Shut up, Incest Queen

Update 3/31/19: Somebody is clearly capable of dishing it but can’t take it. Fucking cowards: But she can say “fuck you” to anyone that disagrees with her. Fucking figures. Leftists have consequence-free rights and the rest of us are censored and punished for speaking our minds. Anyway… Before I say anything else – despite this […]

Perfect Example of Fake News

Turns out I actually have way more to say about the collapse of the Russia collusion hoax. I read the quote below and just had to make another post: In an interview with the New York Times, Zucker said he was “entirely comfortable” with CNN’s Trump-Russia coverage and suggested it was entirely appropriate to give […]

Mental Illness Isn’t Glamorous

So I was moseying around on my iPad, and came across this Twitter thread: The Sun on Twitter Beverley Callard says celebs are trying to make mental health problems ‘fashionable’ Piers Morgan on Twitter She’ll be hammered for saying this, but it’s 100% true. Sophie Turner on Twitter Or maybe they have a […]

Ha, Ha

This past weekend was the best weekend of my life, and my birthday was the weekend before that. Late Friday evening, Special Counsel Robert Mueller finished his investigation into “Russian collusion” and submitted his report to the Department of Justice. And, as it turns out, the President and the people around him did not collude […]

Jordan Peterson’s Book Banned?

So, a couple of days ago a report about a New Zealand book store chain removing Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life from sale made the rounds on the Internet. r/KotakuInAction – Whitcoulls(NZ Book Store) refuses to stock 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson to stop hate after New Zealand Mosque incident. r/KotakuInAction: KotakuInAction […]

2008 vs 2019

Okay, so basically President Trump was not happy about the late John McCain’s role in passing around that phony dossier, and he expressed his unhappiness over three tweets this past weekend: Donald J. Trump on Twitter Spreading the fake and totally discredited Dossier “is unfortunately a very dark stain against John McCain.” Ken Starr, Former Independent […]

Half-Assed Wokeness

I’ve written like, half a post about the Christchurch shootings but I just don’t want to deal with that right now, so here’s a brief post about something else entirely. So, Joanne Rowling’s shameless cash grab – aka those Fantastic Beasts movies – is about to come out on BluRay and DVD, and some details […]

You’re not helping

That is what I’d say to the New Zealand shooter. You’re not helping. You think you are, but you’re not.  This bullshit is just going to make everything much worse. I have a LOT to say, so if you’re interested, grab a drink, settle down and hold on. This one’s gonna be long. Thoughts and Prayers […]

About Twitter’s Censorship

I wasn’t going to write anything about that Joe Rogan podcast episode in which Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, and his Trust and Safety henchwoman, Vijaya Gadde, were grilled by Tim Pool, an independent journalist, until I had listened to the whole three hour podcast (and it’s actually three and a half hours long). In fact, […]

On Strong Women

I really dislike the phrase “strong women” simply because the left keeps parroting it, and are completely obsessed with the concept. Yet, I’ve been watching and reading about “strong women” my whole life. And they’re acting like “strong women” is a very recent phenomenon. I’ve already covered this, in part, in my post on the […]