The Left Claims Another Scalp

February 20, 2017 Off By Elaine Arias

Milo Yiannopolous’s book Dangerous, originally slated for a March 2017 release, has now been canceled.  His publisher was Simon & Schuster, on the Threshold Editions imprint.  Cucks.  Total cucks, but that is no surprise.  At all.

I also want to note that the release of the book had been pushed to a June 2017 release before its cancellation.  I think that may have been due to Milo wanting to add something about the Berkeley riots.  I had thought it strange and annoying, as I had preordered it and was seriously looking forward to reading it.

I have nothing more right now, as I’m angry.  I shouldn’t be, I guess, but I am.  The media has been accusing him of being things he is not, and this latest charge is just as untrue as the rest.  So all I have is this: