It’s Just A Word

It’s Just A Word

June 18, 2019 0 By Elaine Arias

I am absolutely sick of and utterly fed up with society’s fear of and obsession with the word NIGGER.

See, I wrote it out! I typed it out, and I didn’t shrivel up and die. If you’re reading this sentence, then you didn’t shrivel up and die. That word is now out there into the ether, and nobody has shriveled up and died.

It’s just a word. I’ll repeat it in case you’re too fucking stupid to grasp this very simple concept: it’s just a fucking word, you fucking idiot.

Now, I hate bringing up my stupid fucking race because race shouldn’t matter, and if I don’t, people will question my “authority” to speak this way on such things, as if I needed anybody’s fucking permission to say anything, but here goes. I am half black, half Hispanic and the Hispanic side of my family looks very, very white, so you could also say that I’m half black and half white.

Oh, but it doesn’t end there. My mother was born in Texas. Her father – my grandfather – was born in Virginia, and spent his childhood years living in the segregated South. He finds that word deeply offensive, and I don’t blame him for it, nor would I blame my mother for finding that word offensive because the both of them grew up in a time where people using that word were still deeply full of hate. Hell, my grandfather actually used the green book when he traveled way back when!

So yeah, I’ve got plenty of “authority” to speak on this – certainly far more than Milo, John Nolte and Laura Loomer, all of whom are as white as snow.

By the way, before I finish, I’m still big fans of both of them, and I respect the work they do and the risks they take on behalf of the conservative movement. That’s one reason why I’m even writing this in the first place.

But rejoicing in Kyle Kashuv getting his Harvard acceptance rescinded simply because he typed that word into a fucking Google Document a few years ago is total and utter bullshit.

So, for those of you who don’t know, Parkland survivor and pro gun rights activist Kyle Kashuv was, along with that sack of shit David Hogg, accepted into Harvard. Kyle’s grades and SAT scores actually made him qualified to attend Harvard. David’s grades and SAT scores did not. In fact, David’s SAT scores are so low that anyone else would have not been accepted.

Some asshole had a document in which Kyle had written racist language, including the dreaded word NIGGER (it’s okay…take a deep breath…you’re not going to die) and stupid shit like “gas all the Jews” or whatever. Some other asshole – might have been the same one, who knows – leaked that document to the press. Harvard had enough grace to wait a week or two before letting Kyle know that he’s a vicious racist who should be boiled in oil and therefore unfit to grace the halls of their precious fucking school.

I just want to say that even I don’t really like typing that word out, and I don’t really like the idea of it being on any of the pages on this blog, and that I am actively trying to fight censoring it so as to please the anti-racist white knights out there. I don’t use that word. I don’t think it, I rarely ever type it and certainly don’t say it. That being said, society’s hysteria surrounding that word is also irritating.

So back to the situation at hand. Kyle Kashuv immediately issued an apology once his remarks were made public, and according to the whole fucking world, this wasn’t good enough.

Oh, and I also want to point out that while Ben Shapiro has basically stood up for Kyle Kashuv, he’s a hypocrite and a treacherous snake-in-the-grass. Why? Well, Benji has stood up for worthless cunts like Sarah Jeong, so at first it looks like he’s being consistent. However, Ben is also on record stating that racists should be driven out of public life entirely — shunned by society, fired from their jobs, etc. Taki Magazine delivers the source for these remarks. Ben is number ten on that list, by the way, so you’ll have to scroll down.

Of course there are legitimate racists, and we should target them, and we should find them, and we should hurt their careers, because racism is unacceptable.

Here is the video linked – I’ve helpfully started it at the point where Ben Shapiro actually makes that statement:

If it doesn’t start at the relevant portion, fast forward to the 7:43 mark to hear him actually say it.

So, by his logic, by his stated beliefs on racists, Kyle Kashuv got precisely what he deserved. You know, since racism is so unacceptable and all. But Ben Shapiro is a snake-in-the-grass, a backstabbing bitch, a cafeteria conservative.

