‘The Hunt’ Script Leaked

‘The Hunt’ Script Leaked

August 16, 2019 0 By Elaine Arias

So, a few days ago the script for The Hunt leaked, and leftists are crowing about how wrong we evil right-wingers are.

Report: ‘The Hunt’ Script Targets ‘Social Justice Warriors, Trump Supporters, Outrage Culture’

A script, believed to be for canceled Universal Pictures movie The Hunt has reportedly leaked and appears to show that outrage over the film and its politically charged plot was misplaced. Act one of the film depicts liberal elites using social media posts by Trump supporters as a means to target them for kidnapping.

Also, InfoWars wonders if it was cancelled because the heroes are pro-Trump.


Well, it didn’t take me long to track down the script in question. I just finished reading it. Who’s really right?

Can I say that perhaps both parties are right in a way?

Does it “attack” right-wingers? Or the kind of people that are perceived as right-wingers? Yes. Does it “attack” leftists, or the kind of people perceived as leftists, particularly rich elitist leftists? Yes. But they’re also portrayed as wronged people pushed too far.

The basic premise – and there will be spoilers – is this: several ordinary people suddenly find themselves in an open field. They’re blind-folded and gagged. As they try to figure out where they are and why, they are killed by unseen enemies. It becomes obvious that they’re, in fact, being hunted. By who? Well, we’ll find out.

The rich leftists in question are lampooned, I guess. The script opens with a text message exchange, and then segues into some rich liberal asshole on an airplane, being a complete dick to the flight attendant.

That being said, while the mockery of the rich leftists feels true to life, the mockery of the so-called right-wingers – or “normal”, as they call themselves – strikes me as dishonest and unrealistic. Once again, it becomes obvious that the left simply does not know their opponents. Instead, every redneck character is a ridiculous caricature. You could say the same about the leftists, and maybe I only say this because I am biased, but whatever.

So, early on in the first act, three of the victims stumble into a gas station, run by an elderly couple. Turns out that the gas station is a trap, and is part of the hunt. The old man and his wife ruthlessly dispatch the two men, and the girl, labeled Lumberjane, tells the old man he’s going to hell. He says to her in response (page 31):

“I don’t believe in hell, young lady. As you so eloquently wrote, I’m a Godless elite and I feed the murdered babies I pull from their mother’s wombs to my purebred fucking poodles.”

I’ll go ahead and provide a big spoiler here, to keep this brief: these disgruntled leftists were “humiliated” when a text message thread of theirs was leaked, in which they, supposedly, “joked” about hunting down inbred rednecks. The so-called “inbred rednecks” they hated so much forwarded the leaked conversation and it went viral. It was deemed “Manorgate” since, supposedly, a rich bitch named Athena Malone claimed to want to hunt inbred rednecks at her manor in Vermont.

The so-called Hunt doesn’t take place in Vermont…it doesn’t even take place in the US. It takes place, in as far as I can tell, Croatia or a nation close to its border.

The old man, also tells Lumberjane, right before she dies, that climate change is definitely real. Yes, we must destroy the Western economy and all live in mud huts like animals to save the Earth, except for the likes of Athena Malone and her buddies, who get to live in nice houses while the rest of us starve, all to save Mother Earth.

Excuse me, but fuck that.


The real heroine of the story is named Crystal – if you’ve seen the trailer, you’ve seen her. Mere minutes after the old couple clean up their faux gas station, Crystal strolls in and blasts their heads off. Also, there’s a typo on page 41.

Page 41 also has a helpful explanation of what Manorgate actually is, as explained by a guy labeled Heavyset:

“I saw this article – Every year, these liberal elites…y’know, The globalist cucks who run the Deep State? They kidnap a bunch of normal folks like us and then hunt us for fucking sport at this mansion in like, Vermont or something. I forwarded it to fifty friends…but it’s not like I believed it.
Do you believe it?”

Why are all “normal” people assumed to be white trash rednecks that vote Republican? Not that there’s anything wrong with being a redneck or voting Republican, but in Hollywood, every “normal” person is either super dirt poor or fits this silly stereotype.

Not all Republicans are rich. Not all liberals are rich. There’s rich people in both parties. There’s poor people in both parties. There’s middle-class people in both parties.

