Europeans piss me off sometimes

February 22, 2017 Off By Elaine Arias

It’s like, 5:40 in the morning and I cannot sleep.  I have to wake up at 6:30 am to get ready for work and some strange things have been happening, like my TV turning on randomly to a different input than the one I left it in (and to top it all off, it tuned in to the Fox News Channel during a report on Kim Jong Un assassinating his own uncle).

So I can’t sleep, and when I can’t sleep, I usually grab my iPhone and start wandering the Web.  So I found this.  It’s kind of old – published in February of 2013, and it’s about that stupid Austrian actor again.  Sigh.  I will put the rest of this behind a cut if you don’t care.

Okay, so one of the things that drives me insane – well, two things that drive me insane about Europeans is one, their utter hatred of us and our so-called gun culture, and two, the fact that they cannot handle our distaste for public nudity.  Some stupid things were said, and I could not just lie in bed without saying something about it, so here we go.

By the way…this is an old-ish interview with Yahoo Movies from about 2012, when the Idiot went on a press tour to promote the racist Django Unchained.  Naturally, guns are brought up.

“A story asks for a certain setting and it requires different ways of attention and it was much more the confrontation with this chapter of American history — and I’m not necessarily referring to slavery. Just pre-Civil War America and how much all of a sudden explained itself to me in my limited way…I’ve read into it a little bit, and my puzzlement about America today — found a lot of explanation in its historical background. You know, “What’s their obsession with them moment you show a square inch of naked screen.””

Studying pre-Civil War America is not going to give you any insights on Americans and their relationship with public nudity.  One has absolutely nothing to do with the other.  I have a question, though.  What is your, or rather, Europe’s obsession with public nudity?  Why must you use topless women to sell cans of soup?  Why do you think it’s okay to expose children to soft-core pornography?  I don’t understand that.  I understand the European’s aversion to patriotism – after all, Nazism left a bad taste for nationalism and/or patriotism because a lot of nations either didn’t fight or was on the losing side.  Not to mention Austria and Germany…I understand that being patriotic and nationalistic in those countries is taboo.  World War 2 really screwed you people up.

But I don’t understand why Europeans are so horrified and scandalized by our “prudish” ideas about nudity.  They constantly bring this up as if it were a huge failing on the part of the USA.  Uh, last time I checked, we were managing just fine without showing our genitals to our three year olds, so get the fuck over it.

“Yet we have no problem showing to four year olds how people bash each other’s mugs in and splatter blood all over. [Impersonating “Joe Schmo America”] “Kids need to be confronted with the reality.”

What’s this awkward mixture of puritanism and ultra violence? How does it fit together? I never could understand.”

You show me a children’s program that bashes people’s brains in and splatters their brain matter and blood all over the place.  There is no such thing and you know it.  This is nothing more than grotesque hyperbole, kind of like, “Europeans are disgusting pedophiles that like showing pornography to their toddlers.”  Of course, that’s ignorant and bigoted of me, right?  But there’s nothing wrong with you making the ridiculous and completely unfounded assumption that American children’s programming is violent and gory.

Parents in the US get up in arms about violence too.  Nobody shows this kind of shit to their children, whether it be games, movies, TV shows or books.   I don’t know where this stupid shit comes from, I really don’t, but I am sick of it.

And that last bit…we’re all violent puritans.  We’re puritans because we aren’t showing our dicks and tits to toddlers.  Seriously, these people are unreal.  Furthermore, not only is American society not that violent, it is not that prudish either.  We just don’t show that shit to our children.  Prime-time television has gotten pretty damn racy in the past decade or so.  Lots of graphic (although not nude) sex scenes on TV shows.  Lots of violence too (and realistic corpses, which I still find shocking).  Where the hell has this guy been?  TV in America has gotten really racy and violent.  The difference between Americans and Europeans is that we do not – or at least, we try not to expose our children to this stuff.

This mixture of puritanism and violence does not exist.  It exists only in his fevered (and likely perverted) mind.

“Also, the obsession with arms that is “constitutional”… We’ve come around to understanding that the Constitution is one of the basic and greatest bodies of enlightened thinking, yet, from the 18th century — excuse me — and now we’re in the 21st. Whereas newly emerging [nations] used to take the American Constitution as — not necessarily a blueprint — but as an example. That hasn’t happened for the past 30 years… Stuff like that that I didn’t expect in my work for a Spaghetti Western.”

The Constitution is our government’s blueprint.  Our “obsession” with arms is Constitutional because all of our freedoms are guaranteed in the Constitution, of which all our laws are based on.  His research must have been non-existent if he cannot understand why bearing arms is so important to Americans.  Perhaps he should have read the Federalist Papers or something.

The Constitution is still very relevant to today’s society.  To think otherwise is hopelessly ignorant.  His take on the Constitution being archaic and irrelevant is definitely an Obama talking-point.  Remember what Obama said during the 2012 debates with Mitt Romney?  That stupidity about muskets and stuff?  Yeah, we’re seeing that again.

The reason nations haven’t used our Constitution as a blueprint for the past thirty years is probably because…it isn’t necessary?  Have I missed something?  Have there been many revolutions that would necessitate an entirely new governmental charter for a given nation?  And if I’m wrong about that, the likely reason is that Europeans like big government.  Well, everyone else on Earth likes big government.  They like to give government vast power so that the government may take care of them.  They don’t use our Constitution because everything American has been thoroughly demonized.

Back to the Second Amendment, though.  It is important for two reasons:  one, everyone has the right to defend themselves.  Back then, the best way do to that was to keep and bear arms, and to be honest, it hasn’t changed.  Having a gun in the house – for some people, at least – is the best way.  The second reason is to keep our government in check.  That’s one reason the provision for militias is in there.  If our government gets too big for its britches, OR if a given city or town needs to defend itself due to the federal or state government being unable to do so, we can form a militia.

I am hardly a Constitutional scholar, but even I know that.  I did my research.  He clearly did not, and then spewed a bunch of ignorant, bigoted, ill-informed bullshit as a result.

And, to top it all off, this stupid little bitch has been living in the US for a number of years.  WHY?  If this country is so horrible, with our guns and our prudishness and propensity to bash someone’s brains in as our children watch, why the fuck does he still live here?  Or any Eurodouche for that matter?

God I’m sick of this shit, I really am.  If I ever see him, I’m going to shove a pie pan full of nacho cheese in his damn face.  He, and people like him, just piss me off so much!