A Peek Into Media Bias

A Peek Into Media Bias

September 26, 2018 0 By Elaine Arias

NPR has released a hit piece on Alt-Hero, Vox Day’s comic book series.  A bit of brief history:  ever since the success of the Marvel-based superhero movies (collectively known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe), comic books have had a bit of a renaissance.  Unfortunately, just as comic books have received this surge of attention, they’ve all been severely converged by social justice warriors.  This has been a problem for a few years now, and disgruntled comic book fans on both sides of the aisle (but mostly on the right) have been clamoring for comics that have not been infested with leftist propaganda.

So, like any intelligent businessman, Vox Day saw an opportunity.  After all, he wrote not one, but two books on dealing with SJWs, and I am sure nothing would please him more than beating them at their own game:  hence, Alt-Hero.  For a crowd-funded indie comic series, it’s doing pretty well.  Of course, it’s no DC or Marvel, but few really are.

Now the leftists are screeching and howling with rage over the fact that right-wingers, including alt-right people, are not only walking away from their bullshit, but are actively competing with them.  And that simply cannot do, so they called in their goons from the Ministry of Propaganda – in this case, the snooty public access talk radio division – to fight back.  And they do, in the most predictable fashion.

You can listen to the segment here, but I just recommend skimming the transcript, of which you’ll find at the bottom of the page.  It’s cancerous cringe, it really is.  I am not going to fisk the entire transcript, but I am going to comment on a few bits I found interesting.

First of all, it’s called “Never Meet Your (Super) Heroes.”  The host, Al Letson, is a whiny SJW douchebag.  Barf.  There’s no way I could listen to this nonsense.  I cannot imagine how whiny and soy-ish his voice must sound.

“The Alt in Alt-hero of course is a reference to the alt-right, the white nationalist movement.”

Here, Soy Boy Letson claims that the alt-right is white nationalist.  At least he didn’t tar them as white supremacist, but not everyone in the alt-right is white nationalist.  This is used to demonize the alt-right, and we’re only what, ten minutes into this stupid segment?

Then the soy boy has this to say about a promotional video for Alt-Hero:

“So this was a promotional video for Alt-Hero. There’s some comic book art of a little white girl cowering in an alley. A large brown-skinned man with a mustache menaces her. Then a white vigilante appears out of nowhere and knocks the brown-skinned guy out and drops him off at Immigration. Yeah.”

What, are you going to act as if this doesn’t happen?  Crime committed by illegals is a huge problem all across the US, particularly in the South, where we share a border with Mexico.  People like you are part of the problem because you act as if only like, two or three illegals are truly bad people, and that the rest are just innocent little lambs wanting to work and send money back to Mexico.  Well, unfortunately for you, that isn’t the case.

This example is used to indicate that the alt-right is hopelessly racist, just as Trump’s “they’re not sending their best…they’re rapists, they’re criminals” remark when he announced his candidacy for the Presidency (and yes, that is paraphrased, not an exact quote).  What they conveniently leave off is that the President also said that he assumed that some were good people.

Then soy boy has this to say about Vox Day:

“The so-called alt-right is moving into comics. On today’s show, we’re going to look at that movement and how comic books, toxic fans, and social media have become a part of the culture war and one of the soldiers in that war-…is a man who has a name like a super villain, Vox Day. Vox Day is the creator of Alt-hero.”

I agree that Vox Day’s handle is ridiculous and rather egotistical.  He, of course, claims that he is not claiming to be the voice of god (vox dei – “Voice of God”) but I don’t believe that.  His real name is Theodore Beale, and, according to the bimbo reporterette Amanda Robb, he’s from Minnesota.  Okay.  Oh, Amanda Robb is the one who interviewed Vox Day, and she did so for a report on the alt-right and comics, of which will be published in Rolling Stone.  Another hit job.  Yay. *eyeroll*

Of course, leftists would see anything even remotely related to Christianity as something evil.

Amanda Robb explains the evil Vox Day:

“He runs an independent publishing house that puts out books by other extreme conservatives. He’s a prolific blogger. He wrote an influential manifesto on the alt-right. By his early 30s, he was calling himself Vox Day which means the voice of God, roughly, but sometimes he also calls himself the Supreme Dark Lord.”

And then Soy Boy Al Letson follows up with:

“So he calls himself the Supreme Dark Lord and then he wonders why people make him out to be evil?”

Soy Boy is an idiot and he clearly didn’t do his homework.  Vox calls himself that to mock the people that keep calling him evil.  If people stopped calling him evil, he’d probably stop the stupid Supreme Dark Lord schtick.  Oh, and I just love how Bimbo Amanda claims that Castalia House publishes books by “extreme” conservatives.  Notice how every time a prominent conservative is ever mentioned, they’re called “extreme”?  Any conservative that actually stands up for themselves is “extreme.”  Fucking ridiculous, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from these propaganda meat puppets.

I mean, you could say the same thing about rappers and the dreaded n-word.


I fucking hate that I have to censor that word.  Utter ridiculousness.  Anyhow, if there are any leftist idiots polluting my blog with their wretched presence, I’m sure they’re wondering, “like, what does that have to do with anything, lol?” Well, everyone on the left justifies the use of that word by rappers because they’re “reclaiming” it from their oppressors.  With Vox Day, it’s pretty much the same thing.  He’s embracing what they’ve already branded him, as a way to mock them.  Duh.  It’s not that hard, people.

So the soy boy and the bimbo talk about the infamous Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville – acting as if that represented mainstream conservatives – and connect that to an Alt-Hero character named Rebel:

“And Confederate flags seem to be a thing for Vox Day. I’m on his crowdfunding page and there’s a superhero named Rebel. She’s a curvy redhead squeezed into a skimpy costume that’s got the design of a Confederate flag. She also waves one around.”

They’re a ‘thing’ for Vox Day and other conservatives because you people keep acting stupid over them.  When I was a teenager, I thought Confederate flags were evil too.  Then a Southerner explained to me (online) that it didn’t have anything to do with hating black people or wanting slavery back…it was simply about Southern pride.  I was like, “oh” and I stopped acting stupid about them.

Now, I understand my grandfather hating Confederate flags.  He was born in Virginia, and grew up in the segregated South.  These are actual memories for him.  Even he doesn’t act as stupid as these kids do whenever he sees that flag.  He just gets angry and moves on with his life.  I get irritated when some fucking millennial goes ape-shit over the flag.  I’m like, “bitch, please.  You’re fucking fifteen.  Go home and do your chores.”  Grown adults act stupid over that flag too.  Look at this freak show from Oregon (god, I love Portland but that city is full of crazies, and my parents still live there):

Just a little bit of fun to break up this misery. I just love that. It is so insane.  I also love how this woman is a white as snow, and that she’s probably never even been to the South.


Soy Boy Letson then has this to say about InfoWars:

“This is from a May 2018 interview with Vox Day on Infowars. That’s the far-right website and radio show that’s so extreme Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube banned it. In this interview, Vox Day is talking to Infowars host Alex Jones.”

Really?  InfoWars was never that extreme.  This all stems from the Sandy Hook conspiracy theory Alex Jones was dumb enough to mention on the show.  Apparently, leftists don’t like it when you challenge their propaganda in any way shape or form.  They accused him of claiming that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax and that mentioning the conspiracy theory on his show was tantamount to defaming the Sandy Hook families and all this shit, and a lot of right-wingers basically agreed with the mainstream media, which is why we had a lot of right-wing bloggers acting fucking stupid, bending over backwards to call Alex Jones a lying fat sack of shit that they hate to defend but had to anyway because muh free speech.  Ugh, I could write another thousand words or so on that, but I won’t.

But yes, the propaganda pushers are still heavily invested in tarring InfoWars, in case you thought they were going to ease up.  They aren’t.

They then play a clip from an interview Vox Day did for InfoWars, and Soy Boy Letson is super butt hurt about how SJW, or social justice warrior has become a pejorative:

“When Vox Day says SJW, that’s short for social justice warriors which sounds good, right? Because fighting for justice is a good thing. But apparently it’s not. It’s a diss that’s become a buzzword for the alt-right.”

And, as Vox Day says, it’s a damn effective one.  Look at how butthurt you are about it.  The wonderful thing about using SJW as a pejorative is that these leftist assholes think they’re warriors, that they’re badass and such…but they couldn’t live under the standards they impose upon us.  They couldn’t withstand the scrutiny and the harassment they subject to us.  They’re not real warriors.  They’re warriors in the sense that keyboard warriors are warriors, which is to say, not at all.  They’re just bloviating assholes hiding behind something – whether it be their crew or the keyboard – and they wilt under real pressure.

Leftist hate being called that now because they know damn well that they are unworthy of being called warriors.

“Vox Day is trying to make the argument that social justice warriors are on a mission to ruin comics with a leftist, feminist diversity agenda. The marketing of Alt-Hero is all about stoking those fears. Remember, this is the first comic Vox Day has ever written.”

BECAUSE THEY FUCKING ARE!!!!  Let’s take a look at what Marvel’s done to their classic comic book characters in the past decade or so:

White as bread Peter Parker, aka Spiderman, becomes Miles Morales, some Hispanic dude.  Widely considered the only decent diversity change.

Nordic god Thor becomes a woman, and an obnoxious feminazi at that.

Freaking Iron Man’s suit is commandeered by a black teenage girl.  She now has her own costume and name.

Captain Marvel was originally a dude.  Another character, Ms. Marvel is created.  Well, Carol Danvers, Ms. Marvel’s alter ego, was promoted to Captain and became the new Captain Marvel.  Then they chopped her hair off and made her an unlikable, grumpy, grouchy feminazi.  Meanwhile, the new Ms. Marvel is a Muslim and the only character whose religion is treated with any respect.  Because of course.

A character named Mockingbird’s run is ended with an obnoxious cover in which the character wears a t-shirt that says, “Ask me about my feminist agenda.”  Because that’s not propaganda at all, you guys.  Oh, and you’ll hear from the idiot feminazi that drew that image.  She’s doubling down on her idiocy.

That’s not counting the bitchy one liners, insulting story lines, repeated use of Trump as a villain, changing Hydra into the alt-right, the obese GI Joe character or the repeated revamping of Squirrel Girl.  I haven’t even gotten into DC’s nonsense.

None of this is good because it’s all empty, hollow, self-righteous propaganda.  Besides, don’t these victim groups deserve their own characters?  Oh, but soy boy actually answers that question!  I’ll get to it, don’t worry.

So anyway, we get to the part where Amanda Robb actually interviews Vox Day.  Their initial exchange goes like this:

Vox Day:  Vox’s first law, any sufficiently advanced intelligence is indistinguishable from insanity.

Amanda Robb:  What’s that a play on?

Vox Day:  Arthur C. Clarke’s first law of science and magic.

Amanda Robb:  Which is?

Vox Day:  Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Amanda Robb:  Okay. What does it mean?

If he explained it to her, it didn’t make it into the show.  The transcript then shows her saying this:

“He was the hardest interview I’ve ever done and the worst interview I’ve ever done. It was Austrian philosophers and war theory and genetic information and it was all tangled and knotted.”

Okay, if I were nice, I’d say that she was trying to get him to define what he meant for the audience’s sake.  Or to defend his saying.  But I think she’s just an idiot who does not understand.  He is, basically, saying that the left is just too stupid to understand his brilliance.  That’s what I get out of it, anyway.

