I’m Tired

I’m Tired

August 5, 2019 0 By Elaine Arias

So there’s been another shooting – two, in fact, both within mere hours of each other – and, of course, the reaction and aftermath is wholly predictable.

Leftists, particularly the mainstream media, go nuts, blaming Trump, blaming “white nationalism” (they’ve ditched the “white supremacy” bugaboo in favor of “white nationalism” to demonize nationalism and patriotism), blaming Trump supporters, blaming the NRA – basically blaming everybody but the actual shooter.

Centrists, meanwhile, keep screeching about how “both sides” are politicizing the shootings, and how the “far right” is just as toxic as the “far left” and so on.

Right-wingers, to be fair, are crowing about how the Dayton, OH shooter was a leftist who declared he’d happily vote for Elizabeth Warren. Actually, that isn’t fair. They aren’t “crowing” about it – they’re merely pointing it out, and centrists are the ones characterizing this as “crowing”.

I’ve read through the alleged manifesto of the El Paso, TX shooter – the one the media is currently reporting on, the one that is supposedly a Trump supporter. Sure, he hated immigrants, but a lot of his ideas are very progressive.

I’ve read through the rambling manifesto of the Christchurch shooter too. He hated Muslims, but wasn’t a right-winger at all.

Nobody wants to admit it, but yes, there’s progressives and leftists out there that are racist. Being racist or bigoted is not exclusive to right-wingers, and that’s the first mistake everyone makes.

The second mistake people make is trying to construe these shootings as explicitly political acts. Well, to some degree they are political, but at the end of the day, they’re just evil acts committed by evil people.

I’m not going to be one of those people screeching about mental illness or psychotropic drugs. First of all, I’m mentally ill too. Secondly, I’m on anti-anxiety medication. I have a bad temper and I’m still, technically, depressed, but I am not the kind of person who thinks shooting up a Walmart or a bar is a viable solution to anything. Maybe they were mentally ill, but a lot of mentally ill people are not violent assholes.

These men, like all other shooters, were evil. Yes, the shooters with concerns regarding immigration did make some interesting points. Immigration is a concern across the board. I bet there are plenty of leftists in the US and other developed nations that just aren’t happy with their respective nations’ immigration policies, but are too scared to actually vocalize those concerns. People shooting up mosques and stores are not helping in that regard, and are only going to make people even more scared to speak up about mass, unfettered immigration and how it’s changing their communities for the worse.

The President recently tweeted that one, we need “stronger background checks” (no we don’t; more background checks won’t stop or prevent anything) and that, more importantly, immigration would need to be addressed. While I obviously disagree with the first part, he is absolutely right about that second part. Both political parties here in the US absolutely refuse to do anything to curb illegal immigration. Democrats want the votes and Republicans want the cheap labor. The longer they continue to serve their own interests, the more often this shit is going to happen.

The Blame Game

I am sick to death of the mainstream media. I really am. Notice how the El Paso shooting gets far more coverage than the Dayton shooting. Why? It serves the mainstream media’s narrative better. The El Paso shooter was, allegedly, and according to the MSM, a Trump supporter who hated immigrants.

The Dayton shooter, on the other hand, was a standard progressive who supported ANTIFA, Elizabeth Warren, etc.

Pointing this out isn’t politicizing the tragedies, and I am already sick of centrists making that claim. It’s objectively true that the El Paso shooting has gotten more coverage. It’s objectively true that the mainstream media has a narrative to push – namely, that white supremacy/white nationalism is on the rise, is inherently violent, and that the President supports it and eggs it on via his tweets and rallies.

Oh, and the President is also blaming video games, in addition to other things, for what happened. Seriously? This isn’t surprising to me, given that he’s in his 70s and people of that age just don’t seem to understand video games. And no, it’s not exclusively right-wingers blaming video games. There’s people, mostly older people and non-gamers, across the political spectrum blaming video games.

I am a big gamer, so this is really irritating and upsetting to me. The blame game itself is just distracting anyway. Millions of people play games and discuss immigration and whatever without shooting people. Plenty of mentally ill people go about their lives without killing people.

