the_donald Gets Quarantined

the_donald Gets Quarantined

June 26, 2019 0 By Elaine Arias

I was arguing with a couple of asshole leftists on a subreddit about Walmart when the_donald, a pro President Trump subreddit, got ‘quarantined.’

So what does that mean? Well, it means that the admins of the site basically isolate the subreddit (you can’t see it on your main page, and it doesn’t show up in search results, etc) so that the mods can remove any content that breaks the rules. They usually do this if a subreddit’s members have repeatedly broken the rules. I think this is deeply unfair – surely they can just ban the accounts posting the offending content, and even go so far as to ban their IP addresses or something.

So that happened a couple of hours ago. The subreddit is still there, and people are still posting, but it’s quarantined and you’ll get a message asking you if you really want to visit the subreddit due to it being oh-so-horrible.

Very convenient considering two things: first of all, the bombshell expose on Google over at Project Veritas. Secondly, the Democratic primary debates are tonight.

Also, this seems to have been in the works for a while.

This post was rather illuminating.  ( link)

That post, in turn, leads to this very large graphic. I have also added it to my own server, and it is embedded below (sorry for the scrolling).


The conversation took place back in 2015, and it shows that the Reddit admins edited the comments of various t_d members, and have steadily worked their way up to today, what with the quarantine and all. But this is only part of the story.

Turns out that on June 24, 2019, that shitty Soros-funded site, Media Matters, published this:


Here’s a link to the thread that alerted me to the Media Matters hit job, and an link.

A pro-Trump subreddit was full of calls for violence. It’s now been quarantined.

Users on “The_Donald,” a prominent subreddit for supporters of President Donald Trump, have repeatedly issued calls for violence in response to Oregon’s governor calling for law enforcement to bring back Republican state senators who fled the state so the state senate wouldn’t have the quorum to pass climate change action.

( link)

So, basically, because of the situation in Oregon, where a handful of Republican senators fled the state so they wouldn’t have to vote for a shitty bill, the subreddit has been quarantined because some members had an issue with the fact that Oregon’s batshit crazy feminazi hagbeast of a governor sent the police after those senators to forcibly drag them back to the state and vote on that shitty bill. I cannot believe my parents still live there.

Didn’t some Democrats do something similar during one of the recalls for Wisconsin governor Scott Walker? But now all of a sudden there’s a problem?

So anyway, some redditors allegedly – because, as I said, there’s already been a history of Reddit admins editing people’s comments – wished to help the senators avoid being forced to vote for a shitty bill, even if that included being armed or arming the senators, and that’s an incitement to violence or whatever.

How convenient for the subreddit to get quarantined two days after Media Matters published a blatant hit job. Either Media Matters has to, basically, do the admins job for them, or this whole thing is a set up.

I believe it’s a set up. How could it not be? The leftists in Silicon Valley have gone into censorship overdrive, especially since the Project Veritas expose has gone public, and according to James O’Keefe, there’s more coming.

This is really devastating to me, because the_donald is one of my favorite places on the Internet. I only bothered to create a Reddit account to browse that subreddit.

The only good news is that Gab is going “federated” and open source next week. They’ve forked the Mastodon project and are creating their own federated network. Perhaps once the_donald is banned and deleted – and many people believe that the quarantine is the last step before it’s deleted – they can create their own Gab instance and congregate there.

So, fuck the left. We’re not giving up. We’ve got a lot of momentum on our side.