Some libs are finally starting to get it

February 26, 2017 Off By Elaine Arias

I found this op-ed on Gab, entitled “The backlash to political correctness was inevitable“, published by the Toronto Sun.  I mostly agree with it, but I wanted to address some things that irritated me.  (I linked to the mobile version, as the ads on the desktop version are highly annoying).

After addressing the fact that some of our concerns are actually legitimate – some migrants to commit crimes, and aspects of Islam are troubling – the author veers into some leftist stupidity.

“That’s where anti-immigration politicians such as Trump and Le Pen come in.”

In other words, brushing off the legitimate concerns of some “moderates” gets you anti-immigration politicians like Trump and Le Pen.

First of all, Trump is not anti-immigration.  This is a flat out lie.  For god’s sake, two of his wives were immigrants, his current wife being one of the two!  Nothing Trump has said indicates that he is “anti-immigrant.”  When will you people learn to differentiate between legal immigrants and illegal immigrants?

Oh, never.  Our position is actually a reasonable one, so of course they will never, ever learn the distinction.  It is too politically expedient and easy to accuse your opponents of being xenophobic bigots, rather than actually address our concerns.  Could you people please explain to me why it’s okay for Mexicans and God knows who else to simply cross the border and set up shop here without actually letting our government know they’re here?  Can you explain to me why it’s okay for these people to commit identity theft and fraud in order to gain access to our public welfare programs?

Can you explain to me why it is okay for Canada and Mexico, to name just two other countries, to have far stricter immigration laws and steeper punishments for breaking those laws?  Can you explain to me why New Zealand has such strict criteria for becoming a citizen of their nation?  Why can’t we have such criteria?

All any of us, including Trump, ever wanted was for people to enter our country the proper way, by respecting and following our laws.  Oh, and we’d also like for them to at least respect our culture and not threaten to beat our children if they, or anyone else chooses to prominently display the American flag on May 5.

As for Marine Le Pen, she sounded pretty anti-immigrant to me, wanting to halt all immigration, but I could be wrong about that, and even if I am not, the situation in France is far worse than it is here, and has been for quite some time (back in 2004, I followed French politics because I had a crush on a French polititian [I am embarrassed, okay] and even back then “youths”, or Muslim migrants were burning cars left and right).  I can’t blame her or anyone else in France for wanting to at least temporarily halt all immigration so that they may address the problems they have, and deport the troublemakers.

So at least as far as Trump is concerned, that is such bullshit.  He is not anti-immigrant.  He wants immigrants to obey our laws and assimilate.  That is all.

“Is the threat of radical Muslim immigration to the U.S. so great that it warrants Donald Trump’s sledgehammer-to-kill-a-fly travel ban? No.”

Actually, I believe it is.  I would know more than some Canadian, because I at least live and work in the US.

Furthermore, that is a gross mischaracterization of Trump’s executive order.  Has this person actually read the executive order?  The so-called “ban” concerns people either born in or coming from seven specific countries, one of them being Syria.  The list on Trump’s executive order was mostly cribbed from a similar order issued by Obama in 2011, I believe.  Trump merely added Syria to the list.

The order does not cover ALL Muslim majority nations on the Earth, and it was TEMPORARY.  The “ban” would have lasted only 90 days!  So no, it isn’t a sledgehammer in the least – it’s more like a Nerf bat.  Jesus.

Despite those two items, the op-ed is actually pretty good, and intelligent coming from a liberal.  Political correctness, the dogma of the left, is under jeopardy and people like the author want to save it, hence this burst of common sense.  Of course, old habits die hard and they cannot help but indulge in a little bit of hyperbole and lies.