Periods – The New Feminazi Crusade

Periods – The New Feminazi Crusade

May 28, 2019 0 By Elaine Arias

So feminazis are always bitching about something. One of the few things they’re good at is finding something to bitch about.

I’ve noticed something in the past few years, and that’s feminazis wailing about how oppressed they are because nobody celebrates the menstruation cycle. Seriously. CBS even made a freaking documentary about it:

CBS News on Twitter: “”If men had their periods, it would be like f*cking celebrated… it would be like a holiday.” Watch @BusyPhilipps in the new CBSN Originals doc, “Period. Half the population has one. But no one talks about it,” streaming now: / Twitter”

“If men had their periods, it would be like f*cking celebrated… it would be like a holiday.” Watch @BusyPhilipps in the new CBSN Originals doc, “Period. Half the population has one. But no one talks about it,” streaming now:

So fucking cringey. I’m sure you’ve heard or read stories about “free bleeding” and hairy feminazis “painting” with their menstrual blood and smearing it all over their faces like fucking savages — hell, even actual savages have better sense than to smear bodily fluids on their damn faces.

But not feminazis, the uncivilized brutes.

So, based on the short clip above, a woman’s period is a “taboo” subject that “nobody talks about” — funny, I wasn’t aware that periods was something the public needed to talk about. What is there to talk about anyway?

So actress Busy Philipps goes on about how if men had periods, it’d be “fucking celebrated” (no it wouldn’t) and it would be a “national holiday” (once again, no — and that doesn’t even make any sense…if every woman’s menstrual cycle was a fucking holiday society would grind to a halt), and then we get to the crux of the issue:

Every man would have the week off. Probably the week before too. And four days after their period to “recover.” So, this feminazi hosebeast wants a whopping EIGHTEEN DAYS out of every month to just sit around and boohoo about her fucking period.

And they’re STILL bitching about equal pay (even though that’s been debunked). If you need that much time off, or even half of that time off every fucking month due to your period, you have no business working for a living. You’re a fucking liability. Might as well hire a fucking vegetable — at least they can be useless without being an obnoxious professional victim.

Okay, gross out alert (also, TMI alert): I am on my period as I type this. I feel like garbage right now. My period doesn’t always last a full week, and it’s heavy for the first couple of days and then peters out. I’m sorry. I don’t like talking about it either but I’m trying to make a point here. Unlike Ms. Philipps, I don’t need EIGHTEEN DAYS off of work due to my period. I just need to get extra sleep on those two days, and some Midol, and maybe a little extra caffeine to give me more energy since I get lethargic and fatigued.

I used to have really bad cramps, and back pain, but that’s gone away now. If your period makes you feel so badly that you need that kind of time off, you really ought to go to your physician or gynecologist. Clearly something isn’t right. I’ve never had a menstrual cycle so bad that I’d need to take, like, half the month off of work. That’s ludicrous.

I could understand a few days, when your flow is heaviest, or when you have severe cramps, but not eighteen days. No way.

Then there’s the “periods aren’t gross” talking point. Yes they are. I’ve never liked having my period and it’s just gross, no matter how clean you keep yourself. It can also be embarrassing. Have you ladies ever gotten a spot of period blood on the back of your pants or skirts? It’s embarrassing. Getting period blood on your furniture or bedding is also embarrassing and gross. We’re talking about bodily fluids here – it’s not just gross, it’s unsanitary.

We don’t need to be unnecessarily cruel to the woman who has a spot of blood on her pants. Yes, we should be more understanding, especially if we’re women. It happens to all of us from time to time, but I don’t think women are being unnecessarily bullied over little accidents.

I know guys are kind of grossed out by periods, and I totally understand. They gross me out too. I don’t like talking about them, and I don’t even like asking any of the men in my family to buy my pads or whatever. I’d rather do that myself. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being skeeved out by it, but feminazis think they’re being oppressed every time some guy scrunches up his face whenever she mentions her period. Get over it, hosebeasts.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels