The History Channel Is Racist

The History Channel Is Racist

May 14, 2020 0 By Elaine Arias

…According to the douchebag you see in the image above.

So I was relaxing and messing around on YouTube when I saw the video below in my list of recommendations:

The premise of the video, entitled “The Decline of the History Channel” is about how the channel’s programming was originally legitimate documentaries and series, and how it has devolved into reality show trash and pseudo-science shows like Ancient Aliens. Unfortunately, about 60% into the video, he starts ranting about how racist the producers and talking heads on Ancient Aliens are, because they only claim that ancient civilizations of brown people were built by aliens, only throwing in the token “Stonehenge” as an example from Europe.

If you’ve read my blog, you know I can’t stand race baiting. This irritated me enough to write an entry about it, so here it is.

I’ve always been really big into aliens and UFOs, so when the Ancient Aliens two hour special debuted on The History Channel way back when, I was, naturally, very interested. It originally started out with that one two hour documentary, which covered the ancient astronaut theory.

It became so popular that it was expanded into a whole series, of which has fifteen seasons now. I was intrigued by the premise of that original special, and by the first couple of seasons, but by season three or four it became obvious that they were really stretching the premise thin.

Yes, a lot of the ancient ruins covered by the show – those built by the Aztecs, the Inca, the Mayans, the Rapa Nui of Easter Island (also known as Rapa Nui), and the Egyptians (who were NOT as dark-skinned as the left would like you to believe), etc, were not white civilizations. And yes, the regulars on the show are white people. I never thought much of it. I certainly didn’t think fucking racism had anything to do with it.

The douchebag in the video claims he watched every single episode. I find that very hard to believe. If he had, he’d know that there’s not just one Stonehenge…but several, and the lesser-known stonehenges were covered on the show. He’d also know that the entire show isn’t “lol, brown people are so primitive – only aliens could have done that!!!!”

Take this synopsis for the fourth episode of season one, called “Closer Encounters”:

This episode suggests that alien encounters have been documented in various historical texts, citing as evidence, the 13th-century book Otia Imperialia which describes an incident in Bristol, England ascribed to UFOs; the log entries of Christopher Columbus that report lights in the sky; stories of cigar-shaped craft allegedly seen over Europe during the Black Plague; and Medieval art that supposedly depicts disc-shaped objects floating in the heavens.

I won’t deny that Ancient Aliens is chock-full of psuedo-everything, from pseudoscience to pseudoarcheology and all those hilarious “psuedos” in the beginning of this Wikipedia entry. It is. But to say that it’s racist, whether intentionally racist or not, is just bullshit. They’ve covered a lot of European and American history too.

The reason for these guys looking at megalithic structures in Central and South America and going, “muh aliens” is simple – mainstream historians just don’t know how those structures were built. They, and consequently, we, are not sure as to what they were even used for. We can only guess at this point, and that’s partly Europe’s fault. As in, European colonialism, particularly the conquistadors who ensured that, in order to save the souls of those precious brown people, their history and culture were nearly destroyed.

I can’t even deny that. It’s truly a shame that a lot of their history and culture was lost, and that’s why we don’t know as much as we’d like.

As for the castles and churches the douchebag used as an example of the sort of structures we should attribute to aliens so that we aren’t racist…we know how those were built, and we know why and what for. There’s no mystery to some of the more famous castles and cathedrals of Europe. That’s why nobody says, “oh, aliens must have built Notre Dame” you utter fuckwits.

Another thing I want to point out is the great leap in computer technology has repeatedly been attributed to aliens – supposedly, we got a lot of today’s technology from the Roswell crash. Episode six of season two is the first one to cover this particular theory, entitled “Alien Tech”:

This episode proposes that some advanced weapon technologies currently in development, such as laser and sonic weapons, are rediscovered technologies used by advanced beings in the past. Also discussed are theories that aliens provided gravity manipulation devices to help man construct colossal stone structures around the world.

Ancient Aliens isn’t the only UFO show to promote this theory. So, not only is this show basically saying that brown people were too stupid to build pyramids or some such shit, even Americans in the 40s and 50s were too stupid to invent fiber optic cable, and had to steal it from a crashed UFO.

But muh racism, u guise! Wypipo bad!

It’s also like he completely missed the several episodes in which the Ancient Aliens gang attribute every single religion under the sun, including the three major religions, Islam, Christianity and Judaism, to misunderstood alien technology and encounters. No, Moses didn’t get the stone tablets from God, he got it from a UFO parked on a mountain. No, God didn’t rain manna down from heaven for the exiled, wandering Jews – instead, aliens built some manna machine and fed the Jews with it.

Take a look at the synopsis for episode ten of season two, called “Alien Contacts”:

This episode proposes that extraterrestrials may have contacted various humans throughout history, such as Moses and Joan of Arc, to help guide and inspire them to achieve great things; or to pass on important messages for humanity; such as a supposed binary message given to a UFO-contactee during the 1980 Rendlesham Forest incident who believes it is the coordinates to a mythical island called Hy-Brazil.

So yeah, the aliens talked to Joan of Arc and didn’t even bother to intervene when she was burned at the stake for being a heretic. Those aliens are so nice.

