Dissenter Removed from Google Web Store and Mozilla’s Add-Ons Library

Dissenter Removed from Google Web Store and Mozilla’s Add-Ons Library

April 12, 2019 0 By Elaine Arias

EDIT:  Someone has made a bookmarklet.  Click here to go to the GitHub page for this bookmarklet…it’ll let you install it on any browser that supports bookmarklets.

I also found this packaged Firefox extension at this GitHub page.  I will test it later today.  You can install this if you use Firefox or Waterfox, and it will stay installed even if you close the browser.

To no one’s surprise, some whiny asshat leftist reported the Dissenter extension to both Mozilla’s Add-Ons library and Google’s Web Store and got it removed from both.

It disappeared from Mozilla’s site first, and Google then followed suit. Now you basically have to install it manually, in developer mode, if you haven’t done so already.

So what does this mean for you if you’ve already got it installed? You can keep using it as long as you do not remove the extension from your browser, and as long as you don’t uninstall or reinstall the browser. Otherwise, you’ll have to install it manually.

Dissenter has a web page where they’ve got instructions for all the browsers they support. Officially, they support Chrome, Brave, Opera, Chromium, Firefox, Edge and Safari (desktop). You can install it on browsers based on Firefox and Chromium, however. It seems to be working fine on Waterfox, for example.

I decided to go ahead and make a few brief tutorial videos showing how to install the extension on Brave, Waterfox and Edge.

Here’s how to install it on Brave

Here’s how to install it on Waterfox

Here’s how to install it on Microsoft Edge

The instructions should be similar between Firefox and Waterfox, and, of course, the installation process is similar between Brave and other Chromium based browsers, including Google Chrome.

Since these browsers are cross platform (except for Edge), the instructions are the same whether you’re using Windows, macOS or a Linux distribution. I should also note that this only applies to the desktop versions of these browsers; the extension won’t work on the iOS or Android versions of these browsers (except, perhaps, Firefox for Android, but I have not tried that).

Gab is now looking into developing their own desktop browser, which will have built-in adblock, Dissenter sharing and a payment system. It’s a shame we have to resort to doing this.

One note – the reason they cannot package the extension for easier installation is that with Mozilla at least, the extension has to be signed by them, even if you choose not to list it in the Add-Ons library. I suspect it’s the same for Chrome. Firefox won’t even install unsigned extensions, so that’s why we have to use this work-around.

The tech companies seriously suck for doing this.