Let the tears flow

So he’s been confirmed and sworn in. I’m gonna go salt mining now.

Okay, so, predictably, the left lost their mind over the Kavanaugh confirmation (which was 50 to 48…very close and down party lines).  Asshole Hollywood actors have also gotten into it, acting like damn fools.  I am going to post a couple of tweets and so on.

Seth MacFarlane on Twitter

Even if Brett Kavanaugh is innocent – which I do not believe – ALL he had to do to bolster the appearance of judicial fitness was to keep his cool for just a few hours. Only a few hours of even-tempered composure. That’s it. He couldn’t.

Well, I believe that he is innocent.  He had every right to be as upset as he was.  Don’t act like Democrats don’t get angry in public (remember Anthony Weiner?  Before his sexting grossness, he was famous for losing his shit on the House floor).  He looked pretty even-tempered to me.  I mean, he wasn’t screeching and losing his mind like all those leftists protesting him.

Sarah Silverman on Twitter

I miss you, Momma https://t.co/73XjvdsC1f

Then pay for your own shit, bitch.

Cher on Twitter


Cher is completely insane.  Her Twitter feed has been a cancerous tumor on humanity for a very long time.  Someone needs to take her fucking computer away from her until she can learn to type and spell properly.  She could at least do that.

Piper Perabo on Twitter

My rage will not extinguish my hope, it will only organize it. #BelieveWomen #BelieveSurviviors

So, basically, we’re supposed to believe women no matter what.  They didn’t believe Juanita Brodderick, or Kathleen Willey, or Paula Jones, or that girl Keith Ellison beat up (even though there was photographic evidence of his abuse).  This pisses me off more than anything, this notion that we have to believe women no matter what.  First of all, yes, women do lie about being raped.  It’s happened plenty of times.  Secondly, they only say this whenever a Republican is accused.  They weren’t saying this shit about Keith Ellison (then again, they probably don’t know about Keith Ellison’s abuse because the mainstream media has been silent about it).

You can read more at Breitbart, which is where I got the above cancer.

Hollywood Unhinged After Brett Kavanuagh Confirmation: ‘F*ck Kavanaugh F*ck Trump’ ‘Electoral Rampage Is Underway’

“Another gross day in the history of our country, but the midterms are coming. We are stronger than this bullshit. We can fight and fight and we may not see the results right away, but we will see them. Our daughters will see them. Don’t give up.

Seriously, I think I need chemotherapy now, given all this cancer.

Okay, so here’s Juanita Brodderick bringing the spice by making a really good point:

Juanita Broaddrick on Twitter

Absolutely. Will you @ValerieJarrett sign my petition to have Bill Clinton investigated for sex crimes against not one but MANY. Then we will know you SUPPORT ALL SURVIVORS. https://t.co/DNc2R6PsqN

This whole “believe survivors” bullshit is obviously very partisan.  One of the left’s favorite tactics is to destroy their right-wing opponents by making sexual assault/sexual harassment accusations against them.  This time it didn’t quite work out for them, which is why they’re losing their shit over this.

Ben Shapiro on Twitter

This attempt to conflate support for due process with opposition to women is so disingenuous and transparent https://t.co/IsNHqPO4DB

Ben Shapiro is kind of a cuck, but he is so right about this.  I know reporting a sex crime is really hard.  These crimes are also hard to prove, and they’re embarrassing and recounting what happened is also quite traumatic.  That being said, it is also important that we respect the rule of law, and in doing that we need to support due process.  We all have the right to a fair trial.  Even rapists.  Rape and sexual assault are serious crimes, and it isn’t right to make false accusations.  It isn’t right to prosecute someone without any evidence.  If we do that, we minimize the seriousness of the crime.

I’ve said this to myself over and over again…feminists like being able to make false rape accusations, because it gives them power over men.  An easy way to ruin a man’s life is to level a false accusation against him, and they get bonus points for being a victim, since feminists are obsessed with victimhood.  (Source for above tweets)

RED WAVE: Lefties freak OUT over the possibility that this sentiment is widely held among GOP voters

The Democrats who think there will be no backlash at the polls in response to how they treated Brett Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court confirmation process should consider this sentiment from a conservative who was not a Trump supporter. From a conservative who has been disgusted by the Trumpified GOP: “I didn’t think I could drag myself to the polls.