If we were to encounter a civilization that’s thousands of years ahead of us in technology, a lot of what they do would look like flat out magic to us. Even now, with our society sucking the cock of science and all.  Yes, I went there. Why would we think of it as magic?  Simply because we don’t understand it.  They had an opportunity to totally trash Christianity, especially given that Vox is a Christian, but they did not.  Instead, Amanda was all, “like, he kept talking about stuff and it was all, like complicated!”

One of Vox’s commenters said that she was not tall enough for this ride.  I have to agree with that commenter.  She’s clearly not that bright.

Then Vox and Amanda have an exchange about women having the right to vote.  Of course this would come up, because they can use this to demonize him as sexist in addition to all the other shit they say about him.  He, of course, think that women shouldn’t have the right to vote.  I look at all those cunts in their pussy hats and sometimes I think women don’t deserve the right to vote.  Then again, Trump did win the majority of the white women vote, and I do rather like being able to vote so…yeah.  Then again, Catholic warrior Ann Barnhardt says she’ll willingly give up her right to vote just so all the feminazis can’t vote, and she’s a woman.  I don’t get upset about people saying these things because they’re in the minority.  I highly doubt our right to vote will be taken away.

Soy Boy and the Bimbo also speculate as to where the money for Vox’s crowdfunded comics came from.  They think that because the identities of the really big donors was kept private that there’s some sort of fraud or hanky panky going on.  They want to downplay the popularity of the Alt-Hero comics, so that’s why they claim “FRAUD!”  Reality is, the donors had to remain anonymous.  Remember what happened to Brenden Eich?  He was forced out as CEO of Mozilla all over a donation he made to a pro Prop 8 group.  Of course these big donors are going to remain anonymous.  I am sure they don’t want to get death threats from unhinged leftists, after all.

Amanda Robb then goes on to basically accuse Vox Day of faking his, Amazon ranking for the Alt-Hero comics through astroturfing.  This is right after they dismiss the Amazon ranking as being basically irrelevant because it’s a “micro category” so, according to Bimbo and Soy Boy, he astroturfed for no good reason because it’s not like it matters to the leftists, who, according to them, are the only ones that matter.

Of course, they first, dismiss Vox’s success as being irrelevant, and then they trash that success as being fraudulent.

Then Soy Boy Letson has this to say:

“So what is real success? The ideas being fought over in the streets of Charlottesville are now being fought in the pages of comic books because what better way to normalize their ideas than something as innocent as a comic book?”

After all, what better way to normalize homosexuality than something as innocent as a TV show, or a movie, or a YA novel?  So it’s okay for you to ‘normalize’ (read:  propagandize) your pet issues but it isn’t okay for us to do the same?  The only reason why homosexuality is widely accepted is due to the propaganda campaign waged by gay activists and their allies over the past thirty years.  This campaign was waged in TV shows, movies, books, music, etc.  You people only accept gays because Will & Grace told you to.  You’re the masters of ‘normalizing’ ideas via innocent mediums, so don’t even go there, assholes.

That one, above, is what inspired me to do this whole piece, by the way.

Bimbo then whines the following:

“He says he just felt there was a crying need for this, that the superhero universe had become diverse for diversity’s sake, they weren’t heroic anymore.”

This is in response to Vox claiming that he got into comics because there was a need to, basically, challenge the left, and that there was a demand for comics for right-wingers.

Vox was right, though.  Comics are now merely diverse, but they’re poorly written and the art is crappy.  It isn’t good anymore.  You can have ‘diverse’ characters and have a quality, well-written, well-drawn comic book, but then you’d have to have a dreaded meritocracy where only good artists and writers are employed…and we can’t have that, because most of those good writers and artists might be straight white men.

Vox then says this:

“It’s more because of what was happening with Marvel. They were starting to introduce their heavily SJW characters, their female Thor, their fat Samoan GI Joe soldier, all these ridiculous characters that nobody liked.”

Once again, true.  These characters are nothing more than avatars for Democrat talking points.  There’s no depth to them.  They have no personality beyond being snarky whenever some SJW bug-a-boo happens to be lurking about.  They aren’t good looking.  Come on, nobody but deranged SJWs like looking at ugly things.

Everybody loved the recent Wonder Woman movie.  Why?  Because Diana Prince was awesome.  She was kind, compassionate, funny, and yet tough and bad-ass at the same time.  She was a well-rounded character that was fascinating to watch.

Okay, so we finally get to the subject of the title.  Chuck Dixon, famed comic book artist who fell out with both Marvel and DC and eventually ended up working with Vox Day.  Soy Boy Al Letson meets with Chuck Dixon and basically goes, “like, how could you?”  How could one be anything but a rabid Democrat?????

Chuck Dixon tells Soy Boy that what he’s written didn’t always match his personal politics.  Wow, who would have thought?  Chuck Dixon basically did what he was expected to, didn’t inject his personal politics into anything and did a good job of it.  Sounds really tolerant to me, and yet, of course, that is not good enough for these people. Chuck Dixon explains what he’s done while writing for DC:

“I’ve written impassioned anti-gun speeches for Batman. I mean I’ve laid out in reasonable, passionate terms why Batman doesn’t like guns and why they’re bad. I don’t believe anything of what I put in his mouth, but I wrote…I don’t believe anything of what I put in his mouth but I wrote it.”

According to Soy Boy, Dixon claims to be a “Genghis Khan far right conservative.”  Oh, and Dixon is a gun rights supporter.  Sounds pretty good to me, but probably traumatizing to those who have had way too much soy in their diet.  Chuck Dixon stopped working for Marvel in 2002.  Around that time, the convergence cancer started to show up in the form of an old character called Rawhide Kid.  He was brought back, and this is how, according to Dixon:

“The Rawhide Kid. They brought the Rawhide Kid back as gay. I said a few things online, like, “Why don’t you create a new character who is gay?” They wrote Rawhide Kid as a sissy and that was the joke of the series. I’m like, “How is this a pro-gay comic book? How are you presenting this guy as a gay hero in any kind of serious attempt at what you think you’re trying to do?””

Yeah, why do that?  Granted, I am guessing that the Rawhide Kid was an obscure-ish character.  I have never heard of him until reading this cancerous transcript.  Revamping a little known character isn’t that bad, but Marvel has obviously gone to town with the whole “diversifying characters” thing.  Or, more like overboard.  Plus, Dixon makes an excellent point.  If Rawhide Kid was written to be a sissy, how the hell could that be a positive portrayal of gays?  Aren’t the gay activists constantly whining about how eeeeevil it is for homophobes to make fun of lisping, prancing nancy boys with limp wrists?  Isn’t that a negative stereotype?

So the Soy Boy responds with the following:

“If you’re a gay kid and you like comic books and you’ve never seen yourself represented in comics, I don’t know. I just feel like shouldn’t they be able to come into a comic shop and see themselves?”

Chuck Dixon then wonders why they don’t create a new character instead of revamping an existing character.  And we finally reach the crux of the issue with Soy Boy’s response:

“Right, but creating … You and I both know how hard it is to launch a new character.”

SO?  So the fuck what?  See, this is what it all boils down to.  They’re lazy.  They don’t want to do the work.  They don’t want to take the risks.  They don’t want to try to attract an original audience.  They want to take something that already exists and turn it into something to their liking.  Pissing off fans of the original characters is a bonus.  No, scratch that.  It’s by design because it’ll generate guaranteed press, and it’ll signal heaps of virtue to their allies.  Leftists will buy it just to spite the original fans and then they’ll either end up in the recycling bin or sit in a box in mommy’s attic or something.

Chuck had an interesting response to this:

“See, that’s the problem. That’s where the agenda, putting the agenda … I’m not saying you have an agenda. There’s nothing wrong with you wanting to see a character that you can relate to more closely, but, when you put the agenda before the story, that’s where the problem lies because then you come up with uninteresting characters for the sake of diversity.”

I don’t really understand the left’s obsession with ‘representation.’  If you want to see yourself, look in the mirror.  Not everything revolves around you.  Why do you have to see your mirror image in EVERYTHING?

I say that they DO have an agenda!  It is so obvious, and that’s why all these leftist diversity comics are such garbage.  There’s no story.  There’s no plot, there’s no real conflict, there’s no character development or depth.  There’s just Democrat talking points.

So then Soy Boy asks Dixon why he wanted to work with Vox Day in the first place.  Dixon brings up a good point about being able to write what he wanted as opposed to what his bosses wanted.  And, of course, to writing something that wasn’t political.  It’s no surprise that Chuck Dixon doesn’t agree with everything Vox says.  I don’t either.  That doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the things I do agree with, and it doesn’t mean you can’t work with him.  Vox, for all his faults (and he’s got loads of them) has done a lot of good work for our side.  That’s one reason why I’m so pissed off that Ethan Van Sciver and his buddies shat all over Alt-Hero.  We need to stop fucking shooting at each other, but that’s another post.  Vox didn’t ask Chuck to write anything political, but Soy Boy whines:

“So he’s not asking you to write anything political, but you understand how just working with him is political?”

Remember that post I did about Taylor Swift and her refusal to get (too) political?  This is what I’m talking about.  It doesn’t matter what Chuck says.  The mere act of treating Vox like a human being and working with him is political!  This is why these cunts are constantly trying to get us fired.  You are guilty by association.

Then Soy Boy says this:

“I understand that it’s an opportunity to write and to do all of this other stuff, but what it means for me is that you are lending him your credibility.”

Chuck argues that he doesn’t think he lends a whole lot of credibility to anything.  Here’s another point:  Taylor and other celebrities must lend credibility to that they deem deserves it.  Like Antifa or something.  But you cannot ‘normalize’ or ‘humanize’ conservatives, alt-right people or anyone else the left deems ‘problematic.’  That’s what Soy Boy means when he says Chuck Dixon lends Vox his ‘credibility’ by working with him.

God forbid you work with someone who’s different from you.  God forbid you associate with someone who’s different from you.  They constantly accuse us of hating people that are ‘different’ from us, yet they are completely incapable of working with people that are different than they are, unless we’re talking about superficially different, like, oh, she’s Hispanic and he’s Asian, so I’ll work with them – but if they’re registered Republicans then fuck them!

I am going to include Soy Boy’s comments, excluding Chuck Dixon’s comments because they’re really short.  But Soy Boy makes his case:

“And to other people who may not know what Vox Day is about, who may be just on the outside of all of this, they see a comic book in the store and it’s got Chuck Dixon’s name on it and they pick it up.

Then, they see, “Oh, this is that universe,” and then they pick up Vox Day’s stuff. You are giving him credibility.

Can you understand how you writing for them feels like to the people that grew up reading your books who are Black, who are Jewish, who … You know.”

This is just so ridiculous.  Chuck Dixon is not a bigot.  The vast majority of the people Vox works with are not bigots.  Now, as for Vox himself…he comes across as a bigot based on the things he’s said (especially about black people).  People who work with him say that he’s always professional and that he’s never hateful, etc.  Jon Del Arroz, for example, is Hispanic like me.  Vox probably thinks that the both of us would ‘have to go back’ (wherever the fuck that is) because we’re not English.  No, seriously.  But Jon works with him anyway.  As long as Vox isn’t parading around in a white sheet and running after me with a noose, I don’t care what he says or what he thinks of me.  He’s done a LOT of good work for us.  Nobody else would have touched Moira Greyland’s memoir The Last Closet. But he did.  Conservatives whine and cry about how the left basically controls the culture, yet they never do anything about it.  He does.  He’s gotten into comics.  He’s already been into sci-fi and fantasy novels.  He even forked Wikipedia and started his own online encyclopedia called Infogalactic.  I respect him because he’s honest and professional.

