MAGA 2020 and Beyond

September 28, 2017 Off By Elaine Arias


So, in an earlier post, I mentioned something about a big announcement.  Well, this is that big announcement.

I have written a story for this anthology, called MAGA:  2020 and Beyond.  Click the title to pre-order the Kindle edition.  Right now, it is $4.99.  The anthology is obviously pro-Trump, and the stories and essays within are essentially about how things can be better now that Trump is President.  The foreword is by Milo Yiannopolous.  I am ridiculously excited about that.

So, my story is called “The Man in the Bubble” and it’s told from the perspective of a spoiled rich Hollywood actor (who, by the way, is European).  It takes place in 2020, where Hollywood has become much more tolerant of Trump supporters and Republicans in general.  The actor has a tough time dealing with it.  I really like the story and I am excited for people to read it.