This is Really Pissing Me Off

I know Twitter is deeply biased. You know Twitter is deeply biased. Facebook is deeply biased too, but while I (stupidly) still have an account, I hardly ever use it for anything. I certainly don’t bother posting anything political, as there’s a lot of liberals in my family and I am too much of a […]

Dear Taylor Swift Fans

I see you worship this stupid slut as if she were your goddess, or something.  Well, I have an opinion and I shall express it: FUCK YOUR GOD   And fuck Twitter for making me wait SIX FUCKING DAYS to respond to those cunts.  Anyway, yeah, I’m mad.  I’m mad at how someone can say […]

Periods – The New Feminazi Crusade

So feminazis are always bitching about something. One of the few things they’re good at is finding something to bitch about. I’ve noticed something in the past few years, and that’s feminazis wailing about how oppressed they are because nobody celebrates the menstruation cycle. Seriously. CBS even made a freaking documentary about it: CBS News […]

A Pair of Douchebags Got Banned from Twitter

Wow, shocking! For once, a leftist actually got banned from Twitter! Ed and Brian Krassenstein are two seriously obnoxious leftist assholes that have basically stalked President Trump on Twitter, obsessively tweeting stupid responses to every single one of his tweets. They’ve been permanently banned from Twitter for creating bot accounts and “purchasing fake interactions with […]


A quick post. So, some PBS cartoon called Arthur had a (very unnecessary) episode in which a male adult character marries another male adult character, and two states – Alabama and Arkansas – decided to withdraw the episode from airing. The left absolutely lost its fucking mind over this, and yet were totally unable to […]

I Miss Web 1.0

I don’t miss everything about the Internet of the late ‘90s/early ‘00s, but there’s a lot to miss about it. My family bought our first computer in 1996, I think. It was somewhere around there…between ’95 and ’97 at least. I know we were living at Eglin AFB when they bought it. Anyway, ever since […]

WordPress Joins the Censorship Game

It is becoming increasingly taboo to offer any sort of criticism of Islam. Of course, hateful anti-Christian sites are evidently totally okay, but not sites critical of Islam. I was browsing Milo’s Telegram channel when I saw the following article: The next stage in tech overlords’ censorship: De-platforming un-PC blogs It’s no longer just Facebook, […]

Dissenter Browser – Linux Edition

I didn’t spend much time with the Linux version, as I no longer have a dedicated Linux machine. Instead, I checked it out on a virtual machine, of which was running on my grandfather’s 27” iMac. I used Ubuntu 18.04, and it was kind of a chore to get it to install. I double-clicked the […]

Facebook is a Publisher

Considering their recent actions, they really ought to be considered a publisher, and not a platform. So Facebook and Instagram (of which is owned by Facebook) have decided to ban Milo Yiannopoulos, Laura Loomer, Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson (including content from InfoWars), and, curiously, Louis Farrakhan, from their site. Even mentioning any of these […]

The Dissenter Browser, Mac Edition

So Gab was generous enough to release a beta version of Dissenter for Mac. I was actually out shopping when I saw the link, and had to wait a couple of hours to download and install it. Anyway, I am very pleased with the Mac version. Look and Feel Right away I saw that it […]