Free Speech and Platforms

February 2, 2017 Off By Elaine Arias


So recently, Christina Applegate posted a series of tweets complaining about how many Trump supporters and others on the Right hate it when celebrities make political statements.  She said – quite rightly, although I am reluctant to give this stupid woman any credit at all – that they were entitled to an opinion and had the right to express it.

Which, as I said, is true.  I don’t entirely feel comfortable slinging around the “shut up and sing” slogan because I so passionately believe in the First Amendment.  I also believe that these celebrity idiots are no better than we are.  If we have the right to say something, then so do they.

But I also understand why many of us on the Right tell them to “shut up and sing” – their opinions are usually nothing more than ill-informed insults and/or grandiose, narcissistic grandstanding (like Kerry Washington’s “like, I’m not just an actress – I’m an activist and it’s totally my duty to tell you who to vote for and demonize whitey!” statements on the red carpet).

What many celebrities spew is no different than the insane screeds you might read at Democratic Underground or the Huffington Post or the Daily Kos, or whichever idiot leftist site you might be thinking of right now.  Seriously, take a good look at any thread at DU and then compare it to the stupid bullshit washed up idiots like Shia LeDouche (heh) say on a regular basis.  It’s basically the same.

Even so-called intellectual Viennese actors spew idiotic, childish, and dare I say, infantile bullshit.  Normally, whenever I read the stupidity at DU or in the comment sections of most political blogs, I roll my eyes and move on.

But not when an actor starts spewing their bullshit.  Why?  Just a few days ago I was pondering this, and I figured out why.

Actors, musicians, authors, etc enjoy one thing that the average cretin at DU does not – a big, huge, influential platform.  Lady GaGa’s upcoming Super Bowl performance will generate a shitload of publicity.  She has already announced that it will indeed be “political” because she believes in tolerance, compassion, etc (and will basically accuse anyone who is remotely concerned about illegal immigration of racism and hatred – essentially acting like a raging hypocrite) and wants those values to be reflected in her performance.  It’ll be all over the place, just like Beyonce’s idiotic performance last year (which, contrary to what my grandparents think, WAS a tribute to the Black Panthers).

I can put up with the deranged rantings of a DUer.  They have little to no influence on, well, anything.  But when an actress or musician goes, “punch Nazis, lol” then someone on this planet will surely do exactly as they command.  And since anyone that disagrees with a liberal is now essentially a Nazi, that means each and every one of us on the Right is in danger of being assaulted by some deranged, idiotic, celebrity worshiping moron.

This, more than anything, is why I hate it when celebrities say anything about politics.  I have to hear or see their bullshit all over the place.  It’ll be on the local news, it’ll be all over my Facebook, Twitter and Gab feeds.  It’ll be breathlessly reported on at all of the websites I frequent.  It’ll be on the entertainment news shows (not that I watch those) and reported on in magazines.

And nobody, NOBODY (save the right-wingers on social media networks and on the websites I visit) will challenge their shit.  Nobody will fact check them.  Nobody will point out how utterly asinine and insane they are.  No, the mainstream media will worship at the altar of these stupid morons, praising them and enthusiasically agreeing with them.

This, of course, will be brought up in 2018, just in time for the midterms.  And then in 2020, perfectly timed for the Presidential election.

That’s why I was so gobsmacked and shocked at Trump’s victory.  The celebrities and the asshats in the MSM went all-out to demonize Trump and his supporters whilst building up and deifiying Hillary Clinton (because, after all, she was going to be the First Female President – history will be made again you guys!!!).  One stupid ad after the other…one stupid “FUCK TRUMP” statement at various award shows and in magazines after the other.  All of this stupid bullshit and for once, it amounted to absolutely nothing.  It was wonderful.  It felt like a new day…hell, like a new age.

But I’m not used to all this winning.  I’m used to losing, to be honest.  I’m used to the rug being pulled out from under me.  It’s been that way for the past eight years.  The Bush years were no picnic either.  Celebrities bitched about Bush too.  Back then, they sounded like the average DU poster – nothing but idiotic, childish insults and gross hyperbole.  Now it’s the same damn thing.  Bush was reelected, at least, but at that time, the Iraq war had only been raging for a year and some months.

I know not all celebs are like that, but precious few are reasonable about their political views.  I am totally okay with you being liberal.  After all, most of my family are liberals, and I’m still close to them.  What makes me angry are the baseless insults that get amplified by a hypocritical press who act like it’s a good thing that an entire group of people is smeared and slandered.

Why can’t these people express their opinion without being assholes about it?  Here, I can help you.  If only a liberal could say, “well, I understand that people are concerned about terrorists sneaking in amongst the refugees, but I would feel terrible if we turned away someone who genuinely needed asylum.  Surely there is a middle ground that we could reach.”

See!  It’s not that hard!  If I can do it, so can you!  I can see the issue from both sides.  Both sane, rational sides.  But the left is all, “ZOMG U RACIST!  U HATE BROWN PPL!!!  FUCK OFF AND DIE, NAZI BITCH!!!”

The frightening thing is that it works.  At least, that’s how I feel anyway.  Trump’s victory shows that it is possible to break away from the insidious influence of morons like Christina Applegate, Lady GaGa, Madonna, Ashley Judd and others.