Once again, leftist assholes assume that by believing Kavanaugh’s testimony, we’re saying “fuck you” to all sexual abuse survivors.  No, we are not.  We’re saying that to Christine Blasey-Ford, the other accusers and their supporters because it’s obvious that they’re all lying.  It’s obvious that they only made these accusations to keep Kavanaugh from the Supreme Court, and their reason isn’t because he’s a predator or whatever, it’s because he’s a conservative.  Another reason is their unhinged hatred for Trump.  As I said earlier, they would have done this to any person Trump nominated.

Absolutely DISGUSTING: NY Times publishes vicious op-ed calling Sen. Collins, GOP women ‘gender traitors’

“White women, come get your people.” That is the title of an op-ed published by the New York Times in the aftermath of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. The article’s author, Alexis Grenell, attacks Sen. Susan Collins and Republican women, calling them “gender traitors.” Republican women “are gender traitors.”

Okay, so in order to be a good woman, we must blindly believe every single sexual assault allegation leveled at a Republican.  That’s basically what they’re saying.  I am so sick of this shit.  I’m not a ‘traitor’ to my gender.  I don’t know how to explain this…but it’s as if Democrats think they have a claim on ALL women, just like they have a claim to ALL non-white people.  They think they fucking own us.  They think I’m obligated to be a Democrat and that I’m obligated to believe everything a Democrat says.

Christine Blasey Ford Won’t Push for More Investigations into Kavanaugh Allegations

In a sit-down interview with CNN chief political correspondent Dana Bash, Katz said Ford does not want Democrats to pursue allegations against Kavanaugh if they retake Congress in November. “Professor Ford has not asked for anything of the sort.

She conveniently decided to drop this stupid crusade roughly on the date of the final vote.  If someone had sexually assaulted me and got away with it, I’d be on the fucking warpath.  Her decision to go public has, so far, amounted to jack shit.  If he really is such a horrible predator, this vote shouldn’t have stopped her from pursuing justice.  He could just as easily hurt someone else, especially now that he’s gotten away with it (I hate to say that, because I believe he is innocent, but I’m playing the devil’s advocate here).  Now it’ll be on her hands.

But she won’t have to worry about that because she’s a fucking liar, and her decision to retreat now is proof of that.

Sen. Gardner Says Wife Received Graphic Beheading Text After Kavanaugh Vote

Gardner, who voiced his support for Kavanaugh’s confirmation in July and continued to support the justice throughout the confirmation process, told Fox News Sunday his wife not only received the graphic message, but several of his family members had their names and addressed posted publicly in a process also known as “doxxing.”

But we’re the violent ones.  I believe this, because this is their MO.  This is what leftists do whenever their power is threatened.

‘Kill Kavanaugh’ Tops Twitter Search and Hashtag Suggestions | Breitbart

Typing “kill” into Twitter’s search function currently returns a shocking result at the top of its search suggestions: “#KillKavanaugh.” It’s also currently the third autocompleted suggestion in searches for “ki” and the fourth suggestion in searches for “k” as of this writing.

Oh, but I get banned from Twitter for arguing with leftists.  But this shit, a whole hashtag calling for the murder of someone is apparently, totally okay.  Fuck Twatter.

‘COLBERT’ Writer On Kavanaugh: ‘I’m Just Glad We Ruined His Life’

The confirmation hearings on Brett Kavanaugh were disgusting, driven by Democrats who held a vicious 36-year-old allegation of sexual assault against the Supreme Court nominee until the 11th hour and then set about tearing down a good man who’d work his whole life to achieve his dreams of serving

Well, not really, because he’s on the Supreme Court now.  Granted, he’ll be like Justice Clarence Thomas – there will always be dillweed asshole leftists bringing this up anytime his name is mentioned, but at the end of the day, he’ll be voting right alongside Justice Clarence.  I do worry about his wife and children, however.  They seem to be decent, well-adjusted people, so in time I think they will be okay.  But we’re supposed to see leftists as poor put-upon victims while they brag about ruining people’s lives.

WATCH: Leftist Protesters FREAK OUT, Claw At Supreme Court Doors While Brett Kavanaugh Is Sworn In

Leftists had a rough day Saturday as the Senate voted to confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh to the nation’s highest court, and for the most part, they didn’t hide their despair. With Handmaids on Capitol Hill and protesters on the National Mall, leftists turned downtown Washington, D.C.

As I said, they’re all insane.  Makes me want to vote right now but I have to wait.  I am very much looking forward to voting straight Republican.

Sen. Collins Flooded with Abusive Tweets Threatening Death, Violence — Twitter Does Nothing | Breitbart

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) faced a torrent of death threats and abuse on Twitter following her declaration that she would vote to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, and her remarks in defense of the presumption of innocence. So far, Twitter has taken no action, allowing the threats against a sitting Senator to remain on the platform.

