Wow, the rage I feel is just horrific right now.

January 8, 2017 Off By Elaine Arias


I saw this online just a few minutes ago.  First, it was at Michelle’s Mirror.  Then I saw that Michelle Malkin mentioned it on her Twitter feed.  It has not gone viral yet, but it should.

This shit is why I don’t vote Democrat.  I never have, and I never will.  So to address this hideous bitch’s points one by one.

Shithole?  Mexico is a fucking shithole, bitch.  A third of Mexico’s population has already invaded our country.  THAT’s a shithole.  Whatever city in rural America that utterly offended you so could not possibly be anywhere as bad as Mexico.  That’s the first thing.  The second thing is that your precious cities and suburbs aren’t much better for many reasons, but I’ll list two:  pollution and crime.

White people are far from being the only violent, misogynist ones.  Plenty of blacks and Hispanics are just as violent.  In fact, and I really hate to admit this, but blacks commit the vast majority of crime in this entire nation.  Chicago may as well be a fucking war zone given the mind-boggling amount of gun violence there (and Chicago is a gun-free city…good job, morons).

Big corporations don’t want to open call centers, factories, etc in the US because it costs too much money to operate.  There’s a shitload of environmental regulations and other regulations one has to go through just to get approved to build something, and then there’s the business of running it, including the hiring of a workforce and how much it would cost to keep the damn lights on.  I know that most corporations are run by idiotic bigots like you, but I highly doubt it’s because they’re all, “eeeewww, racists!”  It’s more like, “it costs too much money to build a factory in the middle of nowhere.”

Oh, I get it.  This rancid shitstain wants the entire country to be run by progtards.  These rural cities need progressives on their city councils so that every single aspect of their lives is dictated to by sanctimonious wastes of space like her.  Uh, no bitch.  Furthermore, all her progressive policies would do is feed, clothe and shelter a feral underclass that will continue to commit crimes despite the fact that their every need is met.  The three biggest cities in this country (Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City) are good examples of this.

Did it ever occur to her, and many other liberals, that people in these rural cities see no need for fiber Internet?  In all likelihood, we’re talking about farmers and people with small businesses, people who have been doing business a certain way for years and so far it’s clearly working for them.  Of course, if people like her weren’t so bigoted, maybe these people could get jobs that paid enough to justify paying hundreds of dollars a month for high speed Internet.  This bitch thinks that high speed Internet will automatically result in “enlightened” progressives that like having gay orgies or something.  No, it won’t.  In fact, it might turn out to be your worst nightmare, because these incorrigible bigots you hate so much will be able to communicate with another and coordinate political action.  Four years of Trump might turn into eight, and possibly four to eight years of Pence too.  So yeah, if rural America wants the Internet, I’m all for it.

You’ve already clearly sacrificed tolerance.  You are completely and utterly unwilling to consider these people human beings, much less willing to work with them on anything.  Tolerance and acceptance are two different things.  You can still dislike something while tolerating it.

Oh, and notice how this rancid hag does not give any specifics with regards to the alleged bigotry and intolerance found in “rural” America.  And just exactly how are they intolerant and bigoted?  What specific examples of bigotry can you give, or are you just making all this shit up because you clearly won’t live to see the first female president’s inaguration?

Now we get to the part that pisses me off the most.  If you honestly think that these rural people are “voting against their best interests” then you don’t know anything about these people.  You clearly do not know what you’re talking about.

I’m not a rural person.  I’ve lived in rural areas and the subdivision I currently live in is kind of rural.  But I’m not a rural person.  From what I understand, rural people are independent.  For example, the house my parents currently live in runs on well water.  My parents also burn their own trash.  My grandfather takes his trash to the dump himself.

My now deceased step-grandfather came of age during the Great Depression.  He did pretty much everything himself.  He even made beds for us when my family moved to his town!  Rural folk do everything themselves, and they’re totally fine with it!  They don’t need some sanctimonius city bitch swooping in and telling them they have to let a bunch of illegal immigrants live in their neighborhood, or how much corn they can plant, or what kind of light bulbs they should use, etc.  All they want is to be left alone.

This statement of hers contradicts everything else she’s said.  If these people were as truly as bigoted and intolerant as she claims, voting Democrat would be against their self interests.  After all, the Democrats are the ones that want to flood our country with Mexico’s population.

Which brings me to her next point, that these rural people don’t want “brown” people to thrive.  Even if that were true, so?  And what is that even supposed to mean, anyway?  Once again, she gives no examples.  Just tosses that stupid talking point out there because it’ll piss people off.  These rural, independent folk have no respect for someone that leeches off of the government.  After all, they get by with far less than most welfare queens in Chicago or NYC do.  I can’t blame them for feeling that way.

And by her admission, big corporations refuse to build factories, etc in their cities because they can’t stand the bigotry.  Evidently, by her own admission politics has nothing to do with that.  Voting Democrat won’t magically convince these corporations to build anywhere but Mexico or China or whatever.  By her idiotic logic, “brown” people “thriving” would be against their best interests.

I’m sure you’ve heard about all the companies that want to build factories and stuff ever since Trump was elected.  It’s obvious that this hateful bitch is full of shit.  It’s also obvious that she does not know what she’s talking about.

I am half-black, half-Hispanic.  I am also a woman.  I have voted Republican my whole life.  Even though I have spent most of my life living on military bases, I have a lot of respect for rural folks.  I have respect for city folks too, by the way, and suburbanites.  All three have different qualities; all three bring something different to the table.  This woman knows absolutely nothing about my best interests, or anyone else’s interests.  I am sick and tired of leftists bringing this up.

These rural people want jobs.  These rural people are offended by the fact that criminals from Mexico get treated like royalty because they come from a poor country.  These rural people are offended by the fact that many people in this country are living off of the taxpayer’s dime while they struggle and work hard every damn day.

Shit, she has so much contempt for rural America, what would she think of the average third world country?  They don’t have Internet either.  Oh, but they’re brown skinned people, so they’re okay.  This woman thinks “brown” people are objectively better than rural people, which is absurd because nobody is perfect, not even these illegal immigrants she loves so much.  Take a good look at the crime statistics for Los Angeles.  Proof right there that these people are not perfect.

This crap pisses me off.  It really does, especially that “they’re voting against their best interests” bullshit.  I don’t need welfare.  I don’t need the government to run every aspect of my life.  Voting Democrat or for any progressive party will never be in my best interest because I care about FREEDOM more than anything else in the world.