Dissenter – A Game Changer

Dissenter – A Game Changer

February 28, 2019 0 By Elaine Arias

Okay, right now I will apologize for the cringey title.  I am not terribly good at naming things.

I am also writing this on my new Windows desktop, of which I got off of eBay, and currently have connected to my TV.  It looks amazing.  I love Macs, and I will always be a Mac girl, but Windows just looks better on big screens, for some reason.

But I’m not here to talk about that.  I am here to talk about Gab’s new venture, Dissenter.

What it is, it’s a website where you can basically comment on any URL on the Web.  To me, it looks like an alternate form of Gab itself, at first glance.  But, it’s a game changer because you can offer your own commentary on any URL, even if the site in question has disabled comments, since a lot of major news sites have disabled commentary entirely (cowards).

When I first heard of this, I thought it was going to be a plug-in/service like Disqus or something.  I was so excited for that, and was eagerly anticipating its release so that I can incorporate Gab comments into my blog, like sites do with the Facebook comment plug-in.  But, that isn’t the case…yet, anyway.  Who knows…maybe they will develop a plug-in you can install on your blog to allow Gab users or Dissenter users to comment on your blog using their accounts.

Predictably, leftist outlets like Vice and such are not happy about this.

Gab wants to add a comments section to everything on the internet

A new tool from fringe social network Gab aims to add a comments section to anything and everything on the internet. Dissenter is a browser extension that lets users make comments on anything from Facebook pages to specific tweets and local news sites. Users can also up- and down-vote other comments.

Users of far-right social network Gab can now comment on the entire internet

Founder Andrew Torba said the new service was necessary because of “rampant corporate censorship of ordinary internet users.”

Oh noes – we can comment on anything on the Internet!  Perish the thought!

Meet ‘Dissenter’: A far-right ‘comment section’ for hating on journalists

Ana Valens IRL Have you ever hated journalists so much that you wanted to create an online commenting system just so you could complain about them behind their backs? Well, we have good news for you.

Oh. and I’ll do a separate post on this bullshit from The Daily Dot.  Their hypocrisy is utterly astounding.

Anyway, technically, we were able to comment on sites before Dissenter launched.  It’s just now that several people can comment on a given URL, and it’s all collected on one page.  I think a more apt comparison would be to Reddit.


This is pretty much what you get when you click on a story.  There’s a link, a summary and a comment box.  Comments from other people is below the comment box, and you can give comments a thumbs up or a thumbs down.  You can also reply to comments.  You can also share your comment to Gab if you have an account, and it can be marked not safe for work (NSFW).

Pretty simple, really.  The left will probably get over it after their initial hissy fits.  I, for one, am excited to use it.

There is also an extension you can use, by going to Dissenter.com and downloading the unpacked version, or you can go to the Chrome Web Store or Firefox add-ons repository and search for the Dissenter extension.  Since installing the extension from their website requires you to install it in developer mode (on Chrome-based browsers), I recommend going to the Chrome Web Store or Firefox add-ons and installing it from there.  I did that on my new computer and it works rather well.

Anyway, let’s hope the left doesn’t totally lose it and try to get the site shut down or whatever.  They act so bad-ass and fearless, but at the end of the day, they go out of their way to censor anything they don’t like.  That’s not bad-ass or fearless – it’s cowardly.