That Damn Gillette Ad

That Damn Gillette Ad

January 19, 2019 0 By Elaine Arias

Photo by Steve Harvey on Unsplash

Ugh. A minute or two of pure cancer.

Lots of people are rightly pissed off at that stupid Gillette ad. It was put together by a freaking feminazi of course. No surprise there.  You can read about them at the Daily Mail ( link).

So the ad is called “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be” and the left just loves it because it confirms their bias that white men are evil (yes, most of the “bad” men in the ad are white).

Leftists are also crowing about how the ad’s critics are fragile white rapists or something, and that there’s something wrong with them for being offended by the ad. The backlash is big news:

The Gillette ad backlash is international news

I wrote about the new Gillette ad yesterday and focused primarily on the ad as a sales tool, i.e. a way to signal to millennials that Gillette is a brand worth paying a premium for because it cares about social justice. I thought that was enough but today there are lots of stories about the backlash to the ad.

So I read the post at Hot Air and got annoyed enough to write a post of my own. No, I don’t think conservatives are overreacting (one reason why I don’t bother with is assholes like Robby Soave).

The ad implies that men are inherently evil, and that they’ve been evil since forever. That is why people are upset at the ad, and especially coming from a company like Gillette. The ad is basically targeted at the audience it is insulting. I’m not saying you have to utter a crazed war cry and wage war on feminazis everywhere, but to act like you don’t know why people are upset is fucking ridiculous.

I don’t understand how people don’t see the obvious bias in the ad.

And why does Gillette need to call for white men to be better? Why aren’t they calling out terrorists who behead women that aren’t interested in having sex with them? That’s mostly a rhetorical question because we all know why.

It’s like someone putting out an ad calling for black men to stop dealing drugs, leave gangs and stop having kids out of wedlock. Leftists would be screeching about how racist that is and people on the right would complain about how it demonizes all black men, including men that don’t actually fit that disgusting stereotype.

Also, what the hell does any of this have to do with razors and shaving cream anyway? A Gillette commercial should be about the actual products, their features and how beneficial and valuable they are. Not this stupid feminazi hectoring bullshit.

Brandon Morse over at RedState has a good take on it (and you can watch the video over there in case you need a dose of concentrated cancer):

The Most Insulting Part of Gillette’s “Toxic Masculinity” Commercial Wasn’t Just the Stereotypical Depictions of Men

The disaster that was Gillette’s recent attempt at being the next “woke” company to attempt to improve society by using men as a patsy for continuous societal problems was a major flop, and it’s no wonder why. Insulting your entire customer base by describing their very nature as toxic isn’t going to endear you to buyers.

This ad is nothing more than Democrat propaganda.

Oh, and I have an idea for an ad that could show men at their best without insulting them. How about some footage of men doing heroic things, cut with those same men using Gillette products? Then closing with a title card saying that the best men prefer the best they can get, or something like that. I readily admit that I suck ass at advertising and slogans – hell, I can’t even name my freaking novels, but even I can come up with a better ad than that toxic feminazi cancer that Gillette crapped out into the world.

As I said, it’s propaganda. I’ll leave you with my favorite take on the ad: Vigilant Citizen’s report.

Gillette’s Ad About “Toxic Masculinity”: When Marketing Mixes With Social Engineering | The Vigilant Citizen

Gillette, a company that made billions by selling overpriced razor blades to men for decades, has launched an ad campaign targeting “toxic masculinity”. And the ad is … toxic. Through stereotypes and generalizations, it accuses 50% of the human population of terrible wrongdoings and calls for a drastic modification of its behavior.