Bad Customer Service is Good for Business

Bad Customer Service is Good for Business

April 3, 2019 0 By Elaine Arias

Okay, I am really apprehensive about admitting to this, but I do come from a blue collar family that has done quite well for itself, so here goes. I’ve worked retail before, and I’ve also worked in a call center, and this was recently. The one thing they drum into your head during orientation is “the customer is always right” and that you have to go above and beyond for the customer. On the surface, it makes sense but since I have actually worked in that industry, I know that it isn’t always the case.

However, the one industry in which bad customer service is good for business seems to be the entertainment industry.

I’m sick of bitching about actors and so on, but this is a part of the culture war – it’s an important front, and one we must fight on, even though it is just fucking annoying. So, two Marvel actors made headlines yet again for being utter assholes.

The first one I’ll talk about is Brie Larson, just to get her out of the way. I am already sick of this bland hunk of cheese. (Oh, and it turns out that her full name is Brianne…and shortened it to Brie for some reason…thank God her parents didn’t formally name her after cheese, not that it seems to have hurt, but still…)

For some strange and inexplicable reason, one of Netflix’s official Twitter accounts – @NetflixFilm in this case – felt it necessary to respond to the criticism of another Twitter user regarding one of Brie Larson’s upcoming films. Her directorial debut, The Unicorn Store is set to hit Netflix in a couple of days. The Netflix Twitter account posted a tweet with the trailer, and singled out this person’s tweet:

Lol this looks like bleh. Take notes from Jonah Hill, who was mentored by Martin Scorsese, and took years before he made his directorial debut out of respect for the artistry of film and the position of director. This seems like she’s just riding Captain Marvel’s wave. 🤨

— Joe Gil (@TheJoeGil) March 22, 2019

Joe Gil’s account is private due to the harassment he got, but I’ll get to that in a minute. Netflix responded to the above tweet with the following:





NetflixFilm on Twitter: “Brie Larson has:58 acting credits53 award noms2 writing credits2 short film directing credits1 composing credit1 producing credit1 Oscar1 feature directing creditBeen working since 1998Worked with Apatow, Baumbach, Wright, Boden, Fleck, Abrahamson, and more. / Twitter”

Brie Larson has:58 acting credits53 award noms2 writing credits2 short film directing credits1 composing credit1 producing credit1 Oscar1 feature directing creditBeen working since 1998Worked with Apatow, Baumbach, Wright, Boden, Fleck, Abrahamson, and more.

Very passive-aggressive, but not the worst thing in the world. Not terribly offensive or anything, but it still counts as a retort or ‘clapback’, which is bad customer service. You’re not supposed to ‘talk back’ to an angry or critical customer. That’s what I was taught anyway.

Then the Big Cheese herself retweeted that with an additional comment:




Brie Larson on Twitter: “NETFLEX / Twitter”


As I said, rather mild and passive-aggressive but still totally unwarranted. Out of all the people commenting on the trailer, they hone in on one negative tweet? Why?

And her credentials aren’t all that impressive. I don’t care about an actor’s accomplishments. If she were an inventor or something, then I’d be impressed. But she’s just good at playing dress up, and the ass-kissing sycophants in her industry recognized that. So?

I encourage you to scroll through the threads above. The pile-on was immediate and cringeworthy and I’m willing to bet that Joe Gil’s mentions were a horrifying nightmare. Trust me, I know how Twitter leftists are. They’re evil incarnate. They have no problem threatening to come to your house and kill you. It’s happened to me before (and yet I was the one banned a number of times because I dared to fight back).

He had to make his account private because of all the harassment he was getting.

According to the site Bounding Into Comics, this might be “targeted harassment” – the same thing that got Milo Yiannopolous banned:

Captain Marvel Star Brie Larson Participates in “Targeted Harassment” Against Netflix’s Unicorn Store Critic

Captain Marvel star Brie Larson jumped at the opportunity to bash a critic of her and Netflix’s Unicorn Store trailer; engaging in what many are describing as targeted harassment. So excited to share the trailer for Unicorn Store, @brielarson’s directorial debut and an absolutely charming, heartfelt, exploration of the things that drive us and the creativity that adulthood often tries to extinguish.

Oh, and ET Canada’s official Netflix characterized this situation as a Twitter troll being ‘shut down’ by the Almighty Cheese and her fearless sidekick Netflix Film:



ET Canada on Twitter: “.@netflix shuts down a Twitter troll who dissed @brielarson and the trailer for her directorial debut, #UnicornStore / Twitter”

@netflix shuts down a Twitter troll who dissed @brielarson and the trailer for her directorial debut, #UnicornStore

Joe Gil was not, and is not a troll. He was offering constructive criticism of Netflix’s decision to add her film to their streaming catalog. I also want to mention that her film was finished by 2017, but only got picked up now because of her recent success. All he was saying was that other younger actors sought out mentorship from established directors due to their respect and love for the craft. THAT’S IT. That’s not trolling or harassment or anything like that.

But I’ve noticed that anyone that criticizes a leftist is dismissed as a troll these days. I am going to start documenting instances of this, and may write about it when I’ve got enough examples to warrant a post all by itself. But this is really fucking irritating.

They’re responsible because they called attention to this guy, and said nothing while their demented fans harassed him into locking his account. Now, according to Twatter, Milo supposedly tweeted doctored quotes that were made to look like they came from Leslie Jones, and that was why all his fans dogpiled on her, but that’s just bullshit. If he was tweeting doctored quotes, that’s between him, Leslie Jones and their lawyers. Twitter shouldn’t have anything to do with it.

His tweets ‘incited’ mob rage that was directed toward an individual. Her tweets ‘incited’ mob rage towards an individual. Both are a violation of their nebulous and poorly-written Terms of Service. but only one was held accountable for their actions. We all know who that was, and why.

Twitter is still deeply biased against conservatives and this is proof. I am not saying that Joe Gil is a conservative, but at this point, anyone that deviates from the norm in any way is deemed alt-right. conservative or a troll (or some other combination thereof).

Why Brie Larson warrants this hysterical white-knighting is utterly beyond me. Captain Marvel is just another capeshit adventure. It’s not important or significant. It’s just another fucking superhero movie and it isn’t even the first starring a female. WHY IS THE MEDIA SO OBSESSED WITH PROMOTING THIS MOVIE???????

Take a look at how the mainstream media/blogosphere covered this story:

It’s disturbing. All this guy was doing was offering rather mild criticism of the movie based on the trailer Netflix Film posted. THAT’S IT. They’re all losing their minds because how dare someone question Princess Brie’s directorial chops!

So they dogpiled on this guy because he dared to offer his opinion, but they want us to believe that feminists are poor little girls in need of protection from leftists. The bitch can’t even fight her own battles – she relies on her army of douchebag fantards to do it for her. Some fucking strong woman. Real strong women fight their own battles.

And as for all the nutjobs that basically dogpiled on the guy for speaking his mind: fuck all of you with a rusty chainsaw.

Oh, and one more thing I want to add before I finish:  I think it’s cool that Brie Larson directed a film.  Now, I’m not saying she’s any good as a director, or that she’s bad at it – I haven’t watched the trailer, so I don’t know.  But I do think it’s fantastic that she, and other actresses have stepped behind the camera to direct their own films and TV episodes.

People like Natalie Portman and Emma Watson whine and complain that there aren’t enough female directors.  People like Brie Larson and Elizabeth Banks, for all their faults, actually do something about it.  I respect that, I really do.

More actresses should do more to get more female directors, script writers, etc.  Even if you must set up your own production company, which is something Drew Barrymore did many years ago.  If that’s what you have to do (if you have no confidence in directing or writing), then do it.  Stop complaining.  Nobody’s stopping you from trying, and women need to at least try so that their successors can have a shot.