Who’s got power again?

Who’s got power again?

August 29, 2018 0 By Elaine Arias
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2nd EDIT:  I noticed some broken images and I corrected my spelling of Netania’s name.  Oh, and something I missed – she isn’t a Trump supporter, but doesn’t have the same irrational hatred for him that liberals, including Sebastian Stan himself, have for the Bad Orange Man.

Remember kids, Orange Man Bad!

EDIT:  Turns out that the Instagram post I embedded did not have his comment.  I have updated the post to show the one that does, but there’s 600+ comments as of this edit, and I still don’t have time to find it.

So I have had a huge crush on the actor Sebastian Stan. I was looking him up on Tumblr when I discovered something that I found a little interesting.


Now the comment by itself wouldn’t be so bad, but it was what the Tumblrina said that kind of worried me. I thought to myself, “Oh god, he’s not another one of those psycho nutjob leftist like his buddy and Captain America co-star Chris Evans, is he?”

Well, not quite. But this whole thing kind of stank, given the language of the Tumblrina and all.  Check it out below:


So, his personal assistant, Netania Cortell is, according to his (crazy SJW) fans, a racist and an Islamophobe, based on what she posted to her personal Facebook page.

I found the screenshots of her apparent evilness and while yes, she seemed pretty conservative and is – or was – not apologetic about it, she was not racist or even “Islamphobic” and I’ll get into that in a minute.

But, as you can see, his crazy assed fans brought it to his attention and basically smeared him as a racist too, simply because he didn’t fire her fast enough or didn’t speak out quickly enough. He’s probably still doing press for the digital release of Avengers: Infinity War, depending on when this happened, so of course, he can’t get to it right away.

But here’s one post another Tumblrina made, basically smearing him as a racist simply because A) he associated with a wretched Trump supporter, and B) he’s white, and therefore cannot be trusted.

I am going to paste the entire post, and bold the insane parts (well, all of it is insane, but this is especially insane):

“I have been trying to stan the guy since I joined the Marvel fandom and for a long time, I thought he was, at the very least, a relatively unproblematic guy. I loved Bucky Barnes, I loved the Cap movies, and fuck, I thought Sebastian Stan was super hot. I should have known better to put a white man on any kind of pedestal. I was disappointed originally, but now I’m just angry. Because he knows what’s up now. There is absolutely no way he doesn’t know. And based on the overall silence and attempts to “distract” his fanbase, he doesn’t seem keen on addressing the issue. For all the people telling me that he’s not the one that’s racist, I don’t care. If he’s friends with and choosing to employ someone who is openly Islamophobic, then he is too by association. You have to be in an insane place of privilege to not care about the values of people who work for you when those values are at the expense of entire communities of people. It’s insulting to his fans to keep her around, knowing that his fanbase largely consists of poc with various religious backgrounds, namely Muslim people. For those of you telling me “he can’t just fire her right now/he needs her/he’s busy working”, I’m not really buying it. I’ll give it to you that maybe there are some contractual things that I’m not aware about that may stop him from firing her right away, idk. But don’t tell me she’s invaluable because, quite frankly, she’s not. Also working is not an excuse. Addressing things like this is part of his job. Stop coddling him; he’s a grown man with responsibilities to his fanbase, the people that allow him to continue to work. That being said, I’m still maybe naively giving him the benefit of the doubt and waiting for him to do something. If he ignores it, if he continues to employ her, I no longer feel comfortable running a Sebastian Stan blog.”

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The bit about him being white and not putting white people on a pedestal…that’s just insane.  First of all, why put any of these people on a pedestal?  They’re just human, like the rest of us. How can he even want people like that as his fans? His skin color has nothing to do with anything. He’s not even American for fuck’s sake! He was born in Romania and came to the US when he was twelve! No, he nor his ancestors had anything to do with slavery you morons!

I obviously don’t know him, but I think it’s kind of sad he fired someone he knew and worked with so closely for so long. Thing is, if he wanted to keep his career, he had no choice. Once the mob found her Facebook posts and started posting them around, it was either fire her and denounce her or be blacklisted in Hollywood. Those cunts would have made sure of that.

So, who’s got power again? It certainly isn’t any Trump supporter. Not when you can lose your job over speaking your fucking mind.

I believe this is the post that contained his comment and a buttload of salty fangirl tears. As of this writing, there’s over six hundred comments. I’m not going through all of them. Life is too short, but here it is if you want to take a crack at it.  I believe his response is in there somewhere.


Now, let’s examine the evidence.  I got these screenshots from here (archive).


Okay, all she did here was post on Candace Owens’s official Facebook page.  Innocuous, but according to SJWs, Candace Owens is evil incarnate, even though she’s black.  Interesting how this white woman has so much praise for a black woman.  Doesn’t seem terribly racist to me.  I know real racists.  Or knew one.  One of my family members – step family – was racist.  He wouldn’t even enter my grandfather’s house because there were black people there (my grandfather is black, by the way.  So is my mother).  No real racist would give someone like Candace Owens the time of day, even if they agreed on almost everything.