So here’s Ben’s defense of Kyle:

Ben Shapiro on Twitter

Regardless of what you think of @KyleKashuv — and for the record, I think he, like many other Parkland survivors, has handled the public limelight with grace and strength — Harvard’s auto-da-fe sets up an insane, cruel standard no one can possibly meet.

And, predictably, leftists have a problem with that because no matter how often Kyle apologizes, it’s never enough. Boil the boy in oil, for he is a sinner and there is no forgiveness, grace or redemption.

Meanwhile, Laura Loomer is positively rejoicing at this news, and The Daily Beast has even given her credit for it all:

the money shot

(archive link, because fuck the Daily Beast for not having a fucking search function like every other website on Earth)

Yeah, but no. Laura Loomer had fuck-all to do with Harvard’s decision and everybody – and I do mean everybody knows it, from the Queen of England to the hounds of hell.

Many of Kashuv’s former allies abandoned him after the messages came to light. At the same time, far-right figures like anti-Muslim activist Laura Loomer—who view Kashuv as a member of the GOP establishment—led a campaign urging Harvard to revoke Kashuv’s admission.

Yeah, right. Fucking ridiculous. But the left loves to rejoice in any right-wing infighting, so yeah.

Also, the random who brought this to everyone’s attention in the first place:

Jon Levine on Twitter

Laura Loomer is attempting to pressure Harvard into revoking their acceptance of Kyle Kashuv over his recently unearthed remarks

Read the comments on that one. They’re hilarious, especially the ones calling her out on her hypocrisy. So, why is Laura so happy over this happening? Well, partly because, as The Daily Beast says, she sees Kyle Kashuv as part of the GOP establishment. But it also might be because of this:

Kyle Kashuv on Twitter

Ratio me all you want, but Laura Loomer acting like an idiot and handcuffing herself to @Twitter is crazy enough, forget about wearing a star that my grandparents who got burned alive were. Comparing being kicked off a private company’s platform to millions dying is despicable.

As you can see, it’s obviously personal. Ben Shapiro basically said the same thing:


So, since she feels personally slighted by both men, she rejoices in what’s quite obviously discrimination against right-wingers, and that, readers, is why this post exists. I’ll expand on that soon, but first…why has Milo jumped on the Boil-Kyle-In-Oil bandwagon? I mean, aside from the fact that he’s fucking a black man?

Well, I’m not entirely sure. Perhaps it’s the fact that Ben Shapiro defended Kyle…and, of course, didn’t come to the defense of Laura, or Milo, or Alex Jones when they were deplatformed.

So in Laura’s case, it’s petty bullshit. In Milo’s case, it’s guilt by association.

I have to say that Milo’s stance is truly ridiculous. Vox Day, real name Theodore Beale, has said far worse than anything Kyle Kashuv has said or written. Vox called N.K. Jemisin a half-savage. He cannot mention black people without dismissively mentioning the average IQ of black people. He has even said that nothing can be done to raise the IQ of black people. He has claimed that only pure Englishmen can be Americans, and that everyone who came to the US after 1965 or is descended from someone that immigrated after 1965 needs to leave the US, as they don’t belong here. Then he claims he’s fucking Native American every time someone calls him out on his racism. ACTUAL racism. Not this teenybopper edgy Internet bullshit. Furthermore, Vox hasn’t apologized for anything he’s said, but Milo continues to associate with him.

But boil Kyle in oil, the racist little fuck.

Don’t believe me? Take a gander at Teddy Spaghetti’s thread on Kiwi Farms. Ol’ Teddy Spaghetti is a very exceptional individual. The first page of that thread (as of this writing, there’s sixty-seven pages total) has such gems as, Teddy claiming that marital rape doesn’t exist, bragging about the experience of beating a woman to a pulp, brags about being able to beat Ronda Rousey in a fight, no problem (I bet even she’s taller than Teddy, and he looks rather doughy anyway), oh, and here’s the kicker – routinely calls Anders Breivik – yes, THAT Anders Breivik, the man that gunned down a bunch of innocent schoolchildren because he hates immigrants – A FUCKING SAINT.

