According to Democrats, All White People are White Nationalists

According to Democrats, All White People are White Nationalists

May 8, 2020 0 By Elaine Arias

No proof needed. If a Democrat deems you a white nationalist, you are a white nationalist. That goes double if a black person deems you white nationalist, regardless of said black person’s politics. Witness Charisse Lane’s imbecilic Twitter feed. This chick claims to be conservative but she wields the race card like a seasoned SJW. Conservative my ass.

Before I continue, you can read about the shooting here (also includes the infamous video):

So, way back in February, two white men, a father and son, saw a young black man jogging down the street. According to them, he looked like the person who had been burglarizing homes in their neighborhood. Rather than wait for the police to arrive and do their job, these two hopped into their truck and pursued the young man.

Note that the father used to work in law enforcement, and the son currently works in law enforcement. And yet they hopped into their truck – with their rifles – and drove after the guy.

The young man realized he was being followed, and decided to confront the two men. He grabbed the son’s rifle, or shotgun or whatever, and a struggle ensued. Then the gun went off twice. The young black man tried to run away, but since he had been shot (twice), he collapsed onto the street, and later died.

This is what I know of the case, based on the news reports I’ve read, and the video that’s been circulating since whenever it was released. The video went viral, and just yesterday evening, the two men were arrested for murder.

So, since I’ve seen the video in question, it didn’t look like murder to me. It looked like manslaughter. I don’t think they meant to kill him when they hopped into their truck…they brought their weapons for self defense, presumably.

Thing is, neither of these men are actual police officers. They had no business pursuing anybody with freaking SHOTGUNS. If the guy had broken into their house and they had to shoot him in self-defense, okay. But that didn’t happen. The kid was just jogging, they saw him, and they decided to take the law into their own hands.

People on the left and supposed right-wingers are claiming that this is cold-blooded murder by two white supremacists. That’s total and utter bullshit. We have no evidence as to whether or not racism was a motive. The two killers happen to be white, and the victim happens to be black. Whenever a black person kills a white person, nobody shrieks “racism” but somehow, in this case, ooh, racism. Never mind that the two men in question haven’t actually said “yeah, we killed him cuz we don’t like black people” or anything like that. No, because of the race of the people involved, it’s automatically racist.

So, idiots like Charisse Lane kept asking why nobody on the right was talking about this. Gee, let me think…

  1. For the past three months, we’ve been dealing with a highly contagious coronavirus. You may have heard of it. It’s called COVID-19.
  2. The developed world has been on lockdown since March because of COVID-19.
  3. People are dying everyday because of COVID-19, although the numbers the MSM is pushing is fishy.
  4. Oh, about that…the mainstream media has been hellbent on blaming the entire pandemic on President Trump.
  5. The Department of Justice dropped the charges against Gen. Michael Flynn.
  6. The woman that was arrested and sent to jail for opening her salon was recently released on orders of Texas’s Supreme Court.
  7. Big document dump from the House Intel committee regarding the Russia collusion hoax. Adam Schiff mega butthurt, given that he was the face of bullshit investigation.
  8. More and more evidence that Tara Reade is telling the truth keeps coming out.
  9. Oh, and she has just given her first television interview. It’s with Megyn Kelly, and Tara Reade believes Christine Blasey Ford. I’ll give her a pass, since she’s a survivor of sexual abuse and all.
  10. Since this bullshit lockdown, the amount of people going unemployed keeps rising by the day.
  11. Oh, some people haven’t received their stimulus checks yet.
  12. About forty states are lifting their lockdown measures this week, although the mainstream media keeps scaring people into thinking corona-chan will get them the moment they step outside without a mask.
  13. Oh, and people across the country are protesting draconian lockdown measures, and are being called racist nazis for doing so, because how dare they want to work for a living.
  14. Meat is becoming scarce since some meat production plants shut down due to corona-chan. A fifth of Wendy’s restrauants are actually out of meat because of this.
  15. Something called “murder hornets” have “invaded” the US, but they’re vulnerable to hungry praying mantises (I saw a video of a murder hornet being eaten by a praying mantis, and it was super gross), so I dunno…sounds like no big deal, but honestly, that’s enough to keep me inside the house, not corona-chan. I have an irrational fear most bugs…especially big flying ones.
  16. Just for shits and giggles, tacky, desperate mixed-race grifter couple with abnormally large child moves into Tyler Perry’s $18 million mansion. Education is important, you guys. Don’t be like Harry and be almost forty years old with no education or marketable skills.
  17. A coup was attempted in Venezuela, and their heinous leader, Maduro, decided to parade a couple of Americans, and claimed that evil Trump did it.
  18. The walking corpse that is Ruth Bader Ginsburg was in the hospital for like, five minutes and was recently released. Sigh. The left is going to absolutely lose it if she kicks the bucket while Trump is still in office.

I could list more news events, but I think you get the point. Right now is just not the time for race baiting shit, although since people have whined and cried about it, the two men were arrested.

Oh, and don’t expect this to go away. It’s not. Now that the pandemic is winding down, and especially since many states are going to start opening up for business, the media needs something else to torment us with. If there is no outrage over the charges against Gen. Flynn being dropped, they’ll start pushing the “whitey be racist” narrative and it’ll be that Black Lives Matter bullshit all over again. UGH. I’d rather the US be invaded by Iran, China, Russia, North Korea, Cuba and hostile, acid-drooling aliens from Jupiter all at the same time than deal with any more of this race-baiting bullshit.

Photo by Ünsal Demirbaş from Pexels