ancestry, since I have Spanish blood on both sides of my family)…well, my white side won’t be racist or whatever.  Point is, I respect history but I am not going to take it personally.  None of that shit happened to me.  Why hate white people for it?  I don’t get it.

Anyway, if anyone is reading this, I hope you have a fabulous and tasty Thanksgiving.