Journalism is Dead

Journalism is Dead

January 21, 2019 0 By Elaine Arias

That title is total hyperbole, I know. And some might argue that it isn’t even true, given the Internet and alternate media. But the Covington Student incident points to the fact that at least in the mainstream media, journalism is absolutely dead.

I would have posted this follow-up yesterday, but I wasn’t feeling well. I did, however, follow the story as much as I could, and was, and still am, shocked at how people on both sides of the political aisle bought into the original narrative.

This includes the National Review and Twitchy. This includes people like Scott Adams. I complained about how the Daily Wire and Breitbart hadn’t said anything about the story, but that was at, like, nine in the morning where I was (East coast), on a Sunday. They’ve since reported on the story and its implications.

Now, some people, like Scott Adams have acknowledged that they got it wrong and have apologized for it. This is good. But many more – mostly leftists – haven’t corrected themselves, haven’t apologized and continue to smear the Covington students as smug, privileged racists.

The Incident

So what really happened? Based on the footage I posted yesterday, it happened like this.

The Covington students had participated in the March for Life rally. Around 4:30 pm, they gathered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to wait for their bus. Meanwhile, four Black Hebrew Israelite nut jobs stood a few feet away from the students, ranting and raving about how whitey is evil and how the kids were future school shooters and products of sodomy.

The students asked their adult chaperone if they could start some of their school cheers to drown out the Black Israeli nut jobs. Permission was obviously given, so the kids started chanting to drown out the homophobic and racist rantings of the Black Hebrew Israelites.

Right around this time, another event was taking place – the Indigenous Day march. Nathan Phillips, the man with the drum, and his crew, including one cameraman, wandered over to the Lincoln Memorial, supposedly to diffuse tension between the BHI guys and the Covington students (which I don’t believe for a second, because the Natives acted pretty hostile). The Black Isrealis see this, start saying “ooh, Dad’s here” and start pointing out the kids wearing MAGA hats. Nathan Phillips takes the bait and walks over to the kids and right up to Nick Sandmann, the supposedly smug kid shown in the videos. Nick simply stands there and smiles, confused…is Nathan Phillips joining in and offering a beat for their chants, or is he there to confront them? The other kids are also confused, and at first they think Phillips is friendly. But then they realize he is not. One kid wonders, ‘what’s going on?’

So a standoff between Sandmann and Phillips ensues, and is caught on camera. This is the footage everyone saw. Another Native American man tells one kid to “go back to Europe” as he’s on “stolen” land (I am so sick of this stupid bullshit argument).

The Native Americans wander off after a few minutes, since none of the kids are willing to give them what they want, which is a ridiculous example of racist kids saying or doing racist things.

But it doesn’t end there. The Black Hebrew Israelites continue their hateful heckling of the kids, even saying to one of the kids – who happens to be black – that the white kids will harvest his organs, a la Get Out, that stupid race-baiting movie that even my mom loves. Sigh.

Then the Black Hebrew Israelite wackjobs start calling the kids homosexual slurs and stuff. They continue with saying that all Catholics are child molesters, that Catholics practice idolatry, that America is evil because we “gave” homosexuals rights (at this point, one of the Covington students proclaims that homosexuals are human too). All sorts of fucking crazy shit, the kind of shit that would be viciously mocked by leftists if uttered by some white redneck Baptist Bible-thumper. But because these dudes were black and bitching about slavery and such…totally okay.

The bus arrives, and the kids head for it, chanting ‘let’s go home’ along the way. Then some Democrats start a prayer circle and a couple of leftists ask the BHI wackjobs some questions and it ends.

There was no violence and no real hatred, except on the part of that one Native American guy and the Black Hebrew Israelite guys. But a very short clip, devoid of sound, was posted by some asshat on Twitter and that is what went around the world. Leftists made a shitload of assumptions, as they always do, and ran with the whole ‘ZOMG WHITE PRIVILEGED BOY IN MAGA HAT HARASSES POOR INNOCENT NATIVE AMERICAN VIETNAM VETERAN ZOMG THEY SO EEEEEVIL U GUISE REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE’ narrative.

