Day: September 28, 2018

Kathleen Sengstock should be fired.

Ugh, before I say anything else, YES, I am aware that Sen. Jeff Flake basically instigated an FBI investigation into this retarded and completely false allegation.  Pisses me off, but what can you do? Well, the autists at 8chan have found out who doxxed the senators from yesterday’s hearings.  Behold: And a couple of screenshots…

By Elaine Arias September 28, 2018 0

This Ridiculous Circus

So, unless you’re living in the wilderness and just got back to civilization, I am sure you know all about the ridiculous mess the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation process has been. I didn’t want to write anything about it because I am kind of sick of it, really.  That being said, his first accuser,…

By Elaine Arias September 28, 2018 0