Using the “Fight” Against Racism as a Weapon

Using the “Fight” Against Racism as a Weapon

April 14, 2020 0 By Elaine Arias

So I just got finished reading the following article at Quillette:

Romance and Retribution

I. “This is a crisis of epic proportions,” wrote an alarmed Romance Writers of America (RWA) board member on Christmas Eve as the scenery started to collapse.1 Longstanding tensions within the trade organization had detonated the previous day when novelist Alyssa Cole revealed that RWA’s board of directors

I’ll offer a brief summary, but I highly recommend reading it if you haven’t already. So basically, this hateful, evil troll named Courtney Milan, who had a cushy, influential position at an organization for romance authors, got triggered by the tweets a woman named Sue Grimshaw liked and retweeted, and then waged jihad on Ms. Grimshaw and two other women associated with her. Note that Ms. Grimshaw wasn’t even a member of Romance Writers of America, the organization in question. That didn’t matter. Sue Grimshaw was in the romance publishing industry, and the Eye of the Hateful Race-Baiting Bitch focused on Ms. Grimshaw’s transgressions, and decided that she had to be punished.

The Hateful Race-Baiting Bitch got a slap on the wrist for her unholy jihad against Ms. Grimshaw and the other women, and their reputations and careers are in tatters now. The Hateful Race-Baiting Bitch and her army of drooling orcs are still strutting about Twitter, crowing about how they fought white supremacy or whatever.

This made me incredibly angry. I was eating dinner as I read it, and I just glared at my iPad hatefully, wishing death and destruction on the Hateful Race-Baiting Bitch, who is half-Chinese, and that’s all the justification this psychopath needs to completely ruin the life of someone else.

If you’re like me, you’ll be angry too. Sue Grimshaw is not racist. Not at all. She’s just a conservative woman who happened to work in the publishing industry. According to Quilette, this is the kind of stuff she liked and retweeted on Twitter:

The following day, romance novelist Ella Drake publicly identified Grimshaw by posting screenshots of tweets Grimshaw had liked. There was a Trump tweet in which the president thanked the people of El Paso and Dayton; three Charlie Kirk tweets, one of which praised the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency; there was a Diamond and Silk tweet which included a video of their appearance on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show; and there were a few tweets of prayers and Biblical verse from Christian accounts.

This was their justification for calling this woman a fucking white supremacist. I should also note that Diamond and Silk are two black women based in North Carolina that are big fans of the President and have even appeared at his rallies. Oh, but liking their tweets makes you a white supremacist.

This shit absolutely pisses me off so much. I have to point this out too:

Her intervention on August 16th, then, represented an escalation of hostilities: “Sue Grimshaw was the romance buyer for Borders, one of the biggest buyers for romance,” Milan wrote. “She was capable of making a romance novelists’ career by putting their work front and center around the country… And the corollary to being able to make someone’s career with favorable placement? Is the ability to break it by not buying the book at all. We don’t know. We don’t KNOW. But for decades, Black romance authors heard there was no market for their work.”

So basically, she had absolutely no idea as to whether or not Ms. Grimshaw had been, in any way shape or form, discriminated against black people (fucking hell, Courtney Milan ISN’T EVEN FUCKING BLACK FOR GOD’S SAKE) while she was a buyer for Borders or anywhere else. But she waged jihad against the woman anyway. I love how the author of hte Quilette piece pointed this out:

In fact, we do know. At Borders, all fiction by black authors—including romance—was handled by a dedicated buyer. Grimshaw was the romance buyer so she was given no say in which black authors were or were not purchased. And no good evidence was ever produced, even by her most vehement critics, that Grimshaw had ever impeded the career of anyone, irrespective of their race or sexuality.

Ms. Grimshaw and the other two women really should have sued Courtney Milan and that other bitch for slander and/or libel. I think they have a really good case. I am sick and tired of leftists accusing us of racism simply because we’re Republican, because that’s what this is.

Kathryn Lynn Davis is another author they viciously went after, and Courntey Milan made up a bunch of bullshit about Ms. Davis’s novel without ever having read it:

Neither Milan nor Lin had actually read the book, but Milan returned to Twitter armed with information gleaned from the previewed excerpts and denounced it as “a fucking racist mess.” For another 18 tweets, she emptied ridicule and scorn over Davis and her work, even though she admitted she hadn’t even bothered to read all of the free sample (“I don’t need to”). She was particularly bothered by Davis’s portrayal of the half-Chinese heroine with blue eyes: “As a half-Chinese person with brown eyes, seriously fuck this piece of shit. Thanks.”

I hate this bitch so fucking much. This is a typical leftist tactic – bitch and moan about a piece of work without even reading it. Just make shit up. And having a problem with a half-Chinese person with blue eyes? Racist much? Who the fuck cares? I’ve seen mixed-race Asians with striking eye colors…this actress, for example. Her name is Mylène Jampanoï and she is half-French, half-Chinese and has striking blue eyes. I saw her in a film called The Maneater and it is really good. It made me cry like a baby – so inspirational and sad at the same time. A half-Chinese character with blue eyes does not mean that your brown eyes are somehow less than, and while it’s probably rare that a mixed-race Asian person would even have blue eyes, it does happen.

So, eventually, the other two women decide to bring this to the RWA’s board of directors, believing this campaign of harassment to be a violation of their code of ethics, but because it all took place on the personal social media accounts of the Hateful Race-Baiting Bitch and her drooling orcs, not much was done. Courtney Milan’s defense was, and is, absolutely vomit-worthy:

I am emotional about these issues. Negative stereotypes of Chinese women have impacted my life, the life of my mother, my sisters, and my friends. They fuel violence and abuse against women like me. And they dishonor the memory of the strong women who I am descended from on my mother’s side of the family. I have strong feeling about these stereotypes, and when I speak about them, I use strong language. It is hard not to be upset about something that has done me and my loved ones real harm.

Even if I was entirely mistaken about everything I said about her book, RWA’s Code of Ethics is very clearly meant to exclude honest discussions of books. Davis is mad about a negative book review. She has a right to be mad, but she does not have a right to drag RWA and the Ethics Committee into her anger.

How can it be a book review when you didn’t even read the actual book? Moreover, you completely misrepresented what little you did read. And furthermore, nobody gives a shit about how “negative stereotypes” have “impacted” your life. I would go so far as to say that these oh-so-horrible stereotypes haven’t impacted your life at all, and that you’re just pulling this “muh racism” shit out of your fat ass. Furthermore, your behavior, more than anything else, fuels “violence” and “abuse” against you. You’re acting like a complete ass to total strangers over nothing, and characterizing your campaign of slander, libel and harassment as some righteous crusade against racism. It’s DISGUSTING and I am sick of people using accusations of racism to justify harassing and hurting other people. No, you can’t punch someone simply because you think they’re a Nazi, and no, someone isn’t a fucking Nazi if they voted for Trump or are a registered Republican.

It is not our job to make you comfortable, and it is, in fact, white supremacy that makes you think it is our job to make you comfortable. The truth of the matter is we’re in an uncomfortable situation, and your racism makes us uncomfortable, and when we make you uncomfortable by pointing it out, all we’re doing is redistributing the load to where it belongs. So, stop telling people that you have to make people comfortable in order for them to address their racism. That is, in fact, itself an act of racism that reinforces white supremacy.

Courtney Milan said this in response to evil white supremacists trying to “police” her “tone.”

It’s not our job to make you comfortable either, and we don’t give a shit if you feel uncomfortable because of your race. You need to learn what actually is racism and what it isn’t. Nothing Sue Grimshaw said or wrote was ever racist. Period. Supporting President Trump or simply being a Republican online does NOT make one a racism.

People aren’t “uncomfortable” with you pointing out racism. People are angry at being accused of being racist when they’re not racist. Sue Grimshaw is not racist. Suzan Tisdale is not racist. Kathryn Lynn Davis is not racist. You have absolutely no proof that any of these women are racist. If anything, you’re the fucking racist for automatically assuming these women are hateful or discriminatory simply because they’re white, which is basically what you and your band of drooling orcs did.

This update to the article has me seeing red all over again:

UPDATE April 3: The interim board elected on March 23 to complete the 2019–2020 term released a statement yesterday announcing that they had “voted by unanimous consent to expunge both of the ethics complaints against Courtney Milan, and their ensuing proceedings, from the record.” They offered Milan “a heartfelt apology for how the proceedings were handled and for the impact of this terrible situation on her.”

So basically, this shitty organization came down on Courtney Milan’s side, completely and totally on her side, even though Sue Grimshaw, Suzan Tisdale and Kathryn Lynn Davis were the actual victims in this situation. After all, Ms. Grimshaw LOST HER FUCKING JOB BECAUSE OF MILAN’S HARASSMENT. Oh, and all of the bitches still have their Twitter accounts, even though what they were doing was quite obviously a violation of Twitter’s terms of service, but hey, Courtney Milan is a poor, pitiful, put-upon victim of racism so who cares?

Good thing I hate romance novels with a blazing passion, or I’d boycott all of the hateful bitches involved with this shit.

When is the pendulum going to swing to our side already? Once it does, the likes of Courtney Milan won’t be able to get work anywhere because she clearly can’t get along with people. Who would want to work with this hateful demon?

Whatever you think of Vox Day (aka Teddy Spaghetti), his book SJWs Always Lie is required reading if you’re a conservative. I know some people will say that the advice in the book is “common sense” but judging by these witch hunts, a lot of people are lacking in that “common sense.” If you intend to have any sort of online presence at all, you really should read it. Also, make sure you have enough money to hire a lawyer, which means saving up for one. If this ever happens to you, you really need to sue the people involved. These three women should seriously sue the bitch and her orcs.

Photo by Connor Danylenko from Pexels