The MAGA Kids are Innocent

The MAGA Kids are Innocent

January 20, 2019 0 By Elaine Arias

So the media is smarting from the BuzzFeed debacle, and they figured they’d need another story to warm their stony little hearts.  They’ve resorted to one of their favorite narratives – Trump supporters are RACIST!

Only, as it turns out, their narrative is utter bullshit.  Again.

It all starts at the March for Life, of which was held in DC recently.  A group of students from the all male Covington Catholic school were in attendance, and many of them wore MAGA hats and one guy even wore a red MAGA sweatshirt.  I’ll let one of the students tell the story themselves (thanks to r/the_donald):


But, according to outlets like The Huffington Post and the Washington Post, a bunch of racist white kids wearing MAGA hats ambushed this poor innocent Native American guy and started chanting ‘build the wall’ and wouldn’t let him escape!

Only, as I said, that didn’t happen.  Here’s a full video of the entire incident:  Full video of incident.  I hosted most of them at BitChute, but some are at Streamable because BitChute stopped letting me upload videos for some reason.

Here’s a video in which some activists claiming to be the REAL Israelites using homophobic slurs at the kids:  Indigenous People Taunt Covington Catholic Boys.

Oh, and I cannot forget this CNN report and an interview with the Native American drummer, Nathan Phillips, who is an activist known for this sort of bullshit:  BS CNN Report.

And here is another video that shows how the kids weren’t mobbing anyone.  And a very short clip of the Native Americans approaching the kids.  And there is this short clip of the crazy supposed Israelites telling one of the black MAGA kids that when he’s old enough, they – whoever they are – will steal his organs.  An obvious reference to the movie Get Out.  I think the person that originally uploaded it was trying to say that the kids were chanting ‘build the wall’ but you cannot see the Native Americans in this clip, and I can’t really make out what they were chanting in the beginning.  Even if that was true, that isn’t racist.  I’m not white and I’d be there chanting ‘build the wall’ too, although not at any Native Americans.

I was disappointed that Breitbart and the Daily Wire didn’t have a story about this, but Twitchy does, which is good.

Oh, and, predictably, leftists are calling for the kids to be murdered and stuff.  Of course.


Make no mistake – leftists everywhere want us dead.  The ones that aren’t calling for our deaths are in a very tiny minority.

I’ll add more to the post if I find anything else interesting.