Why can’t they leave the kids alone?

January 27, 2017 Off By Elaine Arias

I could honestly write a book about Democrats and their double standards.  I really could.

So, ever since Trump was elected, leftists have said vicious things about Trump’s wife and children.  Most of his children are adults (Ivanka and I are roughly the same age), except for Barron, who is ten years old.

I can understand going after his adult kids.  They did the same to Romney’s sons, and McCain’s kids.  But they have a nasty habit of going after the underage ones too.  For example, they went after the Bush twins (although I think they were in college for at least part of their father’s two terms in office).  They viciously went after Palin’s kids in 2008, and continue to trash Palin’s children, even though that election ended, like, seven or eight years ago.  Jesus, people, get over it.

And now they continue this tradition by making vicious (and really stupid) jokes about a ten year old kid.  Why?  You don’t know the kid.  You know nothing about him.  You don’t know what his political leanings are, if he has any at all.  He didn’t do anything to anyone. I don’t understand this vicious animosity towards him.

Look, most Republicans did not go after Obama’s daughters.  Some people did say nasty things, but those were only random losers on the Internet.  Then there was that poor woman who criticized their demeanor and attire at what I think was a turkey pardoning one year.  It was some official White House event, and his daughters were there.  Some woman criticized them on Facebook and her life was basically ruined over it, and to be honest I thought her criticism wasn’t even that bad.  Then again, I wasn’t too bothered by how Obama’s daughters looked at that event.  He wasn’t going to be in office forever and the nation managed to survive, so whatever.  But even the mildest criticism of Obama’s daughters got one woman a LOT of shit, and it wasn’t fair.

Now we’ve got douchebags stating that if their mother were to be raped, they’d rather she be raped by Barron, because his penis is supposedly small.  Yes, someone actually said that about a ten year old boy.  Then there was that idiotic SNL “writer” who stated that Barron would be the first homeschool shooter.  She, at least, got suspended from SNL.  And she apologized.  People have also said that Barron is autistic, based on some freaking video footage and rumors.  As if being autistic were bad or something.  So what if he’s autistic?  The kid is rich, his parents can afford the best care money can buy.  It’s not your damn problem and it’s none of your damn business.

So, offer mild and fair criticism of a Democrat’s children, and your life is totally ruined.  But whenever it comes to a Republican’s kid, go ahead and mock them – call them rapists, call them stupid, claim that they’re insane and about to shoot up the house, call them sluts, make fun of their disability, etc.  That’s your liberal double-standards right there, and it’s disgusting.

It’s reason number 34098530459830598340598340583058340583405834095834085 for why I will NEVER vote Democrat.