I think Netania Cortell is Jewish.  This was, at some point, her Facebook cover image (and I took this screenshot myself while sitting in that god-awful traffic jam).  It’s like SJWs think that the only aggressors in the Israel-Palestine conflict are the Israelis.  Therefore, any post that supports Israel in any way is deemed “Islamophobic” according to them.  Never mind the fact that a lot of Muslims are very open about eradicating all Jews from the planet (not all, obviously).  Surprise – people take sides in conflicts!  But as I said, according to these nut jobs, there’s only one correct side, and it’s with the one that uses children and women as shields.  But I guess I’m evil for saying that.


There’s nothing wrong with this!  Why the hell should anyone on drugs get welfare?  Using drugs is a choice you make!  All that will do is enable drug users – they’ll buy shit using tax payer money and then use whatever actual money they have for drugs!  Or worse, if they get cash rather than food stamps, they’ll use tax payer’s money to buy drugs!  How the hell can anyone think that that’s at all responsible?  This meme is absolutely right – law abiding employees are subject to drug tests all the time.  In most states, if not all states, you have to submit to a drug test before a company hires you.  I know every time I’ve been hired I had to do a drug test, and I’ve worked in at least two different states.  Furthermore, the drug testing isn’t unconstitutional at all.  Hell, I’d go so far as to say this social safety net is completely and utterly unconstitutional.

There’s nothing racist about this at all.  To think that this is racist one would have to assume that the only people using welfare are blacks, and that the only people using drugs are blacks.  That’s flat out untrue.  Something like this would affect some random redneck with an opioid problem too, you know, should he or she try to apply for welfare in any of these states.  The people calling this racist are the real racist ones.  Only a racist would see “drugs” and “welfare” and automatically associate that with non-whites.



So, as I said earlier, anything remotely supportive of Israel is automatically Islamophobic.  And if you are an Islamophobe, you are EVIL and should lose your job!  These people think that only Muslims have a “right” to Jerusalem, but the Israelis – Jews – also have a rich history in the region.  Jerusalem is a holy city to Islam, Judaism and Christianity.  The only ones that cannot co-exist with anyone are the Muslims.  And I know that doesn’t apply to all Muslims, as, yes, believe it or not, there are some Muslims living and working in Israel, right alongside the Jews.  Netania and the creator of this meme are not calling for the eradication of Muslims or even the removal of Muslims from Israel or the occupied space.  They’re just challenging the notion that the Jews do not belong there.


I agree with this one too, but then, I would.  Even the pre-967 BC borders (not this BCE garbage…that is so stupid and quite frankly deserves a post of its own) are way too small.  Islam occupies a much, much larger space even when you consider the original borders, and that’s just too much for Palestine and its supporters!  They really think Jews don’t deserve their own country!  This isn’t racist.  It’s not even Islamophobic.  They all assume that the Israelis won’t co-exist with Muslims but that’s just not true.



Another excellent meme that illustrates my previous point.  And, of course, since it is the truth, all the Palestine-loving SJWs got mega salty over this one.  Again, I fail to see how racist this is.  Do they think that this somehow justifies whatever violence they claim Israel commits against the poor widdle Palestinians?  Look, the conflict in the Middle East is complex and has been going on for a long time.  It probably isn’t a good idea to reduce what’s going on to a couple of memes, but as I said, this is hardly racist.  It might be inaccurate, it might be untrue, but it isn’t racist.  It isn’t Islamophobic either.  I mean, how could it be untrue?  Think about it.  Islam is prevalent in all of those areas and much much more.  Israel is a tiny sliver that’s barely visible in this low-quality image.  The point is that Israel isn’t trying to colonize anything.  They just want to hang on to that tiny sliver of land.  THAT’S IT.



This is just funny.  How is this racist again?  This mentions one nation deciding to ban Americans from vacationing in their country.  Is it offensive because there are people in the US who don’t want to take a vacation in Iran?  Who the hell would?  It’s blazing hot there and all women are required to cover themselves with thick black bags.  That doesn’t sound like any fun to me.  I can’t believe he fucking fired her over this.

So, I guess we’re not allowed to say, “no, not interested in vacationing in Iran” because it’s a fundamentalist Muslim country, and that would make one an Islamophobe.  Seriously? Seriously?



Yeah, I’m trying to figure that one out too.  Yesterday I read about yet another public school teaching the tenants of Islam, and yet if a Christian wear a cross necklace to school every atheist in the district loses their fucking minds.  Furthermore, the kids in the bottom of the graphic are not praying or doing anything religious – they’re pledging allegiance to our flag.  Yet even that’s a problem, but Muslims praying on school grounds isn’t.  Talk about a double standard.  So, since liberals and SJWs (but I repeat myself) think that Christianity and patriotism are strictly white things…so they’re not allowed in public schools.  However, they equate Islam with brown people, and since brown people are disenfranchised, marginalized, oppressed and blah blah blah, THAT’S allowed!

