On Second Thought…

On Second Thought…

April 29, 2019 0 By Elaine Arias

So it appears that Amelie Wen Zhao has had a change of heart.  She’s made some revisions to her book, Blood Heir with the help of some experts on slavery and a few more “sensitivity readers” to ensure that it is more easily understood that her story is inspired by modern-day slavery, and will publish the book in November of this year.  She’s even had her site redesigned.

Carlos Slim’s shitty little blog has the story:

She Pulled Her Debut Book When Critics Found It Racist. Now She Plans to Publish. (Published 2019)

Books News Earlier this year, Amélie Wen Zhao’s literary career almost imploded before it had even begun. Her debut novel, “Blood Heir,” was six months away from publication, but it was already getting pummeled. The controversy started in January, when some readers argued that Zhao’s depiction of slavery was racially insensitive.

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I checked Twitter to see if LL McKinney, one of the authors that bullied her into withdrawing her book, had anything to say about it (Ellen Oh, the other cunt, is no longer on Twitter; her account is still deleted).  She didn’t, but she was talking shit to some other guy that she no doubt hounded into deleting something.  She’s a fucking cunt and it’s a disgrace that someone on this planet was willing to publish her stupid horseshit.  The fact that LL McKinney is living in a nice house/apartment/whatever and not under a bridge is a complete travesty, and really makes me question the existence of God and the concept of justice.  How can people as blatantly evil and reprehensible as LL McKinney be so fucking successful while good people still have to struggle in this world?

But reading this story made me feel so much better, given that I have had a horrible day today and my severe writer’s block…well, not necessarily a writer’s block but just lacking the willpower or desire to work on any of my fiction, and it’s been like this for a month now.

Anyway, November seems so far away, and I hope she sticks to her guns.  I hope that this heralds the end of the power these jealous bitches and rabid SJWs have over YA publishing.