Why can’t they leave the kids alone?

I could honestly write a book about Democrats and their double standards.  I really could. So, ever since Trump was elected, leftists have said vicious things about Trump’s wife and children.  Most of his children are adults (Ivanka and I are roughly the same age), except for Barron, who is ten years old. I can […]

Oh God, not this again

Yep.  Another book has been declared “problematic” because the villains in the story are non-white.  This time, Veronica Roth’s latest, Carve the Mark has been deemed problematic by Justina Ireland, an author and blogger I have not heard of (not an insult; nobody’s heard of me, so it’s all good). Why?  Because the antagonistic rulers of […]

So yesterday was pretty awesome

I’m on a three-day mini vacation, and spent most of yesterday on the road.  I did, however, livestream the President and the Vice-President’s swearing in (and then turned it off, missing Jackie Evancho’s performance of our national anthem…will definitely watch it tonight). It was amazing.  I felt so overwhelmingly proud to be an American, and […]

Sex and violence

So I was mucking about on r/books and I found this interview with the author of the Lemony Snicket series.  Apparently, the guy is going to publish a book about a sex-obsessed teenage boy, and it’ll be published in August of this year. In it, there is the obligatory “how do you feel about your young […]