Yep, St. Anders, patron saint of xenophobes! This is the man Milo chooses to associate with. Kyle says a bunch of mean, racist words in, what, a document, of which wasn’t made public until last month and he’s fucking Hitler reincarnated.

Oh St. Anders, pray for us!

Excuse me while I vomit.

So, what’s the point of this long, rambling screed? Well, it’s this: Kyle Kashuv’s racist remarks only ever saw the light of day because he’s taken a public pro-gun stance. I even hesitate to call him a conservative or Republican…all he’s really known for is being the one and only Parkland shooting survivor to buck the gun-grabbing trend. He stands out against those stupid sacks of shit David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez, both of whom have repeatedly called for the disarmament of the American people simply becaue a shooting happened at their school.

Milo and Laura aren’t the only right-wingers enjoying some schadenfreude at Kyle’s expense. Reason has a good take on the whole situation:

But it is not just the left out to cancel Kashuv: Some of the most furious denunciations are coming from the far-right. Alt-right troll Laura Loomer called for Harvard to rescind its acceptance of Kashuv, who plans to attend the university in the fall. David Wohl, father of the conspiracy theorist and failed far-right political operative Jacob Wohl, said the same. A few others on the right—Teens for Trump leader CJ Pearson, and conservative populist Ali Alexander*—have said that Kashuv’s apology does not go far enough. Some of the people in the far-right orbit have engaged in much worse behavior than what Kashuv is accused of, which makes these attacks fairly odd.

What Kashuv said was indeed horrible, and well-worth criticizing. But his claim that he is no longer the same person who made those remarks is quite plausible. Teenagers’ ideas, personalities, and viewpoints are constantly in flux. Learning right from wrong is part of growing up, and our society is far too unforgiving of kids who made mistakes that they regret. Alas, technology now makes it possible to keep a record of every bad thing an imperfect teenager says.

Denying Kyle Kashuv admittance to Harvard University isn’t going to get Laura or Milo their Twitter accounts back. It isn’t going to undo any of the bannings and deplatformings that have happened over the past three years. It isn’t going to stop the left from claiming they’re hateful racists. All it’s going to do is sow further division in our community when we cannot afford to do so.

If idealogoically-motivated bannings and deplatformings are bad, then ALL instances are bad! Laura Loomer contacted one of the Krassenstein douchebags when they lost their Twitter accounts, presumably to show solidarity over being banned, but Kyle is evil because he ridiculed her Twitter stunt?

Screenshot at Jun 18 12-39-10

Screenshot at Jun 18 12-40-21

So the question now is, are either of them really any better than Ben Shapiro? Seems like they’re cafeteria conservatives right alongside Benji, picking and choosing whose treatment is unjust and whose isn’t.

They show fucking sympathy to the god damned Krassensteins, who probably still hate their guts and wouldn’t hesitate to call them racist, but fuck Kyle Kashuv, right?

I really like both Laura and Milo and I respect the work they’ve done. I hope they continue fighting. I wrote this article because this kind of hypocritical bullshit is not going to do our movement any favors. We’re halfway into the year. President Trump will formally announce his re-election bid sometime tonight. As of tomorrow, his re-election campaign will have officially begun. This petty bullshit NEEDS TO FUCKING STOP RIGHT NOW. All of us need to focus on getting him re-elected – yes, even you, Ann Coulter, you lousy bitch. No, I’m not happy that there isn’t a wall or a full standing army patrolling said wall, but I’ll be damned if I let another sack of shit Democrat take the White House when Trump can continue to be our President.

Democrats are the enemy. Not Ben, not Kyle, not even Lauren Southern, even though she’s a literal prostitute. Illhan Omar is the enemy. Rashida Tlaib is the enemy. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the enemy. Stephen Colbert is the enemy. Samantha Bee is the enemy. Every single one of the subhuman scumbags currently running for the DemonRat nomination is the enemy.

You bitches had better fucking remember that.