Manorgate is obviously a stand-in for Pizzagate. Pizzagate, according to this Infogalactic entry, is this:

Pizzagate is a crowdsourced investigation by independent researchers and commentators into an alleged connection between child sexual abuse and people closely associated with Hillary Clinton.

The reason why it was called Pizzagate was because the Podesta emails, of which were part of that infamous Wikileaks drop that obviously contributed to Hillary’s loss in 2016, mentioned a pizzeria called Comet Ping Pong. I think it was originally part of a larger thing called pedogate, but pizzagate just took off, I guess. Stupid leftists think that right-wingers are claiming there’s a vast network of pedophile dens posing as pizza restaurants, and no that’s not what Pizzagate is.

So, just replace “Manorgate” with “Pizzagate” and imagine these people kidnapping children to molest and murder, instead of hunting down shitposters on the Internet, and this quickly becomes extremely fucked up.

This has been billed as a satire of outrage culture, both sides of the political aisle and Internet conspiracy theories. It’s pretty obvious that the screenwriters, who see themselves as centrists, are not happy about Pizzagate and are really, really sore that people are whispering about the pedophilia problem that runs rampant in Hollywood.

So, back to the script.

On page 47, these Eastern European border agents interrogate Gary (aka Heavyset), Crystal and some Arab refugees, all of whom had attempted to flee to safety on a train, but were caught in Croatia. Crystal is the first to state she’s American. Gary follows suit. One of the refugees does the same, even though he cannot speak English. The script writers choose this time to show that Gary is a xenophobic asshole, who is deeply offended at the notion of an Arab being an American when the poor man is only claiming to be American so he doesn’t get detained or shot. So Gary very loudly protests that the poor refugee isn’t an American. The poor bearded man ends up getting killed, as the border agents panic after hearing Gary “sing” our national anthem. In fact, all of the refugees are killed, except a mother and her baby.

This scene fucking annoys me and is one of the things we conservatives CONSTANTLY complain about. Like a real person would be that dense, that racist, and that heartless after they themselves were just hunted down! This isn’t even close to being realistic.

So yes, we conservatives weren’t completely wrong in that this film does attack us. Attacking the left doesn’t absolve them of demonizing us. Not only is this offensive, it’s also insulting because they think we’re all too stupid and too xenophobic to tell the difference between someone trying to save his ass by allowing someone else’s example and someone claiming to be something they’re not.

The reason why the mother and baby are saved is because Crystal heroically protects them by jumping on top of them as the border agents start shooting. She’s obviously a centrist. That’s what I’m getting.

By the way, the only person that mentions the President in this entire story so far is one of the elite liberal assholes, and that was at the very beginning of the script, and he isn’t even named is just referred to as “ratfucker-in-chief.” Why people on both sides of the political aisle keep referring to the prey as “Trump supporters” is utterly beyond me. Yeah, some of them are rednecks and such, but Crystal probably isn’t a Trump supporter.

Crystal didn’t save the woman and her baby because she cared – she did so because she figured the border agents wouldn’t shoot a baby. I don’t believe her. I would have to see the scene in question, and see how the actress delivers that line.

Page 53. Another fucking typo. We see “too” in a line of dialog when it’s supposed to be “two.” WTF? Yes, I am a total grammar nazi and I can’t stand the fact that this quite obviously wasn’t proofread. I hope this isn’t the final version of the script, because that’s fucking pathetic.

Also on page 53, we get the Ugly American trope. Don asks for more gruel, and his Croatian hosts are just shocked that he just doesn’t take what he’s given. Seriously? Are you fucking kidding me? The people that wrote this shit honestly think that Southerners, rednecks, whatever have no manners?

If this were at all grounded in reality, Don would say “thank you” because that’s what Southerners are fucking taught to do! It would have been “thank you sir” or “thank you ma’am” – you know, that famous Southern hospitality.

But nooooooo, we’ve gotta have a psychotic xenophobe and an Ugly American.

I don’t have a problem with Southerners or whatever being mocked. After all, in the South Park episode “Goobacks”, the rednecks of South Park get into a big pile and have gay sex with each other to stop the future from happening, because time travel has made it possible for refugees from the future to settle in the past because the past is economically better than the future. Obviously a commentary on immigration. It’s fucking hilarious because it rings true. A lot of people on the right will tell you that if everyone goes gay, the human race will die out.

If the South Park guys had written this, it would be much better and much funnier. And I say this knowing how completely cucked the past few seasons of South Park have been.

