Gab resurrected?

Gab resurrected?

October 28, 2018 0 By Elaine Arias

UPDATE:  They’ve got a new host, but now their domain provider, GoDaddy, has decided to tell them to go fuck themselves. (And this is very stressful for me because this very host and domain are from GoDaddy…dammit). One step forward, two steps back.  Gab is now down while they move to their new host.  From what I hear, the downtime won’t be for long.  As for the domain, they might not get it back, but I think there’s no issue with the domain.

This is so irritating, and people like Vox Day are not helping with their bullshit gloating and whatnot.  It was indeed the Pittsburgh shooter and not the Florida bomber that had an account at Gab.  The shooter was anti-Trump and also anti-Semitic.  Gab has cooperated with the authorities, handing over his account, and they also terminated said account.

I doubt Twitter or Facebook started out with moderators combing user accounts for bad stuff.  Instead, almost any social site of any sort, from social networks to message boards rely on a reporting system.  User sees something that they think is bad, and they report it to the mods.  Mods look at it and decide if it violates the Terms of Service or not.  Gab staff can’t know if something’s bad unless they themselves see it, or if someone reports it.  Gab did nothing wrong and everything right, and yet companies from their hosts, to their online storefront and payment processors and God knows what else is conspiring to shut them down.

This, first of all, is deeply hypocritical.  These same people expect a Christian to bake a wedding cake for a gay wedding, but they can pull this kind of shit when it is so obviously that they’re kicking Gab to the curb because of politics.

Twitter and Facebook don’t have to worry about this shit from their domain registrars.  They also have their own servers, so they don’t need to worry about changing hosts every three months.

There’s a couple of things at work here.  One, the left wants to silence right-wingers.  They thought that this could be achieved by getting right-wingers banned from the mainstream platforms.  But, as that racist idiot Vox kept saying, we need to build our own platforms.  Well, gee, that’s kind of hard unless you’re a fucking billionaire.  At this point, we right-wingers will need to have our own domain registrar, DNS, server farm, store front, payment processor, and, eventually, Internet service provider.  Yes, I said ISP because once we actually get or build those other things, they’ll try to get us banned from our ISPs next.

Second thing…the mainstream social networks clearly don’t like the competition.  Major corporations are always like this – they send their lobbyists to DC and conspire to make doing business extremely hard and expensive for smaller businesses that might pose a threat.  Twitter, Facebook, etc are no different.

They conveniently claim that Gab violated their Terms of Service for having “hateful and violent” content without getting rid of it, but we all know that that is utter bullshit.  What’s really going on here is that they’re using their Terms of Service as an excuse.  They know how this shit goes.  If something goes unreported, it gets missed.  That’s hardly Gab’s fault.  And, as I said, they did everything right when it was brought to their attention.

This is purely political.  They’re all a bunch of leftist assholes who want to silence us, and a week before the midterm elections no less.  Banning us from their shitty little platforms doesn’t work anymore, so they have to destroy ours. Yet they expect Christians to commit blasphemy by baking a cake for gay weddings.  They expect right-wingers to provide them goods and services without complaint, but they can treat us like shit all the time.

Excuse me, but fuck that.  I’m in California right now, but I’m going home on Wednesday, and I will vote early if I can, and I’ll definitely be at the polls on November 6.  Nothing can keep me from voting straight Republican after this.  Stop whining about RINOs because keeping Democrats out of power is the most important thing right now.  Even the RINO-est of RINOs is better than any Democrat.  Those lousy cunts don’t deserve to be within one hundred light years of the levers of power.

(By the way, I am still as sick as a dog, so I won’t be updating the previous post until I get home, basically.  I feel like utter crap right now.)



They secured a new host. Their priority now is to cooperate with law enforcement regarding the bomber or shooter or whatever. Thank God. There might be some downtime tomorrow as they transition.

I have more to say, but I am really sick right now. I am happy to hear this news. Also, discovered a new social network so I’ll write about that when I’m better.