Nobody bothered to try to interview the kids in question, or anyone else who was there, other than the famewhoring Nathan Phillips, who is, as it turns out, a race-baiting leftist activist. He went on CNN and lied his ass off.

But that ginger hag Kathy Griffin was just so sure that these kids were evil racists. She went on Twitter and demanded her followers dox the students. Other leftist nut jobs followed suit.

The State of Journalism

This reminds me of another incident, way back in 2010. This was about a year after Obama was inaugurated, and a Democrat-majority Congress was trying to push Obamacare through. They met heavy resistance from the Tea Party, who staged mass protests on the steps of the Capitol. A couple of black Congressmen claimed that some Tea Partiers screamed racist epithets at them.

Now, smartphones with cameras had only been really popular for about three years at that point, but loads of footage was readily available, and yet, to this day, no evidence of any Tea Partier shouting racist things at these Congressmen has ever surfaced. Andrew Breitbart even offered a huge reward for anyone that could produce some authentic footage, but had no takers.

Yet the media ran with the ‘Tea Partiers are racist and are only opposed to Obamacare becuz racism’ narrative anyway. That’s why I was skeptical of the original narrative from the very beginning, because the left has pulled this shit before.

And, hilariously enough, MSM outlets are blaming each other but aren’t taking any responsibility for their own fuck ups. This is right after the whole BuzzFeed debacle. Jesus, these people are unreal.

ABC Admits Others ‘Rushed to Judgement’ on Catholic Teens Viral Vid, Ignores They Did Too

ABC’s Good Morning America admitted Monday that the incident at the March for Life that went viral appearing to show Catholic teens in MAGA hats sneering at a Native American veteran, was taken out of context. However, ABC failed to acknowledge that their own network also slandered these kids with their hasty reporting based off of on one viral video.

Were the kids still wrong in their reaction?

NO. Some people are claiming that Nick Sandmann still looked smug, still looked racist, still did something wrong, but he didn’t. He’s, what, fifteen? Given his young age, he acted admirably. He looked kind of confused, which is totally unsurprising. He just stood there and smiled, and did his best to be respectful. Nathan Phillips, though he didn’t actually say anything, came across as an arrogant boor.

As for the other kids, they didn’t do anything wrong. All they did was chant and mess about, which is what a lot of teenagers do. They had just marched in the March for Life and were probably excited at having such a fun and profound experience.

The only people truly in the wrong here were those crazy Black Hebrew Israelites, who have been ignored by the MSM.

The left is still claiming that the kids acted badly or that their behavior was disturbing…these people say this because they don’t want to admit that they were dead wrong.

The kids are innocent in this matter. They did nothing wrong. Another thing I find totally reprehensible is that their school and their diocese condemned them without even looking into the matter.

As for Nick Sandmann, his statement is amazing. I hope his parents are really proud of him. They raised a really good kid. I hope he and the other students can overcome this. I can’t imagine being a teenager today. I have social anxiety and something like this would have freaked me out and I would have acted like a total fool.

I hate to give anyone at CNN any credit, but Jake Tapper posted screenshots of Nick Sandmann’s statement:

Jake Tapper on Twitter: “Just in: Statement of Nick Sandmann, Covington Catholic High School junior, about the event at the Lincoln Memorial: / Twitter”

Just in: Statement of Nick Sandmann, Covington Catholic High School junior, about the event at the Lincoln Memorial:

The replies there are pure cancer. I’d post there, but I’ve been banned from Twitter several times. I don’t feel like creating another account just to get banned again.

Anyway, you can read his full statement at, if you prefer to read actual text:

The Media Wildly Mischaracterized That Video of Covington Catholic Students Confronting a Native American Veteran

Partial video footage of students from a Catholic high school allegedly harassing a Native American veteran after the anti-abortion March for Life rally in Washington, D.C., over the weekend quickly went viral, provoking widespread condemnation of the kids on social media.

The left, already having been humiliated by BuzzFeed, isn’t letting this one go. They still think Nick Sandmann is a racist evil asshole and they’re still determined to make life a living hell for all the Covington students involved. There’s no way around it: the mainstream media is deeply biased to the left and they want to actively harm all of Trump’s supporters.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am going to finish watching a Danish film called The Hunt, which seems to be incredibly timely right about now.