On Second Thought…

So it appears that Amelie Wen Zhao has had a change of heart.  She’s made some revisions to her book, Blood Heir with the help of some experts on slavery and a few more “sensitivity readers” to ensure that it is more easily understood that her story is inspired by modern-day slavery, and will publish the […]

Why All the Hate

I saw the following post on Reddit and decided to make a response on the blog, primarily because I’m a coward. Also, I’m lazy and I really don’t like typing on an iPad screen. r/AskThe_Donald – Brie Larson: Why the hate? Ok, here I go. I have been wondering about all the media attention and […]

You Need to Know What You’re Talking About

Tried to post this on Dissenter, but I guess there were too many characters. Sigh. I’ve needed to make a post anyway. So I saw this on Dissenter. Gab is forking Brave, and Brave is forking furious Gab, the free-speech absolutist social media network, continues to look for creative ways to resist being silenced. Having […]

A Horrible Tragedy

The destruction of any historical landmark or relic is deeply disturbing to me, no matter where it comes from or what it represents. So the destruction of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris is horrifying and devastating to me, given that I’m a Catholic (the worst Catholic in the world, but whatever). I have a […]

All Hail Captain Douchebag

So now that I’m done with Brie Larson, I can opine on that other Marvel idiot. That would be Douchebag Extraordinaire, Chris Evans and his spiffy new Grammarly iOS Keyboard (and I bet you a trillion dollars he has one, the pretentious fuck. If he had paid attention in school he wouldn’t fucking need it). […]