Leave Marie Kondo Alone

Marie Kondo is a Japanese tidying expert, and she’s got a show on Netflix, called Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.  It’s on my queue, but I haven’t watched it yet.  On the show, she helps people clean up their houses by getting rid of stuff they don’t need.  Kind of sad that we need to be […]

Frontier Sucks

The Covington kids story has made me much more cautious about everything I read.  I wasn’t one of those people that immediately believed the mainstream media’s narrative.  When I learned of the story, the footage exonerating the boys had already been posted and had gone viral.  That being said, I still want to be cautious. […]

Journalism is Dead

That title is total hyperbole, I know. And some might argue that it isn’t even true, given the Internet and alternate media. But the Covington Student incident points to the fact that at least in the mainstream media, journalism is absolutely dead. I would have posted this follow-up yesterday, but I wasn’t feeling well. I […]

The MAGA Kids are Innocent

So the media is smarting from the BuzzFeed debacle, and they figured they’d need another story to warm their stony little hearts.  They’ve resorted to one of their favorite narratives – Trump supporters are RACIST! Only, as it turns out, their narrative is utter bullshit.  Again. It all starts at the March for Life, of […]

That Damn Gillette Ad

Photo by Steve Harvey on Unsplash Ugh. A minute or two of pure cancer. Lots of people are rightly pissed off at that stupid Gillette ad. It was put together by a freaking feminazi of course. No surprise there.  You can read about them at the Daily Mail (archive.fo link). So the ad is called “We […]

A concession, of sorts

Photo by arvin febryon Unsplash I’ve been thinking about this for a while. One of the left’s favorite boogeymen is the evil corporation. Leftist writers just loooooove making evil corporations the villains of their dystopian novels. It’s not just literature either. You see this in movies (Blade Runner, the Resident Evil franchise), TV shows, video […]