Dissenter Browser – Linux Edition

Dissenter Browser – Linux Edition

May 9, 2019 0 By Elaine Arias

I didn’t spend much time with the Linux version, as I no longer have a dedicated Linux machine. Instead, I checked it out on a virtual machine, of which was running on my grandfather’s 27” iMac.

I used Ubuntu 18.04, and it was kind of a chore to get it to install. I double-clicked the .deb file and nothing happened, really. I went ahead and installed GDebi just in case (open Terminal, type ‘sudo apt-get install gdebi’). I am not completely unfamiliar with Ubuntu, but I also haven’t used it in a while.

So once that was finished, I navigated to the folder the .deb file was in, right-clicked on the window, clicked Open in Terminal and typed the following: ‘sudo dpkg -i packagename.deb’. I replaced ‘packagename.deb’ with the name of the file, obviously. I wasn’t entirely sure if it had installed successfully, but then I saw it in the Apps section, and sighed with relief. The Dissenter icon wasn’t present, but that didn’t matter much to me. It was installed.

Screenshot at May 08 16-02-36

It looked pretty good, and ran fairly well. I had no issues installing any extensions, which is good. Everything seemed to work fine. I didn’t work with it for that long, but it works as well as the Windows and Mac versions.

Screenshot at May 08 16-03-36

I plan to work with all three versions more often and write a longer, more detailed review next week.