Reactions on the Blood Heir Situation

Reactions on the Blood Heir Situation

February 1, 2019 0 By Elaine Arias

Various bloggers and journalists, including the guy that initially tweeted about the issue, have written posts and articles on the whole Blood Heir delay/cancellation issue.

Jesse Singal, whose tweets pretty much revealed this issue to the public in general, has written an article at Tablet mag, and it’s really good. If you want to know what happened and don’t want to deal with my deranged rants, read it:

YA Author Offers Apologies and Sacrifices to Social Justice Tribunal

Months away from publishing her debut novel, Amélie Wen Zhao, a young Asian author and rising star of YA fiction, just killed her own book to appease a mob who condemned her work as racist despite the fact that they most likely hadn’t read it

Next, Kat Rosenfeld, the woman that wrote an article for Vulture about the toxic drama on YA Twitter offered her take:

The Latest YA Twitter Pile On Forces a Rising Star to Self-Cancel

The world of young-adult fiction is no stranger to controversy, whether it’s a weeks-long war against a problematic book or a whisper network accusing a badly behaved male author.

The toxic bitches on YA already hate her for her first article, so they’re already discrediting her article and the one by Jesse Singal.

Here’s an article on Carlos Slim’s shitty little blog, which you can read, I guess. I read through it as quickly as I could and it’s even-ish, I suppose. It incorporates commentary from Ms. Zhao’s critics, though, and even ending on how ‘brave’ she is for kowtowing to her ‘critics’.

Y.A. Author Pulls Her Debut After Pre-Publication Accusations of Racism (Published 2019)

Books News Last January, Amélie Wen Zhao posted an ecstatic message on her website: Her debut young adult fantasy novel, “Blood Heir,” had sold to a major children’s publishing house in a three-book deal after a heated auction, and was scheduled to be released in summer 2019.

And now we come to Jon Del Arroz’s take on the issue, which is pretty good:

The SJW Book Mob Came For An Innocent Asian Girl | Jon Del Arroz

First they came for Vox Day… and I said nothing. Then they came for Larry Correia… I said nothing. Then they came for Jon Del Arroz… I said nothing. But those were just political people right? Oh, wait. Then they came for a YA author who never delves into politics, Laurie Forest…

Even though Amelie Wen Zhao’s clearly a leftist who thinks whatever discrimination she got is Trump’s fault, I think we should defend her anyway. For now, the left is content to devour their own, but once every other leftist is scared into submission, they’ll focus on us next.

Larry Correia, however, has the absolute best take and he sounds angrier than me: To the Book Community: Go Fuck Yourself. An Anti-Apology.

Oh, and there’s some rumors that Ms. Zhao supposedly plagiarized parts of her book, taking material from The Hunger Games (the contentious part of some black slave girl singing to the main character as she dies), The Lord of the Rings and others. Nobody really offered any concrete evidence of plagiarism and I still haven’t read the book (although I requested a galley from NetGalley before she canceled its publication…they’ve probably taken it down by now). If she is guilty of plagiarism, then obviously the book will need to be fixed before it is published, but as I said…no concrete evidence.

I may have mentioned this in yesterday’s post, but regardless, I’ll say it again. This notion that slavery is exclusive and unique to black Americans is nonsense. Ms. Zhao was born in Paris, France and spent her formative years in China. The ‘slavery trope’ had nothing to do with US slavery, and had more to do with indentured servitude and human trafficking, both of which is still a problem in many parts of the world, including China. Yes, she got a book deal with an American publisher (and a UK publisher; the book was due to be published in the UK about a month before its US release…it’s probably canceled there too) and intended to debut as an American author, but still. There is a world beyond the US.

Funny, back during the Bush years the left constantly bitched about how xenophobic and US-centric we Americans were, and now here they are, viewing absolutely everything through an American lens. Oh, any mention of slavery is obviously a reference to US slavery, and any ‘throwaway’ character that happens to be black is obviously racist and anti-black. Oh, and we need some sanctimonious non-whites like Ellen Oh and lily-white leftists to point that out to stupid women of color like me who are too dumb to know better.

Excuse me while I roll my eyes. Listen up, leftist bitches…I don’t need you to ‘fight’ on my fucking behalf, and the vast majority of black people can take care of themselves. Go get a real hobby or something and fuck off.

Oh, and another thing, while I’m at it. I’ve been reading tweets and Reddit threads about this, and I am officially sick to death of the following terms:

  • POC (people of color)
  • WOC (women of color)
  • marginalized
  • cultural appropriation
  • do better
  • inclusive

How the hell is ‘people of color’ any better than ‘colored people’? Did some stupid Democrat dipshit decide ‘like, let’s use “people of color” instead, and use POC since we’re too lazy to type it out, and like, we can use this to describe black people and stuff cuz, like, it’s inclusive or something, like omg!!!”

Seriously, it’s enough to make me fucking vomit. UGH. So sick of this shit.

Anyway, fuck the left and their white knight syndrome and their bullshit censorship tactics.