May 23, 2019 0 By Elaine Arias

A quick post. So, some PBS cartoon called Arthur had a (very unnecessary) episode in which a male adult character marries another male adult character, and two states – Alabama and Arkansas – decided to withdraw the episode from airing.

The left absolutely lost its fucking mind over this, and yet were totally unable to see their own hypocrisy, because a kids cartoon promoting a very adult phenomenon is good, while deleting and banning conservatives off of social media for expressing their opinions is also good.

They think we’re morons for being unable to see that children should be indoctrinated into the gay agenda, of which they assure us does not exist, or something. The episode itself is clearly proof of the existence of the gay agenda, but never mind.

Then you have the shithead mods over at Kotaku in Action, a subreddit dedicated to exposing the tragic lack of ethics in journalism and whatnot, also getting supremely butthurt over this episode being “banned” in two states.

Remember what I said about book bannings? Remember how I said how utterly bullshit it all was, because it’s not as if the books in question weren’t available from other sources?

Same fucking thing.

If conservatives don’t have the right to a platform, than the showrunners of Arthur don’t have a right to a platform either, even if it’s PBS (which is publicly funded and should be defunded because it’s nothing but a bunch of liberal bullshit, and I say the same about wretched NPR).

First of all, if you absolutely need your child to see this episode, you can probably buy it off of iTunes or Amazon. Or even Vudu. It’ll probably be released on home video, so you can just wait until then. Or, if you know someone in another state or town where it isn’t “banned”, just use their credentials or a VPN and watch it on a computer or tablet.

Or, and this is what I usually do because I’m a thieving asshole, pirate it. Go to the Pirate Bay or some other site where people share TV episodes and download it, and if they don’t have it, request it. I am sure someone will be more willing to post it for you to stick it to those vicious homophobes.

These cunts think that gay-affirming propaganda must be forced, and that anything that shows gays in a positive light must be shown, that it has a right to a platform because “it’s socially accepted by society” – kind of like how throwing beverages at innocent people is now socially acceptable.

But misgendering some freak isn’t.

If you want to call me pro-censorship, go ahead. I am not, but I don’t give a flying fuck if you think I am. I have no sympathy for these people, and plus…it’s not as if it won’t be shown anywhere else in the world. It’s not as if possession or sale of the episode in question is illegal, so who gives a fuck? Go get your precious gay propaganda from somewhere else. I have no sympathy because not one of these cunts stood up for Milo, or Alex Jones, or Laura Loomer or anyone else that got banned off of Twatter or Facebook for committing the heinous crime of being conservative.

Right now I’m just laughing my ass off at these whiny bitches. Leftists are completely incapable of not being hypocrites.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels