Hey snobs – you’re on notice!

December 2, 2016 Off By Elaine Arias

One of the things that pleases me greatly about this past election is the complete and utter repudiation of the snobs in our society.  You know.  The ones that live in big cities and on either coasts.  Some of them are Canadians living in Toronto or wherever.  Any cosmopolitan, brightly lit city – that’s where they’re born and bred.

I like cities, by the way.  I don’t hate them but what I do hate is the preening, self-righteous snobbery that some people carry in their black little hearts.

Trump is loud, obnoxious, plain-spoken, boorish, arrogant, etc.  Oh, he’s so awful!  Nobody thought he would win.  I didn’t think he would win.  In fact, I was so scared of the election that I didn’t even watch the results on election night (and I wish I had).  I spent the evening playing Elder Scrolls Online.  I had my iPad with me, and I checked it every now and then, so I knew it was happening, but kept myself distracted.

Anyway, he won and I spent the entire week being completely shocked.  It happened.  It really happened, and all the bullshit slung from the mainstream media and assorted leftist snobs (and the obnoxious NeverTrumpers) amounted to absolutely nothing.

You can sneer at our pro-life avatars, our tri-corn hats and our flag-waving all you want.  At the end of the day, you’re still a loser.  President Trump is our middle finger to you and your delicate sensibilities.  Now go away into obscurity where you belong.  We don’t need your approval.