To say that the producers and writers and cast members of the show are a bunch of racists that look down on brown people is really, really reductive. I highly doubt he actually watched every single fucking episode. The show clearly takes anything that’s mysterious, religious or tangentially related to UFOs and attributes it to the ancient astronaut theory. And, as I said earlier, it’s obvious that they’ve run out of mysterious history and archeology to attribute to aliens.

They even had an episode called “Aliens and the Founding Fathers”! I’m not even joking (it’s episode eleven of season three):

This episode suggests that some of the philosophies, and alleged secret symbolism surrounding the founding of the United States, have connections to extraterrestrials. Examined are Benjamin Franklin’s writings on the “plurality of worlds;” stories that George Washington had an alien visitation at Valley Forge; Thomas Jefferson’s report of a UFO sighting; the Freemason interest in ancient cultures and astronomy, and the possible influence it all had in the architecture and layout of Washington, D.C..

I guess this must make the aliens themselves racist – after all, they influenced and inspired Thomas Jefferson, who, according to the douchebag, is a flat-out rapist.

Which brings me to something else that pissed me off. The first fifteen minutes or so are about the History Channel’s original programming, and how it wasn’t deep enough for the douchebag. In other words, it didn’t go into graphic detail about how Thomas Jefferson was a racist and a rapist and how he hated brown people, and it didn’t go into graphic detail about how Andrew Jackson was the original Hitler, genociding brown people and all.

And I was like, really? You really want to go there?


Let’s fucking go there.

So, will the History Channel, or any mainstream outlet, go into graphic detail about Nelson Mandela’s heinous crimes, or the real reason he was imprisoned?

Have you ever seen a video of a person wearing a big rubber tire around their neck, being burned alive? I have. Guess who championed this revolting practice? Winnie Mandela. Nelson’s charming and wonderful wife. I’ll bet you a billion dollars you won’t see anything about that on the History Channel. There are some people who believe Winnie Mandela invented it, but what is known to be true is that she championed it. The practice is called “necklacing” and you can read about it here. I can tell you it is every bit as horrible as you imagine. The Trumpet has a good article about the real Nelson Mandela. Also, look at how the History Channel’s website has whitewashed his biography. No mention of necklacing or the actual reason he was imprisoned…just “he sabotaged the apartheid government.”

So, I have another question. Did any of those documentaries from the early days mention how virulently racist President Woodrow Wilson was? I know they didn’t go into how harmful his policies were, but he was openly racist.

Or how racist, say, Che Guevara was, that guy on the T-shirt? Greatest t-shirt salesman ever? He was racist against blacks. But don’t take if from me, leftards – take it from this obviously anti-Trump website, Afropunk:

“The blacks, those magnificent examples of the African race who have maintained their racial purity thanks to their lack of an affinity with bathing, have seen their territory invaded by a new kind of slave: the Portuguese.”

“The black is indolent and a dreamer; spending his meager wage on frivolity or drink; the European has a tradition of work and saving, which has pursued him as far as this corner of America and drives him to advance himself, even independently of his own individual aspirations.”

Oh, but wait…according to Afropunk, he wrote those words when he was a wee young lad of 24, and changed his racist ways later on in life. This, according to Afropunk, totally erased the atrocities he committed later in life, as documented by the eeeeevil Faux News. As I have said before, according to the left, being racist is worse than being an actual murderer. Oh, it’s okay old Che killed people, but as long as he didn’t kill brown people or something, it’s all good. Curiously enough, The Huffington Post has an article about how much of a raging dick Che Guevara was, and how clueless leftists are so obsessed with his image.

Of course, back in the glory days of the History Channel, there were back to back documentaries about every waking aspect of World War 2 and the Holocaust…but, curiously, no endless documentaries about the Holodomor, the Rape of Nanking, or the Cultural Revolution in China.

No, the History Channel doesn’t give in-depth coverage to those kinds of atrocities either, curiously enough. Out of all the years I’ve watched its programming, there weren’t documentaries about those things.

The reason the channel had such milquetoast programming in its early days is probably because it was cheap to license that stuff. As they grew, they produced better, more in-depth content…and then, of course, they hopped on the reality show bandwagon (ugh, the endless fucking reruns of Pawn Stars).

I no longer have a cable box (I can, if I wanted to, watch cable TV through my Xbox One or my iPad, but I generally choose not to) so I don’t really know what they’ve got on now, but I bet a lot of it is reality show garbage.

Anyway, to get back to Ancient Aliens, one could argue that the European colonists were racist, but that’s hardly the fault of Ancient Aliens and those involved with it. I do not think these people are racist. And it is also interesting to note that the show basically denigrates religious people by attributing their histories and rituals to misunderstood alien shit, but the douchebag has no problem with that.

The left will find racism in anything. The original iPod was white, for example. That must be because Steve Jobs and everyone at Apple were secret racists or something. Paper is white. Why is paper white? Must be muh racism. Why is vanilla seen as the default ice cream flavor? Must be racism!!!!! Every-fucking-thing under the sun is racist to these stupid morons.