The Straight Pride Parade

The Straight Pride Parade

June 8, 2019 0 By Elaine Arias

So, a group with a hilarious name has decided to troll the alphabet people by holding a straight pride parade in Boston. Predictably, leftists are in a rage about it, particularly Captain Dipshit:

Boston ‘Straight Pride Parade’ Prompts Very Different Responses From Tomi Lahren, ‘Captain America’

A proposal for a “Straight Pride Parade” in Boston has prompted “an uproar on social media” and some notable quotes from a few high-profile figures, including Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, FOX Nation host Tomi Lahren, and progressive actor Chris Evans.

These people aren’t too bright, but then again, it’s not for nothing that we right-wingers constantly remark that the left can’t meme.

The problem is that these morons take the so-called straight pride parade seriously. That the organizers, and those that support it, seriously think that straight people are oppressed and stigmatized. Well, straight people are stigmatized, but by the very people that complain about this straight pride parade. Fortunately, you can’t get fired for being straight…yet.

Despite a handful of right-wingers sincerely supporting this straight pride parade, it is obvious that it’s a massive trolling effort. Why? Well, let’s discuss why a straight pride parade is ludicrous. Sure, a lot of leftists in the media, the entertainment industry and on shitty sites like Tumblr go on and on about how “straight white males” are the scourge of humanity, these “straight white males” are largely able to live their lives as they see fit. The government doesn’t discriminate against them in the way blacks were before the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Don’t get me wrong – the hateful rhetoric coming from the left is very worrisome, and I do believe that it will lead to such discrimination if we don’t fight back, but we aren’t there yet, thankfully.

So, things are still fairly decent for the oh-so-evil “straight white male.” That’s why a straight pride parade is ludicrous.

Another reason why a straight pride parade is ludicrous is that nobody chooses to be a straight white male. You’re “born that way” – right?

And, according to the left, gays are “born that way” too. Do you see where I’m going now? Please forward this to a leftist so that they understand.

Anyway, the left claims that being gay is something one cannot help, that one is born that way, that one cannot stop being gay, etc. Okay, so if being gay is something you do not choose or cannot choose, why would you be proud of it? It’s the same as some straight white guy being proud of being a straight white guy. Being gay, straight, white, black or any combination thereof isn’t an achievement. Let me emphasize a very, very important point: if being gay is not a choice, it is not an accomplishment and therefore should not be celebrated.

Then there’s the state of gay rights in – for the most part, gay people can live their lives as they see fit. They can work where they want, live where they want, do business where and with whomever they want, and they can be open about their relationships without fear of discrimination or persecution. Sure, there will be leftists braying about gay kids supposedly getting kicked out of their homes, and the “homophobic” things people might say online or whatever, but that’s not fucking oppression. For the most part, as I said, gays can live their lives just like anyone else.

Regardless of what any left has to say about the state of gay rights in the US, people like me feel that gays pretty much have the rights the rest of us have. Some people on the right think that gays have more rights than the rest of us do (for example, you can discriminate against a Trump supporter, denying whatever service you offer, but you cannot discriminate against a gay person by denying them whatever service you offer).

So we see gay pride parades in the same way Captain Dipshit and others see straight pride parades – something unnecessary at best, and utterly ludicrous at worst.

The fact that leftists like Captain Dipshit are so butthurt and bothered by the mere concept of a straight pride parade is why the fucking thing is being held in the fucking first place!

But nobody ever accused these shitheads of being intelligent. No, all they can do is spout DNC talking points like the good little shit eating parrots they are. These cunts act like they’re geniuses on par with Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla and Sir Issac Newton simply because they’re atheists who snort cocaine and sleep around, yet I have to explain this shit to them. It’s pretty fucking obvious to me, and I’m not even that smart. I mean, I believe in God – how fucking smart can I possibly be for believing in a sky daddy?

Good on the Super Happy Fun America group for trolling the left so brilliantly, even if that wasn’t their intent.