A Pair of Douchebags Got Banned from Twitter

Wow, shocking! For once, a leftist actually got banned from Twitter!

Ed and Brian Krassenstein are two seriously obnoxious leftist assholes that have basically stalked President Trump on Twitter, obsessively tweeting stupid responses to every single one of his tweets.

They’ve been permanently banned from Twitter for creating bot accounts and “purchasing fake interactions with their accounts.” This is an obvious violation of Twitter’s Terms of Service.

Twitter Bans #Resistance-Famous Krassenstein Brothers for Allegedly Operating Fake Accounts

Twitter has permanently banned prominent anti-Trump brothers Brian and Ed Krassenstein, alleging that two of the biggest stars of #Resistance Twitter had broken the site’s rules about operating fake accounts and purchasing fake interactions with their accounts. “The Twitter Rules apply to everyone,” a Twitter spokesperson said in a statement.

Right-wingers are showing solidarity with these guys.

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Kurt Schlichter on Twitter

I strongly reject the notion that the Krassensteins should be banned. They have every right to make their case and they ought to be let back on the site. This New Rules application a good reason for my leftist opponents to join me in demanding a return to the Old Rules.

I love you guys…truly, I do. But you’re wrong about this.

Before you freak out and call me a hypocrite, let me explain.

As far as I can tell, they were not banned because of their political beliefs. They were not banned over any of the ridiculous things they’ve said to President Trump and anyone else they didn’t like.

What they were banned for is a serious offense. What’s even more horrifying is that Gab is willing to offer these guys sanctuary!

Do you guys realize what it is they’re accused of?

What happens when they get Gab accounts and start creating dozens of bot accounts? It’s going to put strain on the server! That’s why such activity is banned on Twitter in the first place! Even for a service like Twitter, which probably has powerful servers all around the world, having a bunch of bot accounts tweeting here and there is going to cause strain on the server. It’ll make the experience miserable for actual legitimate users.

There’s good reasons for having multiple accounts, especially if you’re, say, a politician (they usually have personal accounts and accounts for their office – take the @POTUS account versus the @realDonaldTrump account – the latter is the current President’s personal account, one he’ll operate even after he leaves office). People who work for various companies for the sole purpose of managing the company’s social media presence also, technically, have multiple Twitter accounts. That’s okay – that’s legitimate use.

What is not legitimate use is setting up automated accounts that don’t produce any meaningful content, accounts that are designed to deceive people to a certain degree. That’s where the fake interactions thing comes in.

If they were banned for calling Trump a name, then I’d see the point. I’d be right behind you. Name-calling isn’t nice or mature, but it’s legally protected speech. Making vicious jokes at the expense of someone you don’t like may be “targeted harassment” but as long as it’s legal, it should be allowed. We all know that Twitter’s rules regarding “hate speech” or being mean to people is total bullshit and isn’t even enforced very well (and, in a LOT of cases, is only enforced against conservatives…liberals have long since gotten away with saying truly heinous things about conservatives).

I suspect that the Krassensteins won’t take Gab up on their offer, and I hope they don’t. If they’re comfortable making bot accounts and purchasing fake interactions on Twitter, then they’re definitely going to try it on Gab, just to ensure that Gab goes down permanently. They’ll be the toast of the mainstream media, and they’ll be heroes for being the ones to take down that eeeeeevil Nazi site Gab, and Andrew Torba is about to let them do it! This is very distressing to me.

Looks like Ed Krassenstein has made a ban evasion account, so who knows.

Twitter / Account Suspended

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Of course, it could be a parody account, like the Chad Krassenstein one.

This tweet outlines the legitimacy of this particular ban:

ClockUponTheWall on Twitter

@KurtSchlichter They weren’t banned for speech, they were removed for botting which is very serious for Twitter as they sell advertisers on how many REAL accounts exist on their service.

Also, I think a lot more research was probably done on this particular issue, which is something Twitter would not do for a conservative. Plus, it’s probably a calculated move to save face and show the world that they’re “even-handed” which none of you should fall for. These two douchebags were and are expendable. They didn’t really bring much to the table other than snark, and to be honest, I am sure that the far more famous late night talk show hosts are better at bringing the anti-Trump snark than these two. Banning them is no big loss.

I did feel some schadenfreude, but then I remembered that James Woods is still suspended, and I’m all pissed off again.

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