Oh, and for the eighty trillionth time, ISLAM IS NOT A RACE!  I don’t even think it’s a religion either – it’s a totalitarian political ideology that masquerades as a religion, and is far more comparable to communism or Nazism than any religion.  You can be white and Muslim, you know.  Furthermore, the first Christians and Jews weren’t even white, so what the hell?

But, if you criticize the “other” you are a hateful bigot.  And, since this criticizes Islam, anyone using this meme is automatically Islamophobic.


Here, she complains about people comparing President Trump to Hitler (and please note that she states that she is not a fan of President Trump).  I am not sure as to which people Netania is referring to, but it seems that she may be referring to people in the Middle East.  Or, she could be referring to the kids and adults found at the US/Mexico border.  So, regardless of who she’s talking about, this screenshot is an example of how horrible and evil she is, simply because she supports Trump and thinks it’s shitty that people constantly compare him to fucking Hitler.  Please read this post called “This Hitler Nonsense” – it’s brilliant and it’s an excellent explanation as to why this comparison is stupid.



She’s right about this too!  Trump wasn’t even in office when Madonna had these thoughts about blowing up the White House!  Think about it…the Women’s March that year happened shortly after Trump’s inauguration, which is where Madonna made this claim.  If she had actually done it – even though the likelihood of Vadge bombing anything but another crappy derivative album is slim – she would have bombed Obama and his Cabinet!  The White House is the People’s House.  It transcends whoever currently occupies it.  If she had wanted to bomb Mar-A-Lago, that would have made sense.  After all, it’s one of Trump’s properties.  But she wanted to bomb the White House, which is despicable.  I hated Obama with a passion, but I would have never entertained any thoughts of destroying a landmark that predates all of us.  What the hell?  And this post – her expressing a PROBLEM with wanting to bomb the fucking White House makes her a fucking bigot?  This post is clearly problematic because she dared to support Trump.  Plain and simple.



Good question.  One of the left’s favorite talking points is the notion that Muslims suffer the most from terrorism.  I guess it’s kind of true.  After all, there’s a lot of conflict between different Muslim sects.  So, with that in mind, there doesn’t seem to be anything remotely racist about Natania’s comment.  Once could say that violence between different Muslim sects is Muslim on Muslim hate crime.  I mean, these Tumblrinas aren’t seriously going to say that conflict between and among Muslims doesn’t happen, are they?

But, make any sort of criticism of Islam and its believers, and you’re an evil Islamophobe who should be homeless!



This was posted by Milo Yiannopoulos, and since they freaked out over her liking him, this is proof that she’s evil.  Their hateful campaign against her, of which cost her her job, basically makes the meme’s point.  This is what they’re doing to us, mostly figuratively but in some cases, literally.  It’s the truth and they can’t stand it, so they attack the messengers instead.



Here she confirms that she’s Jewish, and it’s just a post about how someone isn’t a feminist.  It’s from a blog owned by an Israeli soldier or mother or any other combination thereof.  And, apparently, this is a problem because anyone who doesn’t declare themselves a feminist is either a self-hating whore who lives for male attention, or is an evil patriarchal male chauvinist that hates women.

If you’ve gotten this far, thanks for sticking with me.  For some reason this post sent my MacBook’s processor into overdrive.  Sigh.  This thing is five years old now.  Anyway.

I don’t think any of these posts are offensive in the least.  She’s not calling for the death or even persecution of Muslims as a whole.  She just questions and mocks all the lefty talking points by posting memes.  She reposted a meme from Milo Yiannopoulos.  She posted a positive message on Candace Owens’s Facebook page.  That’s it.  Hell, most of the memes she posted didn’t even mention Muslims directly.

The left’s intolerance is terrifying.  None of this stuff should have gotten her fired.  He shouldn’t have fired her, and it’s really pathetic that he did.  I’m on the fence as to whether or not I want to be a fan, because I read through some of the comments on the Instagram post above, and on Tumblr and Twitter.  People were accusing him of being racist for simply being associated with her.  I’ve seen him post pictures of her and him in his Instagram stories.  They seemed like friends, not just employer and employee.  To end a friendship over this is despicable.  His fans also come across as completely despicable – at least the ones calling him fucking racist and Islamophobic  and privileged before he had the chance to even fucking respond to what happened.

And to be fair, I don’t even know if these posts were what triggered his demented fangirls or if it was something else entirely.  This is all I could find.

Fandom sucks.  I am not really a member of any “fandom” because there’s crazies in all of them, and they’re usually the loudest, and they’re all SJWs.  They’re all totalitarian monsters that will stalk you and ruin your life over petty shit.  That’s what this is – complete and utter pettiness.  His demented fangirls couldn’t stand the idea of their imaginary boyfriend being friends with a Trump supporter.  Oh noes!  How EVIL!

And he caved because, well, the man’s gotta eat.  Sad and pathetic and completely uncool, but that’s the world an actor lives in these days.  Even the smallest and most innocuous thing can completely destroy your career.  That’s why I don’t want a career in Hollywood.  You have to betray your friends just to put food on your table.  That’s no way to live.