Why does everything have to be political?

January 17, 2017 Off By Elaine Arias

Way back in November, I was reading this article over on Breitbart about how ESPN has lost thousands of subscribers in October:  ESPN Loses Over Half a Million Subscribers and one question popped into my head.  Why does everything have to be political?

There are probably many reasons why ESPN is losing so many subscribers.  It might not all be due to politics, but in the article, the ESPN ombudsman stated that the network had been tilting too far to the left lately:

ESPN Ombudsman Jim Brady, admitted that the network lurched way too far to the left in recent years, alienating many viewers.

I don’t watch sports at all, but I know how sports fans feel, if they are indeed canceling their subscriptions over the political content.  It’s SPORTS, people!  Why are they talking about politics at all?  These days, the left has to inject their opinions in everything – music, movies, books, magazines, TV shows, fashion, and video games.  Sports was the last thing they hadn’t ruined, and then Colin Kapaernick had to take a knee and now they’ve gone overboard.  It’s absolutely everywhere.

Take magazines for example.  I love reading fashion magazines.  I’ve been reading them since I was a kid, when my mom bought me Sassy and ‘TEEN after I had ‘become a lady.’  I had a political blog about eight years ago that I kept private because I was afraid of being harassed by liberals, and back then I noticed the overwhelming bias.  This year, the top fashion magazines made a big deal out of endorsing Hillary Clinton for President in their November issues.  Vogue did it, Glamour did it, and Elle probably did, although I have not read that issue.  Vogue made a big deal out of never having endorsed a Presidential candidate before, and that because of the “historic” nature of this one, they just had to.  Vogue put Michelle Obama on the cover of the December issue and I canceled my iPad subscription (too late, because I have already paid for that issue).

These magazines never have anything nice to say about Republicans.  Sure, Vogue did a piece on Sarah Palin before the 2008 election (it appeared in the February 2008 issue) and it wasn’t too bad, but their tone changed once she was selected as McCain’s running mate.  Vogue has also done a piece on South Carolina governor Nikki Haley (who has been nominated as the ambassador to the UN).

The September 2012 issue of Elle had a nasty hit-piece on Republican women.  I think Marie Claire has done a few pieces on Republican women, but the majority of anything mentioning Republicans or conseravtives is overwhelmingly negative.  It’s fashion – why are there any political articles in these magazines?  Most of them are cringingly bad anyway.

I will never, ever forget this little feature in an issue of Marie Claire.  I will have to look through my archives to find out which issue it was, but it was a few years ago.  It was a list of possible talking points to use when at a party.  Among them was a talking point about gun rights.  The suggested talking point was this (paraphrased):  How does having a gun in my thong drawer keep me safe?

Really?  Well, let me see.  First of all, unless your thongs are all kept in your nightstand drawer, having your gun there isn’t such a great place, because it’s kind of out of reach.  Seconds matter.  I think that it’s only logical to have your gun as close as possible.  And a thong drawer?  Jesus.  I don’t own any butt floss.  Why not a sock drawer?  Furthermore, the gun is only useful if you know how to use it.  I don’t own a gun and I have never actually used one, but I would like to someday.  Gun rights are very important to me.  I’m short and unfit, and even if I were fit, I’m still a short woman, and can use all the help I can get.

Of course, this liberal bias is everywhere.  During the Bush years, artists like Tori Amos and Pink would write songs about how much they hated Dubya.  Madonna would shriek “fuck you George” at her concerts.  Dita Von Teese tried to rape a George Bush look-a-like for a music video by Agent Provocateur.  Green Day wrote a whole album about how horrible rednecks are, or whatever.  And who could forget all of those horrible, ridiculous, one-sided anti-war movies?  Most of them flopped, so maybe it is possible to forget them.

But back to the point.  Sports isn’t even safe now.  You cannot escape the liberal crap.  They push their agenda and their opinions on absolutely everything.