Senator Collins is seriously one of the most left-wing Republican senators ever, but that clearly won’t help her here.  As I said, they’re all fucking insane.  Oh, and of course Twitter does absolutely nothing, even though threatening the life of anyone, much less a senator, is a fucking crime.  But go ahead and ban people for getting too salty with snowflakes.

Someone needs a HUG! Blue-check writer has the Kavanaugh meltdown to end ALL MELTDOWNS and OMG LOL

Chuck Wendig seems upset. No, we don’t expect you to know who is he, we didn’t and honestly, we still don’t (although his bio suggests he may be a writer of some sort) BUT after going through thousands of Kavanaugh meltdowns on Twitter, he should be famous for this one.

Okay, this douchebag has given us permission to ditch civility and go all apeshit on any liberal we come across.  Cool.  Does this idiot realize that this shit goes both ways?  And we’re the ones with the guns, champ.

Oh, and Twitchy…Jesus those headlines.  They’re so cringey.

Chuck Wendig on Twitter

Fuck Trump. But he’s just the ugly fake-gold mask they’ve put on this thing. Fuck all the GOP, fuck that blubbering, bristling frat boy judge, fuck McConnell, Ryan, Grassley, Collins, every last one of them. Fuck them for how they’ve shamed victims and helped dismantle democracy.

This shit again?  We’re not attacking all sex abuse survivors!  Christine Blasey-Ford represents nobody but herself.  We do have compassion for survivors and victims.  We just don’t believe her.  She’s a liar.  We do not believe her because she has presented no evidence to prove that what she’s saying is true.  What part of that can you dipshits not understand?

Chuck Wendig on Twitter

Well, if you hadn’t said those SASSY WORDS and demonstrated ANGER at our whittled-down democracy, I for a second might’ve been convinced not to eat this baby. But fie! Fie on you! Your incivility MADE me eat this baby!

This is retarded and makes no sense.  And who the fuck uses the word “sassy”?  This isn’t 1992, asswipe.  You cunts haven’t been civil for the past fifty years and you know it  So yeah, I’m done with being civil too.  You punch me, I shoot you.  Anyway, you should read the comments at the Twitchy site.  They’re hilarious.

Literally SHAKING (from laughter): Top 10 UNHINGED Lefty responses to Kavanaugh’s confirmation

After spending weeks and weeks and weeks writing about the Left’s response to even the idea of Kavanaugh being confirmed, we knew that once it happened on Saturday (woot!) that the explosion on Twitter would be monumental. And hilarious.

More insanity from the left.  Cry harder, bitches.  A selection of especially insane tweets from the post above:

Cameron 🤔 on Twitter

@PolitiBunny I know you’ve probably seen this one, but it’s my favorite. For some reason, the verified check marks make them better.

Nancy Lee Grahn is some no-name actress who posts a lot on Twatter (she clearly has nothing better to do), and I believe she got me banned from Twitter so many years ago.  I just remember talking shit to her a few years ago.  Anyway, as you can see here, she is clearly insane, although was sane enough to delete the post.  The Internet, however, is forever.  Sounds like a bouncy story from DU or something.  How convenient that a “Latino” woman was nearby to give her a cuddle and some reassurance.  *eyeroll*

BossyRobynn on Twitter

@PolitiBunny How about this chick?

They really think Roe v Wade is utterly done after this.  This is one reason why they’re freaking out so badly.  They’re all a bunch of sex-addicted sluts who want to be able to murder their babies so they can continue to sleep around, and as I’ve said before, they’re so obsessed with casual sex that they’re willing to commit genocide to keep doing it.  I wish I witnessed this psycho’s meltdown.  It was probably hilarious.

No Title

No Description

This fucking Musloid.  Your bretheren in the Middle East rape women left and right.  Your brethren in Europe – those supposed ‘refugees’ rape women left and right.  Yet you have no problem with that.  Furthermore, Kavanaugh was never actually accused of rape, which is different than sexual assault.  The only accusation that came close to rape was the allegation that he and Mark Judge attended gang rape parties (but the accuser never actually saw them rape anyone).  So, if you no longer feel safe in the West, go back to the Middle East, where you’ll be stoned to death for holding a boy’s hand.

Oh, and she’s grifting for money.  I guess she needs some new hijabs or something.

Okay, this is as much as I can stand.  My laptop’s battery is kind of running down anyway.  This was fun, though.  I love their pain and misery.  I just fucking love it, and I hope they suffer for centuries to come.

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