A Horrible Tragedy

The destruction of any historical landmark or relic is deeply disturbing to me, no matter where it comes from or what it represents.

So the destruction of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris is horrifying and devastating to me, given that I’m a Catholic (the worst Catholic in the world, but whatever).

I have a very bad feeling about this, and I am also very suspicious, given that it happened now, days before Easter.

I won’t say anything else until more news becomes available. You can read about it at Breitbart below.

Paris: Notre-Dame Cathedral Burns

OLIVER JJ LANE UPDATE 2200 – Worshippers sing as Cathedral burns The cathedral was in the process of a period of restoration, and in the past couple of days has had sixteen bronze statues removed from the roof area in recent days to facilitate work.

I am trying something out – a live-blogging solution.