The President also strongly condemned white supremacy, but of course the MSM will ignore that, and that’s probably one reason they’ve resorted to whining about “white nationalism” as opposed to “white supremacy.” You can read a summary of the President’s remarks below:

Donald Trump Condemns White Supremacy in Speech on Mass Shootings

President Donald Trump condemned white supremacy on Monday, calling for Americans to unite around several proposals to help identify and prevent mass shootings. “In one voice, our nation must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy,” Trump said. “T hese sinister ideologies must be defeated.

I suspect that nothing will change. Running on gun control is a loser for any Republican, and I don’t think very many Dems have the stomach to run on draconian gun control policies, especially if they represent a competitive district or purple state. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be vigilant.

Total Gun Confiscation

The very bottom line is this: the powers that be, whatever you want to call them – the deep state, the elite – want all firearms to be completely banned. They’ve been chipping away at our 2nd Amendment rights for decades now. The mainstream media keeps pushing these shootings in order to manipulate the emotions of the public. People start wringing their hands about the poor widdle children being shot, and demand for “more gun laws” even though its already ridiculously difficult to actually get a gun.

Even a rabid leftists like Neil DeGrasse-Tyson knows this:

image of neil degrasse-tyson tweet
Image of Neil deGrasse-Tyson’s Tweet

Let’s face it, while these events are tragedies, they’re not on the scale of, say, 9/11. And what really irritates me is that we’re, apparently, not allowed to do what needs to be done regarding Islamic terrorism, even nearly twenty years after the event, but all white people are to blame for some guy that shot up, what, twenty people at a Walmart in Texas?

The media is manipulating people into willingly giving up one of our most cherished God-given rights – the right to bear arms. We have this right for two reasons – to defend ourselves and to defend our nation from tyranny, even if it is tyranny from within.

Thoughts and Prayers

Another thing that irritates the shit out of me: it has become rather fashionable for celebtards and leftists to screech “fuck your thoughts and prayers” on Twitter and on other social media networks (mostly Twitter, though).

This is supposedly in reference to how the NRA, supposedly, offers “thoughts and prayers” every single time a shooting happens. They’re angry because the NRA hasn’t disbanded and released a statement claiming that all guns should be banned. They’re angry because the NRA is one of a handful of organizations dedicated to ensuring that we retain our 2nd Amendment rights.

I think it’s also an attack on Christians and the “inaction” of 2nd Amendment supporters. These leftists usually do not know what they’re talking about.

I am not an expert on gun rights. I do not own a gun, have never held one, nor have I ever shot one. Kind of strange, considering how gung-ho I am about the 2nd Amendment. I, as a conservative, know how important it is to be able to bear arms. I live with my grandfather, and he bears arms for the family at the moment. I do want one someday. Given that I am not an expert, I know enough to know that the gun grabbers are completely full of shit. I will, therefore, direct you to someone who does know about gun laws – the incomparable Larry Correia. The following post is long, but awesome and highly informative:  An Opinion on Gun Control.  This was first posted in 2012, but it is still highly relevant.

That’s pretty much all I have to say about this. I really don’t want to write about this again. Gun rights and immigration are two issues that really, really set me off, and I try to ignore things that might piss me off. Probably not a good idea, but there it is.

What To Do?

As Larry said in his lengthy post on gun control, making sure people are armed and trained to use their arms would go a long way in helping ensure that the casualties of such tragedies are as minimal as possible. This means letting teachers conceal carry firearms in schools. I agree with this. Getting rid of “gun free zones” would also go a long way as well.

Otherwise, there isn’t much we can do. Larry says that the gun grabbers want to do something and often their “solutions” have already been tried or are ill-informed and nonsensical.

One other thing I would propose is that the mainstream media stop breathlessly reporting on these random shootings. Take any one of the big shootings from this year, and compare it to the amount of people shot in, say Chicago over a weekend. El Paso is just another day in Chicago, yet that doesn’t get round-the-clock hysterical coverage in the media. Politicians rarely ever mention the high crime rate in cities like Chicago or Baltimore. It’s just further proof that the reason the media keeps highlighting these shootings is to promote and push an agenda.

That’s why alternative media and social media networks are so important. That’s where you can get information the establishment doesn’t want you to see. That’s why they, including the big tech companies, work so hard to suppress these sources of information. God forbid they lose control of the narrative, after all.

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