Here We Go Again!!!

Here We Go Again!!!

January 30, 2019 0 By Elaine Arias

Okay, so that was freaking quick. She’s basically thrown in the towel:

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This is so unbelievably shitty. These cunts have won yet again. I’m sorry, Miss Zhao, but I’m going to defend you anyway. This is just flat out wrong. There was nothing wrong with your book. It’s not surprising that leftists like her cannot handle the heat. Leftists love going after their own. I’m so glad I’m not one of them. I mean, who needs enemies when you’ve got friends like that cunt Ellen Oh? And she is a fucking cunt because she was one of those that piled on.

And the responses to her tweet from leftists saying she did the right thing, and that the criticisms of her book were valid – it just makes my blood boil. I hate the left so much it’s unreal. And a little scary. These people are pure fucking evil, and that’s all there’s to it. I will not entertain any other notion, so don’t send me hatemail trying to argue your position that this wasn’t censorship, that this was the right thing to do, that non-blacks shouldn’t write about slavery (of which, by the way, was by no means exclusive to the United States, you fucking ignorant simpletons. Black people don’t own the experience of slavery), etc.

So, I feel like punching a commie right now. Or, rather, giving free helicopter rides to all the bitches on Twitter gushing over how wonderful this act of utter cowardice really is.

I am really not happy right now. Anyway, I first saw this update at The American Conservative: Amelie Zhao Learns To Love Big Brother. Fucking pitiful.

Lord Almighty….just finished a post about how Frontier Airlines sucks major donkey balls and then I see this:

Jesse Singal on Twitter: “1/ As I’ve said before YA (young adult fiction) Twitter is an intensely toxic and broken internet subculture. Now it’s going after an apparently talented debut author — things are getting out of control and I wanna help shine a light. General background: / Twitter”

1/ As I’ve said before YA (young adult fiction) Twitter is an intensely toxic and broken internet subculture. Now it’s going after an apparently talented debut author — things are getting out of control and I wanna help shine a light. General background:

I recommend reading the whole thread. Archive 1, Archive 2. So, to summarize, the eARC of a book called Blood Heir by Amelie Wen Zhao has been making the rounds, and some Twitter YA nutjobs have piled on the book for some truly ridiculous and spurious reasons – the use of the word ‘tawny’ to describe someone’s skin color, and the notion that oppression is colorblind, among others. Oh, that one’s a doozy, and lest you think I’m lying or something:

I’m excited for this book – a dark retelling of Anastasia? Oh hell yes. I’ve always been fascinated by the Bolshevik’s outright murder of the Romanovs, and the possibility that one of them might have survived. We all know that poor Anastasia didn’t survive (one of Communism’s earliest casualties), of course. But I like to read Anastasia retellings anyway.

Back to the topic, however…this person, Elle or whatever-the-fuck is clearly ignorant of even basic history. Anyone who knows even the most rudimentary world history knows that it’s true – oppression doesn’t discriminate. Anyone can be oppressed, and plenty of white people have been oppressed throughout history.

This is why we cannot let the left rewrite history. This is why I get so upset when the BBC or whoever casts a black actress to play a European queen. No, there weren’t very many black people in the UK or Europe back then, and they certainly weren’t fucking ROYALTY you demented morons!

Why the BBC or whoever can’t give us awesome miniseries based in Africa, celebrating African history is utterly beyond me, but whatever.

Now, unsurprisingly, the author is on the defensive. After all, she’s a debut, and we’ve got five months to go until her book is finally released. But, being defensive is bad or something, because they’re complaining that she’s taking screenshots! PERISH THE THOUGHT:

Oh, and in a shocking turnabout, it IS possible for non-whites to be racist! That’ll be news to all the other NPCs. I guess their programming will need to be updated?

Oh, but only if they’re ‘racist’ to other non-whites. You still can’t be racist towards white people, according to these idiots, because ‘muh power structures’ or some such shit.

One important thing I need to note: this book is being published by Delacorte Press / Penguin Random House. In all likelihood, Amelie didn’t write the blurb in question – major publishers usually have someone else write the blurbs or summaries, and the titles of books are also decided by someone other than the author. I went through Amelie’s Twitter feed and she hasn’t said anything about the matter, so who knows.

Anyway, before I continue, you can read about the book at her official site (archive link). Her official website doesn’t link to her Twitter account, so you can access it here. It sounds really good to me, and right up my alley. I’m going to try to find a copy of Blood Heir so that I can read it (I am aware that my promised reviews of other books hasn’t actually come yet, so I’ll get around to that someday…I have read Veronica Roth’s Carve the Mark and I can say that it isn’t racist, and that it’s much better than her Divergent saga).

I don’t like Ellen Oh at all. She’s infamous for pushing ‘diversity’ and even created some stupid group called We Need Diversity in YA or something. What she had to say about this is vomit-worthy and is also completely passive aggressive since she didn’t even mention Amelie Wen Zhao by name, but is obviously talking about her:

Being ‘tone deaf’ is not a fucking disability. Wikipedia calls it a ‘musical disability’ but nobody seriously considers it a disability. It’s not the same as being flat-out deaf. Anyway, people like Ellen Oh don’t seem to have a whole lot of faith in kids. They think some kid will read something ‘problematic’ and will be traumatized and ruined for the rest of their lives or something. It’s ridiculous. There’s nothing wrong with Amelie’s book.

Yes, Amelie Wen Zhao was born in Paris, France, but grew up in a ‘multicultural community’ in Beijing. Kind of figured as much, given her name. That’s kind of…I dunno, discriminatory in of itself to expect someone who grew up in the East to know all the nuances of the idiocy currently plaguing the US. After all, it’s racist to expect illegal immigrants to speak English. Isn’t this kind of the same thing?

It is possible for black people to have blue eyes. Vanessa Williams is the only black person I can think of that has natural blue eyes. That being said, I am not sure the character in question is actually black, though. I haven’t read the book. Besides, it’s a FANTASY novel. Who cares if a black character has blue eyes?

Ugh. And this next screenshot is insane:

So now you cannot write about slavery, and your black characters cannot die, or else you’re a racist sack of shit.

The character’s skin color is described as ‘tawny’, which I’ve always thought was light brown. Kind of close to my own skin color, which is light caramel brown, depending on the time of year and lighting conditions. I also have green eyes and was born with blue eyes.

Description of the character above.

Anyway, I’ve written enough about this issue. I, as usual, will keep an eye on this. The left has been emboldened by their successes in censoring authors such as Keira Drake and Laura Moriarty. Same with Raychel Rose, who has basically disappeared – she even pulled her books from Amazon, all because the left harassed her over being a Trump supporter.

It’s one thing for them to whine and cry about these books, but what they’re doing is building a case to take to the publishers to either delay the book and force it into additional edits, or to cancel the release altogether. The left knows that using the full force of the government to censor people would get a vicious backlash, so they’re using privately-owned companies to censor us. That’s why I write posts like this. We cannot let them get away with this shit.