Gosnell, the most prolific serial killer

March 21, 2017 Off By Elaine Arias


Image Source:  The Ampersand


I just finished the Gosnell book by Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer.  I posted a brief review here.  This is especially apt, given that Tomi Lahren, so-called conservative firebrand, is getting a lot of crap for her pro-choice declaration on The View.

As I say in the review, I don’t know how anyone can be pro-abortion after reading the details of the case.  I have also read the grand jury’s report, and I’ve seen the pictures.  I even watched the documentary 3801 Lancaster, of which is currently on Amazon Prime, and can be watched for free if you’re a Prime member.

When I watched that documentary, I was a little irritated at the Planned Parenthood reps, who declared that they were still pro-choice.  Then, after a month or so, I realized that they were incredibly brave to appear in the documentary and express their horror and dismay at the conditions of Gosnell’s clinic.  So yeah, it’s possible to remain pro-choice after studying this case, but I personally cannot.  I never was pro-choice, really.  I hate using that term, to be honest.  I usually label myself anti-abortion, and pro-choicers are pro-abortion in my eyes.

I might do a post on Tomi Lahren, although after finishing the Gosnell book, I just don’t feel like it as much anymore.  It’s such a depressing subject and I’ve already had a really bad day.

Anyhow, one more thing I want to say.  Not only was Gosnell an outright murderer, he was a shockingly incompetent and greedy person.  A great deal of his abortions were totally botched, necessitating the whole neck-snipping thing.  He also clearly got a kick out of snipping the necks of those babies, and keeping their feet as trophies.

And the clinic…look, I’m a crazy cat lady, but even I wouldn’t want to be treated in a clinic overrun with cats.  Precious kitties do not belong in health clinics unless it’s a veterinarian’s office.

Oh, and the government…Gosnell wouldn’t have killed nearly as many babies, nor would his botched procedures have claimed the lives of at least two women if the government had done it’s damn job.  He had unlicensed and completely unqualified people administering medication to the patients, he had no working equipment and was resuing tools that were single-use only.  Some people got venereal diseases after being treated at his clinic.

The defense lawyer’s excuse was, “well, what did you expect?  This was a clinic for poor people!”  So poor people don’t deserve to be treated in a clean clinic with sterilized equipment?  It is possible to run a clean, standards-compliant clinic with qualified, licensed personnel, you know.  That just blew my mind.

Anyway, this post is actually longer than the book review.  Oh well.  It’s a really good book, even if you’ve already read the grand jury report.  This one also covers the trial, and the meeting the authors had with Gosnell.  Good, but harrowing.