Liberal Hypocrisy:  Gaming Edition

Liberal Hypocrisy: Gaming Edition

November 5, 2018 0 By Elaine Arias

So I’m gonna have to get a copy of Red Dead Redemption 2, because you can kill feminazis in it.  This is according to ViceVice is donkey shit, just so you know.

‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Players Are Excited to Kill Feminists in the Game

Content Warning: This post contains discussion of violence against women. Red Dead Redemption 2 is an open world video game set on the American frontier with an almost subversive dedication to detail and realism.

Archive link so you don’t get donkey shit on your computer.

But I remember some shitty games from a few years ago, where you could kill tea partiers and stuff.  Funny how Vice didn’t go in rage mode when this shitty game was released:

Gamescom: Shoot Racist Tea Partiers in ‘Battlefield Hardline’

In the upcoming first-person shooter Battlefield Hardline, players will shoot and kill racist anti-government Tea Party types, Gadsden flag and all. Gamers got their first look at Battlefield Hardline’s singleplayer campaign, from developer Visceral Games and publisher Electronic Arts, at the Gamescom gaming convention in Cologne, Germany, on Wednesday, but the reveal included an unexpected partisan shot across the bow of conservative gamers.

This was from 2014.

And how about this game from 2011, called Tea Party Zombies Must Die.  Real subtle, fuckers:

In new game, Tea Partiers make “zombie” targets

A new online video game company has come up with a controversial new twist on the traditional zombie-killing gaming concept: the zombies targeted for kill are prominent figures in the Tea Party movement.

Oh, but killing suffragettes is just so awful!  Look, I’m glad I have the right to vote (I voted early, and a straight Republican ticket because fuck the Democrats) and the suffragettes weren’t that bad, but I bet the ones in this game are probably super obnoxious feminazis.  I just hate the double standard.

In 2016 a game called Stump the Trump was released in which you could kill Trump.  Of course, a game where you can kill Pelosi or whoever is just super bad and wrong, of course.

You Can Brutally Kill Donald Trump In A New Video Game. Progressive Outrage Nowhere To Be Found.

A new browser-based game, “Stump The Trump” allows you to kill Republican frontrunner Donald Trump by dropping a large tree stump on him. His death is depicted in bloody, gory, detail. Progressives, liberals, and feminists, who have previously been enraged by video games depicting violence against their own political icons, have so far said nothing.

By the way, that game looks like utter dogshit.

I wrote about Far Cry 5, but it turns out that the game isn’t a “kill Republicans” simulator, and the left was super butthurt about it.

No, Far Cry 5 Isn’t About “Fighting Trump Supporters” – Mandatory

Far Cry 5 has been revealed by Ubisoft, with new trailers and artwork offering the first look at what appears to be a new direction for the open-world FPS series. However, with the game’s first batch of information unveiling the villainous Christian, right-wing extremists that players will be fighting against, it’s already been the subject of controversy.

I still have no real desire to play that game, though.

Wolfenstein II conflated Nazis with Trump supporters.

Nazi-killing video game “Wolfenstein II” angers Nazis with ‘Make America Nazi-Free Again’ slogans

It’s a hell of a time in America when a video game taking an anti-Nazi stance is considered by some to be too controversial. Yet here we are. The video game Wolfenstein II, the latest iteration of an exercise in killing virtual Nazis, has angered Nazis with an online presence because it is about…

Newsweek does the same thing. Newsweek is also dogshit.  Here’s an archive link in case you don’t want to give them any hits.

Rosie O’Donnell promotes a game in which you can push Trump off a cliff (must be some shitty Flash ‘game’ hosted on some random website, because the gameplay sounds nonexistent):

Rosie O’Donnell sparks outrage with Trump-killing game

Actress Rosie O’Donnell certainly knows how to push conservatives’ buttons. And now she is drawing their ire by pushing her own button: one that makes President Trump jump off a cliff. “Push Trump Off A Cliff Again,” O’Donnell tweeted Saturday in an apparent play on Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan.

But if I were to make a game in which you push some stupid leftist asshole off of a cliff and straight into a running meat grinder…ooh, that’s violent and disturbing and problematic. 

People Are Excited to Kill Republican White Men in Far Cry 5

Ubisoft has been teasing the upcoming Far Cry 5 for over a week and which will end with the reveal of the game tomorrow. However, one particular teaser for the game is its poster which showcases a group of white people with an American flag and are most probably the bad guys.

This shitty website also seems gleeful that you might have gotten to kill “Republican White Men” in Far Cry 5, and probably got mega butthurt when that wasn’t quite the case.  See, that’s okay.  Not disturbing at all, but shoot some fucking suffragettes, and you’re evil incarnate.

Okay, so you’re probably wondering what the fuss is all about?  So, I haven’t played the Red Dead Redemption series, but I watched the infamous video in question and it appears that yes, you can kill a suffragette character in the game, but it’s considered a crime in the game world.  If you do it in front of witnesses, you incur a bounty that increases over time.  You know, like in most open world RPG games.  I am such a raging goody-two-shoes in these kinds of games.  I don’t commit any crimes if I don’t absolutely have to, and yet I’d do it just to shut that irritating nag up.

The game’s interface looks a lot like that of Horizon Zero Dawn, a game I’m currently playing (one I enjoy, even though it’s got some lefty crap like most games).  I want this game even more now.

So here’s the video in question.  There’s others, but this one is what got the poor widdle feminazis all in a tizzy.  It’s fine to take a chainsaw to zombie Sarah Palin, but feeding some annoying suffragette to an alligator?  Perish the thought!

I thought it was hilarious.  Kind of disturbing, but hilarious, and all the more because leftist are so offended by it.  Also, the suffragette is really annoying and her reasons for wanting the vote are rather modern.  She goes on about how letting women vote would be an end to wars and stuff, and how women would do it better, and that they might even have a woman president.  Ugh.

Oh, and in the leftist games above, the whole point is to actually kill Republicans/Trump/Tea Partiers.  This is just one gamer killing one NPC, and the game pretty much punishes you for it.  Or attempts to.  The leftist games are much worse, obviously.  Yet Vice probably had no qualms about those games.

So, I know what I want for Christmas.