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    Gab resurrected?

    UPDATE:  They’ve got a new host, but now their domain provider, GoDaddy, has decided to tell them to go fuck themselves. (And this is very stressful for me because this very host and domain are from GoDaddy…dammit). One step forward,…

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    Gab is dead

    So the Florida “bomber” (I put that in quotes because the things he mailed were nothing more than props – none of them were actual bombs) had an account on Gab.  Therefore, Gab’s hosting company has decided to terminate their account…

  • Pop Culture Crap

    Taylor bends the knee

    Or, in other words, says FUCK YOU to half of her fans. https://www.instagram.com/p/BopoXpYnCes/ So, as you can see here, she basically uses every single bullshit leftist talking point: Characterizes Rep. Blackburn and all Republicans as people that believe gays aren’t…

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    Let the tears flow

    So he’s been confirmed and sworn in. I’m gonna go salt mining now. Okay, so, predictably, the left lost their mind over the Kavanaugh confirmation (which was 50 to 48…very close and down party lines).  Asshole Hollywood actors have also…

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    Yes, I know

    I’m typing this on my phone, but yes, I know that some guy was charged with doxxing the Republican senators. Will update this post later.