A funny thing you discover around the end of the second act – the rich leftists basically hired a consultant to teach them to hunt and shoot. It becomes quickly apparent that they still can’t handle firearms, particularly rifles, even after their “training.”

So begins the third act, I guess, of which I call Redneck’s Revenge, because Crystal swiftly dispatches the rich leftists.

She gets to the last one – a chick called Liberty, and Don does something realistic. He tells Crystal she can’t kill Liberty because Liberty is a chick. Crystal doesn’t care, and after asking her if she thinks she deserves mercy just because she’s female, Liberty tells her no. Then Crystal kills her. We briefly discover that Crystal is a veteran who served in Afghanistan. Big mistake, dumbass leftists. This would have been more realistic if Crystal had been a dude, but still. These leftists needed some Hollywood consultant to teach them how to shoot and hunt, and it still pales in comparison to a battle-hardened veteran. Yeah, no wonder Universal wanted to ditch this.

So we get to the end, and Crystal finally gets to Athena, the Head Bitch in Charge.

Page 72 introduces us to the whole reason Manorgate was set into motion. It’s a flashback, one that takes place right before Athena and Crystal’s showdown. Martin, one of the leftist hunters, was hacked. Sent photos of his dick to his wife’s oncologist. Said “very critical” things about the (unnamed) President. Martin was fired. Or, rather, asked to resign by the company’s board of directors, because of optics.

Then we get to the important part. Clarissa, the company’s lawyer, has a red folder. What’s in it? A text thread in which the leftist hunters – Martin, Richard, Doug, Liberty, Athena and others had in Dec 2017, around two in the morning. A thread in which they joke about hunting down “inbred rednecks” at The Manor.

Paul, the…whatever the hell he is, informs Athena that there is an “active group of people” that believe that they really do hunt people down for sport. Reddit is named as one of the sites spreading this conspiracy theory around.

Oh, and in this film’s demented fantasy world, the word “redneck” is now an un-utterable slur, like “nigger.” Yeah, no. “Redneck” will never, ever be an un-utterable slur because leftists still run Hollywood and the financial sector and fucking everything else, and rednecks have been shit on since forever, so no, that’s not realistic either. We’re supposed to feel sorry for this stupid bitch, Athena? Yeah, no. Actual conservatives have lost their jobs for far, far less. Actual conservatives have had their lives fucking ruined for far less, so fuck you, screenwriters.

One key line on page 77:

“One could later argue it’s the moment she became a sociopath.”

So it’s the fault of a bunch of randoms on Reddit discussing a conspiracy theory? Really?

Oh, and she’s not a fucking sociopath. She’s a psychopath. Big difference. I’d expect a pair of genius centrists to know the fucking difference, but alas…they don’t. Figures.

Page 79. For some stupid reason, we don’t see Athena’s face until now. And when we do, this is how she is described:

“For the first time, we get to see her. She is beautiful. She would also find that description sexist.

And rightly so. Because it neglects to mention her intimidating intellect and preternatural composure. As well as her EYES. Imagine if Gwyneth Paltrow was not the magnate of the Goop empire, but instead the most dangerous woman in the world. For when ATHENA MALONE stares at you, it’s like that nightmare where you’re naked at your High School dance.”

Pardon me while I vomit. That part, “and rightly so,” just pisses me off. It’s not sexist to describe someone as beautiful. Bitch, please. It’s obvious that the screenwriters have a certain respect for their villain. Maybe I’m just biased or something, I dunno. I certainly don’t respect the villains I’ve written, because they’re all assholes. Duh.

Then, as Athena describes Crystal’s life to her, she says this:

“After your mom died, you bounced from part-time job to part-time job to welfare and back. More times than I could count, honestly. The only consistency was your inability to stay employed.
That would have been fine. Our country belongs to the uneducated and ignorant as much as it belongs to me. You fail, we pay. Eventually, a cow falls on you or you blow your brains out in a parking lot because you finally understood what a waste your life truly was. But not you, Crystal…
You decided to go on the Internet and run your stupid fucking mouth.”

So, clearly, the leftist elite hates the fact that us poor deplorables can voice our opinions almost as loudly as they can. Oh, and they think they’re “saving” us with welfare and whatever. That would only be true if they weren’t so hell-bent on hiding their wealth overseas.

