You Need to Know What You’re Talking About

You Need to Know What You’re Talking About

April 25, 2019 0 By Elaine Arias

Tried to post this on Dissenter, but I guess there were too many characters. Sigh. I’ve needed to make a post anyway.

So I saw this on Dissenter.

Gab is forking Brave, and Brave is forking furious – Decrypt

News Coins Gab, the free-speech absolutist social media network, continues to look for creative ways to resist being silenced. Having earned a reputation as a platform that is tolerant of even the most hateful (yet still technically legal) expressions of speech, Gab has been booted off virtually every Silicon Valley service imaginable-from payment processors to web host providers.

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This makes me want to ditch Brave. I am so pissed off. To summarize, Brenden Eich, the former CEO of Mozilla (who was driven to resign because he donated to some pro-Prop 8 organization, and of course, the gaystapo can’t have that) and the guy who brought us the Brave browser (itself a fucking fork of Google Chrome) is not happy that Gab has decided to fork Brave and make its own browser.

It’s like he’s totally ignorant of the reasons Gab’s making their own browser in the first place. Whether anyone likes it or not, people like things to be easy. I have no problem side-loading an ‘unofficial’ third-party extension and I even made a tutorial video showing people how.

But not everyone’s computer savvy. Even with tutorial videos and instructions and stuff, some people are just not going to bother. It’s still easier to install a whole new browser than it is to side-load an extension that’s not in the extension repos of either Chrome or Firefox.

Furthermore, I don’t think he knows how the Dissenter extension is even installed on Firefox. The installation on Firefox only lasts as long as the browser’s open, unless you were lucky enough to find a packaged version of it. So, if you’re a Windows user and you install the extension per Dissenter’s instructions, and close the browser, the extension will be ‘uninstalled’ and will need to be re-installed when you restart the browser. Definitely not user-friendly, but then again, you cannot make a packaged extension without Mozilla signing it – AND THIS IS WHY THERE IS NO PACKAGED EXTENSION FOR FIREFOX, for fuck’s sake.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the same were true for Google Chrome extensions. In fact, I think that may be the case.

This sort of ignorance pisses me off. Don’t talk shit unless you have all the facts.

It’s obvious that he doesn’t like the competition, and is a total cuck that doesn’t want to be associated with Gab. Looks like he’s still stinging from what the gaystapo did to get him booted from Mozilla.

So Eich asks why would anyone install another browser just to sideload an extension?

That’s a fucking stupid question because most Gab users will probably replace their current browser with Gab’s browser. DUH. I know that’s what I plan to do. I’m a weirdo who has several browsers installed, but most people will be content with a couple. In fact, that’s what I plan to do – I am going to ditch Brave on my MacBook and Firefox on my new Windows machine (and my grandfather’s iMac) in favor of Gab’s new browser. I’ll probably keep Waterfox as an alternate, and there’s no point in trying to uninstall Safari or Edge, so those will just sit there. Safari isn’t bad if you’re a Mac user, by the way. It’s a solid choice if you don’t want to use any other browser.

Then the author of the article above asks the question: who would use Gab when they can just use Twitter?

Oh, I don’t know…all the people Twitter has banned, for one. I’ve been banned from Twitter several times. I can say whatever the fuck I want on Gab and I don’t have to worry about being mass-reported by salty cuntrag liberals with hurt feelings.

Silicon Valley has made it really hard for people to use Gab, and Dissenter. You can’t buy a Pro subscription with PayPal, and until recently you had to send them a check or money order to a freaking PO box if you wanted Pro. You can’t install a Gab or Dissenter app on any mobile device because on iOS you can’t install third-party apps unless you jailbreak the device, and there used to be an Android app, but Gab stopped updating it because people, apparently, find it way too hard to sideload a third-party app. Sigh.

Time will tell if the Gab desktop browser (don’t even bother getting excited for a mobile version, because it likely won’t happen) will be a success. People might find it too hard to install a separate browser.

Oh, and a warning to Mac users. For some truly stupid reason, Apple has decided to make it hard for users to install unsigned third party apps. I guarantee that the Gab browser, when it ships (and if they make a Mac version), you’ll probably have to go into System Preferences and then to the Security and Privacy pane in order to allow your Mac to actually run it. SIGH. So damn annoying. It’s something I’d expect from freaking Microsoft, but Windows 10 doesn’t give me headaches whenever I try to install unsigned software.

A final word to anyone reading this – you’re probably going to have to become a little more computer savvy if you care about free speech and free expression. These Silicon Valley assholes are counting on you to give up because something becomes slightly too inconvenient. Twitter, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Apple have no business telling us what we can and cannot say – period.

Photo by Murilo Folgosi from Pexels