Excellent example of media bias

June 14, 2017 Off By Elaine Arias

So some insane Bernie Sanders supporter shot a bunch of Republican Congressmen.  Did the media and Hollywood shit bricks like they did when St. Gabrielle Giffords was shot?

Spoiler alert:  NO.

I had to work (and God Almighty, I hate my job with the fire and fury of a billion hot blue stars) so I followed the story as much as I could, given the circumstances, and I noticed a few things.

First, you had to pay attention when reading the initial reports.  None of them mentioned the political affiliation of any of the shooting victims.  Instead, the primary target, Rep. Steve Scalise, was described as the House Majority Whip.  Well, that’s true – he is the House Majority Whip.  But he’s also a Republican.  Only political nerds like me – or informed people, at least, would realize that he was a Republican given that he’s the House Majority Whip.  Which party currently enjoys a comfortable majority in both houses of Congress?  The Republicans.

Second thing I noticed was that the background and motives of the shooter was not discussed at all.  Turns out that some witnesses claimed that the shooter asked around about the political affiliation of the Congressmen who were playing baseball that morning.

In case you didn’t know – early this morning, a lone asshole shot up a bunch of Republican Congressmen at a baseball field.  Members of Congress often like to play baseball with one another. On occasion, the Dems and the Repubs will face off against one another in a friendly game.

So anyway, the third thing I noted was that the idiot Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, immediately called for more gun control.  This is hardly surprising.  The one thing I do find surprising is how slow St. Gabrielle has been in getting her face out there, calling for all of us to be robbed of our constitutional right to fucking defend ourselves.  But wait, because every idiot actor will be on TV insisting that we all turn our guns in because nobody was ever murdered until guns were invented.

So, fast forward to this afternoon, and it turns out that the shooter was indeed a crazy leftist who wanted to end the Republican party and the Trump presidency.

Now, here’s where we get into the whole media bias thing.  I remember when St. Gabrielle was nearly martyred.  The media literally held Sarah Palin as responsible for the attempted martyring of St. Gabrielle simply because her PAC (political action committee) published a graphic of several congressional districts they felt that should be targeted for a Republican victory – not literal murder.  The media wagged their fingers and wrung their hands in despair over how violent  and angry the Tea Party was.  Oh, and how racist the Tea Party was, and how the shooter was totally some crazed tricorn-hat-wearing Tea Partier hellbent on taking out his racist hatred for St. Obama on some poor innocent Democrat congresswoman, and that Sarah Palin was sending him subliminal commands to kill Democrats on sight via her oh-so-awful PAC graphic.

It was fucking ridiculous.  St. Gabrielle didn’t get to die for the cause, but she was severely injured.  She had to give up her seat and her husband dragged her around, propping her up as a Martyr for Gun Control and poster child victim for Right-Wing Gun Violence.

So yeah, the mainstream media demonized the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, the Republican Party and anyone else that dared to disagree with the gun control lobby and Obama in general as violent monsters who were directly responsible for the attempted assassination of a sitting Congresswoman.  Needless to say, I’m still extremely bitter over that.

Fast forward to today.  The left has been staging violent protests ever since November, 2016.  Hollywood actors have routinely either denigrated Trump and his supporters or have outright called for the assassination of the President and his followers (hello Michael Shannon, you fugly sack of shit – come at me, bro!).  Plenty of Democrat politicians have done the same, one even going so far as to state that the only way they’ll get “change” is if the streets run rivers of red hot Republican blood.

Will the media hold any of these people, including themselves responsible for this hideous climate of hate?

Here’s another spoiler alert:  NO.  Not just no, but FUCK NO.   I mean, sure, they allowed us to wreck the fugly Kathy Griffin’s career over her stupid beheading stunt, but they gotta throw us a bone here and there just to maintain the illusion of fairness.  Kathy Griffin was nothing more than a convenient sacrifice so they can say, “see, we police our own!”  It’s bullshit and nobody with two brain cells to rub together should fall for it.

I apologize for the salty language.  I didn’t want to write profanity-laden screeds on this blog, but I’ve had a really bad day today and this issue makes me so angry.  Thank God some of the people at that baseball field had guns, or else the shooter might have gotten far more people.  Furthermore, he appears to have been a lousy shot, which is good.

So you’re probably wondering who this shitstain actually is.  Well, his name was James T. Hodgkinson, and you can view an archive of his Facebook page here.  As you can see, he’s clearly a leftist.

I’ve included a screenshot below, and I’ve saved the actual archive file, in case it’s ever deleted.

berniebros are psychokillers

If this turns out to not be his, I’ll edit this post.  But it’s probably his, and the guy is dead.  I’m sure another nutcase will step in and pick up where he left off, though, and the media will breathlessly support this person because “hate speech” is violent and people who use it must be brutally murdered, or something, because muh feeeeeelings!!!