I’m used to enjoying the works of people who hate me and my kind.  It’s part and parcel of being a right-winger.  I can separate the art and the artist.  Not all the time (fuck Michael Shannon – I will never see anything that asshole is in because he literally wants all Trump supporters to die.  That’s where I draw the line).  But a lot of the time.

Chuck Dixon doesn’t hate any of those people.  Working with Vox Day doesn’t mean he endorses those views. It just means that they have something in common, and that they’re working together because of that.  Tom Cruise is against vaccinations.  Do you think that every single actor he’s ever appeared with endorses his anti-vaccinations view?  No, but they work with him anyway because, presumably, he’s more than his opinions, and he’s professional and good at what he does.  Of course, some whiner will whine about how hating precious minorities is different than hating vaccines.  I disagree.  Sorry to burst your bubble, but I disagree.  Both are shitty opinions based on bullshit.

The next segment is with Chelsea Cain, the feminazi that ruined the Mockingbird character.  I am not going to bother with her segment, simply because this thing is too long already.  Plus, you’ve heard it all before.  Feminazi ruins something, get’s negative feedback, starts crying victim and then doubles down.

I am sure Chuck Dixon also got a lot of shit for coming out as a conservative, and for working with Vox Day, and yet Soy Boy Letson doesn’t characterize him as a victim of an online hate mob.  Oh, but Chelsea Cain writes a shitty Mockingbird series, ruins the character’s final issue by injecting her personal politics into it, and he just basically sucks her clit and says that she’s such a brave victim and all.  BARF.  The tone he takes with her is vastly different than the tone he takes with Chuck Dixon.  This scrunt Chelsea isn’t fit to handle Chuck’s toenail clippings, but she’s presented as a brave hero.

The final segment is about ComicsGate in general, and how only one side is evil – the conservatives.  Never mind the fact that people like Jeremy Hambly get ATTACKED at GenCon – oh no, let’s feel sorry for all the leftist that are hellbent on ruining existing comic book characters.  Look, nobody likes propaganda!  Nobody likes sermons either.  Sermons are for church.  Comic books are not the place to have one-sided sermons.  Good art can have a political or philosophical message, but the story, characters and plot have to be GOOD.  Otherwise, it’s just bullshit propaganda.

The Vice President of Content and Character Development at Marvel is some Muslim woman named Sana Amanat.  After Soy Boy Letson worships at her feet, she says this about the Muslim Ms. Marvel and such:

“They can be as upset as they want, but we’re not trying to take away anything from them.”

Yes you fucking are!  Create your own characters!  But you don’t want to, because that would take work and it might not be successful.  I also don’t believe that the Muslim Ms. Marvel was all that successful.  Ugh.

I don’t think Stan Lee actually gave Soy Boy an interview, but based on his comments in this segment, he’s a complete cuck.  Oh, you don’t have room for bigotry and intolerance?  Then why are you okay with so many people in the industry shitting on their customers? If you’re really for EVERYONE then you and your industry peers should be able to take criticism in stride.  Instead you act like you just got gang raped by a bunch of Klansmen every time someone complains about how you ruined an established character.

Sana sucks ass at her job, clearly.  All the characters of these comics are now just avatars for Democrat talking points.  I keep saying that, but it bears repeating.  Some people (leftists) are just too stupid to grasp it the first time.

Soy Boy Al Letson finishes with a monologue about how horrible and toxic this world is, and so on, and has the utter nerve to say this:

“That’s one thing, but when you attack a person because of who they are; you’re no fan, you’re a troll. No one should be scared for doing their job. The companies that publish the books, the platforms that promote them, and the fans who love them have to learn to wield the power they hold the same way as the heroes in their favorite books.”

O RLY?  You spent an entire segment of this shitty show attacking Vox Day and Chuck Dixon for who they are!  You’re a troll too, and you’re WORSE because you’re in a position of power!  Maybe you should address this to your Antifa buddies before lecturing us, asshole!

Okay, I’m done.  This thing is over 5,000 words.  Damn.  I’ve got to stop or else I might get real cancer.