March 29, 2020 0 By Elaine Arias

Yep. It’s the only thing the media wants to report on, and it’s the only thing anyone ever wants to talk about, I guess. It’s the elephant in the room, I guess.

Let me get something out of the way, first. If you follow me on Gab, and were paying attention to anything I said on there in the past couple of weeks, I said something really mean and got into an e-fight with some random person on there. I did kinda-sorta apologize for what I said, and I still feel bad about it. I won’t repeat it here, but the post is still on Gab if you absolutely must read it. I only said that because that day, I was frustrated and angry, not because I’m some unfeeling psychopath.

I bring this up because I feel like an asshole for even mentioning the coronavirus right now.

Anyway. It’s plain and obvious that China’s lying about its origins, how it got out, and whether or not they’ve recovered (I doubt it…they’re just not counting new cases anymore). And it is also plain and obvious that our wretched media is carrying water for the Chinese commies and covering for them.

Oh, and how can I forget about mentioning the fact that the media and leftists in general care way too much about what we call the virus. Yes, according to these shitheads, because people dying by the thousands isn’t sensational enough, calling it the Chinese virus or the Wuhan virus is racist.

No, not even a supposed pandemic (please, I don’t believe this is an actual pandemic, regardless of what the experts and authorities say…the Spanish flu was a freaking pandemic. This is an epidemic) can get these fuckwits to shut the fuck up about racism for five fucking seconds. God Almighty I am sick and tired of hearing about racism. No, calling it the Chinese or Wuhan virus is NOT racist, or else we’re going to have to call the fucking Ebola virus something else.

Oh, but if Wikipedia’s entry on the Spanish flu is anything to go by, the demented left is totally prepared to do just that. So let me know when they finally rename the Ebola virus, since Ebola is a river in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. I just checked the Wikipedia entry for Ebola, and those racist assholes haven’t changed it yet. Time to shut Wikipedia down, they’re clearly staffed with bloodthirsty racists.

That’s how fucking insane the media sounds. That’s how fucking insane you sound if you’re one of the imbeciles bitching about racism when people are dying by the thousands.

Oh, and when the outbreak first arrived on our shores, every moron in this country went hog wild on buying toilet paper and hand sanitizer. I went to the local mall on March 14, two days before my birthday, and stopped by the local Bath and Body Works, and even they were totally out of hand sanitizer. Of course, they had plenty of soap. Listen, people, soap is clearly more effective than hand sanitizer and you should at least have both but nobody’s buying out hundreds of thousands dollars worth of soap, so you can still clean yourself every morning, but can’t wipe your ass. I hate people so much. Yesterday I watched a video of some white trash redneck bitch loading a Dollar Tree’s entire inventory of paper towels and toilet paper. I can’t believe they let her buy their entire inventory of paper towels and toilet paper! Wtf? Where the hell are these people getting the money to blow on this shit?

Oh, and one cannot forget every business on Earth merrily shutting everything down to avoid getting infected. Fortunately, the Cheesecake Factory at the mall I went to on the 14th was still allowing people in the dining room, so I had my birthday dinner there. However, by the 16th, my actual birthday, restaurants across the country were going take-out only.

Walmart supercenters are closing at 8:30 pm now, and that’s when the pharmacy closes too. I found that out a while ago, when I tried going to Walmart to get my meds, only to find out that by the time I got there (my commute home is an hour long, unfortunately), it was already closed. Not that big a deal, because whenever a Walmart supercenter closes early (or at all, since many of them are open 24/7), they do open early. I know this because I used to work there. Anyway, I did manage to get my meds the next morning, thankfully, because they were open early.

All of the gains made by Trump’s policies are now gone. That wonderful unemployment rate? Gone. Economy’s in the toilet and the Democrats couldn’t be happier, because this might mean the Bad Orange Man might not get reelected. That being said, people are seeing the wisdom of Trump’s other policies, such as how unbelievably stupid it is that we’ve moved so much of our manufacturing out of this country to the point that vital things, like medicine and medical supplies are all manufactured in China. Not even aspirin is made here! Oh, and that controlling immigration and strong border control is a good thing and that it might have prevented the coronavirus thing from hitting us too hard, since countries like Russia closed their borders back in January, and they hardly have any COVID-19 patients.

So anyway, a lot of people – those still lucky enough to have jobs – are working from home now. I still have my job, obviously, but I am not working from home…yet. Not sure what’s going to happen in my situation, because while most of my coworkers are working from home now, I am in the middle of moving to another department, so who knows. Since I work in the healthcare industry, I am cautiously optimistic. But yeah, right now my office has a handful of people here, because everyone else, including our leadership, are working from home. I am supposed to be doing some training for my new position but I haven’t been assigned anything for today, so who knows what I’m going to do. Sigh.

That being said, I count myself very fortunate. Things are just getting worse, however. I don’t live in Wake County, but I live in a county next to it, basically, and on March 26, they announced a stay-at-home order. Since I work in the healthcare industry, as I said, I can continue to travel into Wake County to go to work, but I have to carry a letter with me stating that I’m doing one of those “essential” jobs. I bring this up because the number of coronavirus cases is going up in Wake County, and it’s stressful because there’s no sign of this shutdown ending anytime soon. But hey, all I have to do is bring a letter with me to work everyday, and if they deem it necessary, I might work from home after all.

Meanwhile, celebrities are famewhoring themselves out and virtue signaling (witness that god-awful “Imagine” sing along, or Madonna’s hideous face singing about fried chicken and talking about equality while sitting in a bathtub full of rose petals and milky-looking water…her face is horrible, it really is).

And there’s flat-out nut jobs like this sack of shit, Michael Fuckwit and the Ginger Menace. Fuck those assholes. I won’t even use their real names. Fuckwit is deeply offended over the fact that Trump wants people to get back to work as soon as possible. He thinks Trump wants to send people to work too soon. Fuckwit apparently cannot comprehend what he sees or hears on TV, because the President never said any such thing. He obviously only wants to get people back to work once the epidemic is over. DUH. He’s just hoping to have some sort of vaccine or treatment by Easter. Of course, with the way things are going, that’s being highly optimistic, but hopefully they’re trying.

And the Ginger Menace claims she has coronavirus but also whines about how she can’t get a test. Okay, so if you haven’t even been tested yet, how do you know you have COVID-19 and not some other ailment? And who gives a shit about her anyway? Talk about a fucking oxygen thief. Oh, and it turns out that she just had a really bad case of diarrhea or something.

Anyway, as of Friday, my state, North Carolina, is on lock down. It sucks. I still get to go to work and all, but I can’t go anywhere (and I really have some clothes I want to donate, and need to get some new clothes, but Walmart is the best I can do right now). No, it’s nowhere near comparable to living during World War 2 or something, but it’s just sad. I keep thinking about all the businesses that had to lay people off and/or close altogether because of this, and it just makes me sad.

I also think the President is doing a great job handling this. Anyway, there’s only one thing left for me to do. This is a song from the game Dragon Age: Inquisition and I just simply love it. It’s called “The Dawn Will Come” and it is perfect for this situation. Musician Peter Hollens arranged to have a bunch of his patrons perform together as a “virtual choir” so this is also worth watching.

Simply amazing. The dawn will come.

Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels