It’s Happening Again

It’s Happening Again

February 26, 2019 0 By Elaine Arias


It hasn’t even been a month since the Blood Heir debacle, and SJWs are after yet another book.  This time, it’s a gay “historical” romance/thriller set in Kosovo, written by a black man who also happens to be gay.

The book is called A Place of Wolves, written by Kosoko Jackson, and takes place in the late ’90s (making the main characters somewhere around my age…maybe a bit younger).  The main character, a black boy named James Mills, is hauled to Kosovo by his parents, who are aid workers, and there he meets a Brazilian boy, Tomas Sousa, whom he falls in love with.

They get stranded in the city, of which is erupting in war, I guess, and have to find their way back to James’s parents.  All the while, part of the story is told through letters James writes to his older sister, Anna, who is at college in the US.

The book will be published on April 2, 2019, and has already gotten a negative review due to the fact that one of the villains of the story is a Muslim terrorist.

So, before I continue, you might want to get yourself acquainted with the war in question:

Kosovo War – Wikipedia

The Kosovo War was an armed conflict in Kosovo that started in late February 1998 and lasted until 11 June 1999.

I was alerted to this issue by this post on Reddit, by Tamera Cook, who seems to have started this kerfluffle.

r/YAlit – YA “cute romance” set during the KOSOVAN GENOCIDE wtf Sourcebooks?!

Picked up my ARC of A Place For Wolves by Kosoko Jackson expecting a thoughtful exploration of the Kosovan Genocide, that happened in the 90s. Instead, I got a romance / thriller centering 2 American boys who get caught up in the Genocide, framing the Muslim Albanians as the villains and as cold blooded terrorists, when actually it was the Muslim Albanians in Kosovo who were LITERALLY ETHNICALLY CLEANSED.

(Archive link)

The thread has since been locked, because one of the moderators found this thread, and another thread, rather suspicious. You can read the other thread below.

r/YAlit – What do you do when marginalized people critique your rep? You ask your friends to bury the review of course

39 votes and 18 comments so far on Reddit


So far, there hasn’t been calls to stop the book’s publication, and the person who started this, Tamera Cook, even, rather graciously, thinks it’s okay for people to read it.

However, her review has now prompted other people on Goodreads to give the book a negative review.  Out of these negative reviews, only two people have actually read the book (Tamera Cook being one of them).  Below is a sampling of the reviews.


You may need to click on the last one to view it in full size.  So, basically, one villainous character happens to be Muslim, and that made all these bitches lose their ever-loving minds, because how dare anyone portray any member of the left’s many victim classes as being villains!  Didn’t Mr. Jackson get the memo – only white, straight, cis, Republican, Bible-thumping Evangelical Christians can be villains!

Now, this author is quite the SJW himself, and he’s already made a big mistake in asking for people to give his book five-star reviews, to counteract the negative reviews:


Dude, no.  Just, no.  I get that these negative reviews can be hurtful and suck, especially since some of them come from people who haven’t read the book, but asking for people to give false reviews to counteract is just wrong.  He should have just ignored them.

It remains to be seen as to what happens from here on out.

Oh, and some really good news.  As soon as I saw the Reddit thread above, I went to NetGalley and requested a copy for review – and you know what?  THEY APPROVED ME.  I now have a copy of the book on my Kindle and I’ve already started to read it.  This time, I promise to finish the book and get a review out as soon as possible.

In the meantime, you can read an excerpt at Paste magazine:

Exclusive Cover Reveal + Excerpt: Kosoko Jackson’s Historical Thriller, A Place for Wolves

Kosoko Jackson’s debut novel, A Place for Wolves , is one of our most anticipated books of 2019. Drawing comparisons to acclaimed novels like Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe and Code Name Verity, it’s a Young Adult historical thriller from a powerful writer. Intrigued?

You can also take a peek at the press kit over at Sourcebooks, the publisher.  Yeah, he’s a major-league SJW.  Yep, it’s another case of the left eating its own.  I am so glad I’m not one of them.  I bet he thought he was doing so much good, writing a book about a gay black teen and his Brazilian boyfriend…but as I said, your villain has to be a Christian white male (and preferably Republican) or else!

Now, about that war…yes, a lot of the people of Kosovo were Muslims and their mosques were destroyed and so-on.  As you can see in one of the reviews above, the left wants to believe that this was a straight-out genocide, and that the Orthodox Christians on the other side of the conflict were evil assholes, and that the Muslims were totally innocent.  They want to believe that this was stark black and white.

It was called a war for a reason.  Take a look at the list of war crimes in the war.

War crimes in the Kosovo War – Wikipedia

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The villain of the story just as easily could have been a member of the Kosovo Liberation Army, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case.

This is already rather long, so I will write more as this story develops.