They demand that taxes be raised so that the “rich” pay their fair share (even though they ARE the fucking rich) and then hide their wealth in various ways to reduce their tax burden. Fucking hypocrites. Crystal never actually points this out, by the way.

Oh, and on page 81, Athena mocks Crystal’s incorrect usage of the word “they’re” (using “their” when she should have used “they’re”) which is hilarious considering the fact that the screenwriters themselves made a very similar mistake, and didn’t bother to check it before leaking this silly nonsense onto the Internet.

Never change, leftists.

So, next page, Athena helpfully informs us that they were just joking you guise!!!!!

“It was just a joke. An obvious joke. But you ignorami took it literally because nuance and appreciation for satire were bred out when you people started fucking your cousins! I am worth hundreds of millions. I have a doctorate. I’ve chained myself to redwoods and nursed orphans in Zaire! What kind of fucking simpleton would actually believe that I WOULD FUCKING HUNT HUMAN FUCKING BEINGS FOR SPORT!?”

Well, referring to Republicans as “ignorami” and “inbred” and “people that fuck their cousins” and people that cannot tell the difference between some raging hateful bitch who fantasizes about killing people that aren’t like her and /nuance/ and /satire/ would be a damn good indication that the person in question is two minutes away from becoming a genocidal maniac…which she actually becomes. Self-awareness is clearly something that even the mighty Athena Malone cannot buy.

But I guess this is the satirical part. You know, the part that supposedly satirizes the left and how they claim to be such humanitarians while harboring genocidal hatred for people that aren’t like them.

Too bad that this sounds way too realistic. Too bad that the screenwriters probably took that bit of dialogue straight from Chapo Trap House or Democratic Underground.

Crystal then tells her that she is hunting people for sport at her manor, and you know what Athena says in response? “You made me do it!”

Here’s the actual dialogue:

“_Now_ it is. Now. Because you made it true. Your fucking lies cost me everything and the other fucking trolls believed them and spread them and nothing I said would convince you that it was bullshit…so why not just do it?!? This was your idea. Not mine.”

Stop right there, bitch. Nobody made you do anything. You didn’t have to “get revenge” on a bunch of randoms on the Internet by fucking /hunting them down from your rented house in Croatia./ Nobody made you do that.

No, we don’t diddle little kids. Honest! We’re just a bunch of rich bitches who really like pizza and hot dogs!

Oh, on page 84 it is explicitly stated that the script is a draft.

Anyway, they both end up stabbing each other in the heart, and somehow have enough time to talk to each other. Crystal wonders why they gave her the codename Snowball. Snowball, after all, is the name of the pig in George Orwell’s Animal Farm who jus wants to make the world a better place, and that the other animals make up lies about him to make him into an enemy. Then, and this absolutely pisses me off, Crystal tells Athena that she should be Snowball, because even though she lost her job and subsequently went insane and slaughtered her critics, she just wanted to make the world a better place, what with chaining herself to trees and saving orphans in Zaire and all.

Anyway, Athena dies, Crystal dresses her wound, then dresses up in Athena’s clothes, grabs a bottle of wine, heads out to her private jet along with Athena’s Irish Setter, and basically hijacks it and asks the pilot to fly her home.

So anyway, that’s it.

The point of all this? You shouldn’t talk shit about your betters, or they just might fucking kill you. It’s fine and dandy for some right-winger to get fired from their job because they voted for Trump or said that they wanted a wall built on the US/Mexico border, but we should be careful about what we say about rich leftists, because they can totally wreck us with their…money and rage. Or something.

So yeah, leftists come across as monsters in this story, but so do the inbred rednecks. Furthermore, all of this could have been prevented if said rednecks had just shut their fucking mouths.

Oh, and another thing. Nothing any of the victims say or do indicates that they’re Trump supporters. The President isn’t referred to by name. No walls are mentioned. Surprisingly enough, there’s no “you’re a secret homo” or “fuck off, homophobe” joke either.

The message is that our political discourse has deteriorated, and that it’s primarily the fault of right-wingers. That’s the message.

Leftists are going to read this, roll their eyes and declare that I’m incapable of watching movies or whatever because I’m still critical of the film, but I don’t care. To be honest, they should release it anyway because it isn’t any worse than most of the garbage that’s already been released, or the garbage that regularly airs on cable TV. This story is chock-full of the same stupid bullshit cliches the left has been slinging at us for the better part of sixty years now. We have nothing to fear from it.